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Hello my fellow nurses,

I've been an LPN for over 2 years and let me say that what Florida pays nurses is outrageous!! 17-20/hr depending on the setting. I've been traveling for a year and a half. Some assignments have been good, some not so good. The most I've made as a travel LPN is 33/hr. but the cost of living was very expensive in the area to which I was assigned. Fast-forward to today 08/24/18.... I'm now in Colorado working in Corrections, and am not complaining at all about the pay. Let's just say its definitely well worth coming all the way here. I can take care of my 3 kids (all are in high school) and pay my bills and able to save quit a bit. The thing is, that I am contemplating moving here for a year or so, then going back home. The contract is basically wide open meaning that I can leave at anytime or stay as long as I want. I just hate to give up this amazing pay only to go back home and struggle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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You've answered your own question IMHO. First commitment is to your kids and sounds like you can support them in style in Colorado. When they are out of school, if you still think you should move to Florida, you can because you only have to support yourself.

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Having grown up in Colorado, it would be a no doubt for me. I love Colorado! Also, no hurricanes......

I honestly don't see any draw backs from what you have described for yourself, what is holding you back?

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I'd easily choose Colorado over Florida, too, and I've never actually been to Colorado outside of the Denver airport (going next week though).

Are your kids close to graduation? Just be mindful that moving too close to graduation may make them ineligible for in state tuition if they're considering college.

Well, right now my kids are in school back at home and I would hate to pull them out school at this time. Secondly, my son has asthma and the cold and snow during the winter would not agree with him.

My boys are seniors in high school. My daughter is in the 11th grade.

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Is Florida your tax home? Part of the reason we don't move is because anywhere we'd want to move there is a pretty hefty state tax that would negate the extra wages...

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The only real question for me is how do your kids feel about the whole thing? Are they okay with you being in Colorado while they finish school in Florida? Who cares for them in your absence? If you've already scoped out the financial outlook to your satisfaction, then the kids' wellbeing is the only real issue.

Right now, they are staying with their paternal grandmother during the school year. Even though my kids miss me, they understand that I have to make a living to provide for them. They also have lives of their own and busy from time to time with friends and activities after school. I go home every couple of months for two weeks; we also skype everyday. This is a critical time for me because two of my kids are seniors in high school and they plan on going to college right after graduation, so the money I'm making right now would really help with college tuition. The money is also helping me pay for vehicles.

Yes, FL is my tax home.

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Colorado is beautiful. I love it. Half of my family live in the Denver metro. I have attended schooling there.

Best you learn how to drive in blizzard and ice conditions. Because a storm won't be a good reason you could not make it to work. We have a lot of So Cal people moving where I live. They have no clue how to drive in the above conditions and get into accidents all the time.

The weather in CO is unpredictable. You can have a snow storm in May. It can be 80 degrees in February. You could see a 70 degree morning and a snow storm by afternoon.

Get a good 4WD vehicle, having an emergency/disaster kit in it, food water, warm blankets/clothes and the like in case you get stuck----- and know how to get there safely. In nursing, they expect us to get to work no matter what the weather conditions.

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