Spring break starts next week already...

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Is anyone doing clinicals during spring break? I don't have to have my instructor at the hospital so I was thinking I'd get hours in.

Anyone going someplace nice for break this year? Last year we went to Cocoa Beach, but since I'm going on a 7-night cruise after graduation, dh nixed the vacation next week :stone . That's alright I suppose. Like I said, I'll get some clinical hours in.

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Spring break? What's THAT??!!

Oh, yeah, now I remember........that's when the boys are home for a week and I'm actually thankful to be at work so I don't have to listen to the name-calling and endless arguments....... :stone


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all I can say is hallelujah for spring break! ours is next week as well and I am looking forward to having the week off. We are going to Vegas and I can't wait to hit the blackjack tables!



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Boyfriend and I are heading to Tucson on Sat through Friday to catch some spring training games (Go Cubs! We're going to HoHoKam on Wed)....I cannot WAIT. I love doing absolutely nothing.


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OMG, I cannot express how elated I am that Spring Break is next week!!! I am not going to do anything, but SLEEP, SLEEP and SLEEP some more. I have not had a nap since I started school and I absolutely love to sleep. Sleeping is my hobby and I have missed it so. I have 3 papers and a test the week after, but I have started working on those now. I may go out to a club or something, but that's about it. Can't afford to do anything else, but that's ok...as long as I SLEEP:yelclap:

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Spring break was officially ushered in at 12:00 noon today. :balloons: I got a nice evaluation from my pediatric clinical instructor and have a reasonably decent grade average at midterm. Life is good.

It's beautiful here in South Florida. The beach is right across the street. The temp is around 72 and the sun is shining. The sand is cool and soothing between my toes and the ocean and sky are endless. Will I be doing clinical while on spring break?? Not on your life. Tomorrow night I'm attending a play and a party, over the weekend a comedy club. Sure there are things I want to get done but I'm emphasizing the "BREAK" part of Spring break.

Monday I have an interview for a nurse intern position for a surgical/ortho floor. Any comments/advice about working on that service?

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I'm flying back home to Houston for the week. That's special enough for me because as long as I've been up here at college I still miss the comfort of being home and being surrounded my family. Aahh to stay at home in pajamas all day with nothing to do...that's the life!


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I'm jealous:)

Our Spring break won't start til March 21st.

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My spring break doesn't officially start till March 18th, but I most of my classes are already done. My pharmacology and phathophysiology teacher gave us take home finals!! Well everyone have fun on spring break!

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I am doing some of my clinical shifts for my LAST CLINICAL ROTATION during spring break!!!!! :balloons: I too do not have to have an instuctor there.

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