Someone pleassse calm me down!

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Hi everyone, so i am one of the people who post with a huge heart for nursing(have been an LPN for awhile now) and i have had previously unsuccessful attempts (4) at taking the RN over a huge timeframe. I thought my attempts were over due to regulations of amount of times to take the test with a previous state and waiting a couple of years (a)because i had to work up the nerve again, (b) because of military family move and © did i mention i had to work up my nerve again :bugeyes:. So, God made a way and i found a state that would accept my application and i took the RN exam again on July 13. Here's the deal, i know that i have tried every way to wait for results by paying to find out early and waiting for the mail. I have fought the entire weekend to do or not do the PVT and to do or not pay to find out early. I need words of wisdom from anyone who can calm a person who 99.9% usually keeps herself together. I just want to have a long time dream come true and to contribute as a RN!

Thanks guys for listening:loveya:

Do the pvt! It will calm you a little. Good luck. I know you can do it, you clearly have the drive.

Do the pvt it's the only way I did and found out I passes!

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Hugs to you Bttrfly. :hug: I took NCLEX before this pvt everyone speaks of, but it won't hurt to try. After tests I would always try to tell myself to not worry and fret because this won't change the outcome. It is what it is, and all the nail biting, freaking out and ulcer making I did wouldn't change anything. ;) Good vibes and wishes of success for you. Keeping everything crossed too :bugeyes: Keep us posted as to how things turn out for you. :)

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Do the PVT! Why wait? It will help you know, and then you can go from there. You got this girl!

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the pvt is kind of daunting at first, but it's good to know! Best of luck to you, it sounds like you really have overcome some hurdles and deserve this! I'm rooting for you!!

Thank you and i definitely believe i have the drive only through God. I will try the PVT! Wish me luck!

Thank you all for your support and this just proves why i have the desire to become an RN! You guys are the best!:redpinkhe I will keep you all posted:loveya:

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We are rooting for you!!!!

Hi Everyone I just wanted to update you all. I did finally pull my nerves together with your encouragement and did the PVT!

So, i was trying to be sneaky by slowly inputing information and promised myself that when it came time for the "good pop up" or the CC info that i would run out the room:jester: Well, this only works if you don't look around on your running away because you heard a beep and wondering what's going on:specs: It turned out that the beep was for the pop up screen! I got the "good pop up" and i took off running to the bathroom, fell to the floor and cried like a teenager breaking up with her boyfriend:crying2: So, i have been waiting for the mail response. I haven't paid for results because one MI was enough! LOL. When i do, i will definitely let my nursing family know. Thank you all!:saint:

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I am very happy for you! Congratualtions!!!!! :yeah::yeah:

congrats!!!!!!! what did you use to study and what were your scores like on whatever you use?

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