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What is your goal?

  1. 1. What is your goal?

    • Honestly, just want to pass
    • A's; will accept nothing less
    • Would like A's, but happy to simply pass
    • Don't know; will see once I start

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SopranoKris, MSN, RN, APRN

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I always aim for a 4.0 because I'm trying to get into either a PA or Nurse Practitioner program after I'm done with the BSN. The graduate programs around here have about a 3.6 average accepted student cumulative GPA, so I've really got to stay on top of my grades.

I'm fortunate that I don't have to work while going to school. My step-daughter is 22 and is now on her own and my son will be a sophomore in HS this year. No little ones to take care of :)



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Thanks for sharing, everyone! Interesting to read all the different perspectives.



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I aimed for 4.0 because I found that my personal best seems to fall within the A range. Since I was capable of doing so I didn't want to accept a lower grade thinking that it meant I half assed it. I also wanted to keep the door open to further myself later. I mellowed a bit when I realized that even though I got an A-, some of the stuff was really hard. I was giving it my all and that is all I can realistically ask of myself. I didn't get the 4.0 but managed to make top in my class and passed NCLEX on first try.



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I went in wanting a few A's to buffer my GPA as in my program you have to have a 3.0 at all times or repeat the course you got a "C" in. Not that I'd ever gotten a "C" in a course, but my two parental figures are both approaching 70 years old and neither is in great health. I needed to prepare my GPA for the worst and have done much better than I expected.

I work every other weekend 12 hour night shift. No kids. I aim to do the best I can do. That has not changed.



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I wanted A's but so far I've gotten C and a B, so I fall into the category of happy to be passing. I was a 3.7GPA going into nursing school, I thought I had this in the bag, and the program proved me wrong.



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I finished my prereqs with a 4.0 but I only took two classes at a time. I have a two year old and I work part time. I'm not really good when it comes to writing paper so I don't expect a 4.0. I will work as hard as I did for my prereqs and I hope that will give me passing grades!



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I've never been the over achiever type of student, I graduated from college with a B.S in Health Sciences and a 2.9 gpa. When I started nursing school I was really worried because I kept hearing about how hard school was and I never really thought of myself as "smart". All of my classmates were top of their classes with their first degree, some had masters degrees etc. I went in just hoping I could pass all of my classes!

Maybe its because I've found what I really love to do or maybe I'm a little older, but I have never been so motivated or hard working before in my life. I'm halfway done with my accelerated BSN and I am at the top of my class with 3.95. It feels so awesome to finally see my dedication pay off, I'm so proud of myself. At this point, while I would like to keep getting As, I wouldn't get upset with myself if I got a B. Just as long as I pass the class and I can keep carrying on the path to becoming a RN!



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Got some A's, some B's and fell on my knees with thanks when I passed with a C for a 1/2 semester course that kicked a lot of butts at my school. Overall GPA is 3.52.

That Guy, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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I wanted to learn the most I could. Did that mean getting A's, no not all the time.


HelloWish, ADN, BSN

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I start nursing school this fall and I am aiming for A's, will settle for an occasional B, but I won't be too upset if a make a couple of C's. Overall however, I would like to make A's as I plan to go all the way to NP school if all goes well. I do have a family, one small child at home. I am older too, 37 so I think that will be a factor in how well I do!

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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I see nothing wrong with aiming for A's but being satisfied with B's or C's earned (whether life got in the way or exam material was exceptionally challenging).

What is hard for me to understand is rather than strive to earn the best grade possible are those who aim just to pass. Those who calculate the minimum score needed on the next exam to hit the 70%/75%/77%/80% passing mark. Especially those who were hanging on the pass fail line for lack of interest and effort. If you don't care, why should anyone else ?

If you do your best, put forth effort and EARN C's be proud that you did your best. Nursing is a different way of thinking and analyzing information. Sometimes it takes years to learn how to apply the knowledge efficiently. That's why there are preceptors and new grad transition programs.