So nervous... Can I pass NCLEX w/o taking Kaplan?


I :redbeathe this site. I have been reading a lot of posts and am becoming more nervous. It seems like everyone that is passing the new NCLEX has taken a Kaplan course. I am currently studyin ATI, the LaCharity book, Kaplan Stategies guide, and Saunders (3rd Ed.- Can't afford the new one). I am doing about 100 questions a day. Is there any hope?:confused:


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The majority of successful people state they took no review course, they studied on their own and passed.

Thanks, I really can't afford to pay 499 dollars for Kaplan.

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I'm studying for NCLEX-RN right now as well, i will take my test in july, and I can't afford Kaplan either.....I m studying on my own. I am using LaCharity, Saunders 4th ed comprehensive book and the Q&A book. I pray I pass.....I know God didnt bring me this far for nothing. Also, I am trying to stay postitive as I go through this process.


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I didn't take any courses, just studied on my own with few reveiw books and succeded in first try,,hope you will too


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I'm not doing kaplan either... way too expensive.. definately don't have an extra $600.00 lying around..I purchased the reviews for nurses program which was much cheaper and I'm also studying on my own doing lots of practice questions. Good luck to everyone!


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I signed up for it, but didn't end up taking it. I studied on my own and passed just fine in 75 questions.


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I think it's really a personal choice... and knowing where your weaknesses are. Me, I get tripped up talking myself OUT of answers just as often as I figure them out. I graduated summa cum laude from an awesome nursing school, so I CAN do it, but I am a chronic overthinker, and I feel better taking Kaplan. Is it expensive? Yes, but so is losing the position I have waiting for me, or at least having to wait 3 months=10, 000 dollars lost until I can take it again.

I know plenty of people who HAVE taken it, even just for confidence reasons. I also know plenty of people who didn't take Kaplan and say that it wasn't necessary. I think it depends on the practice/training you had in school, too.

Good luck, whichever you choose!


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It all depends on the person. I for one, was not good at ANSWERING the NCLEX type questions. I HAD THE KNOWLEDGE, but the questions were tricky for me. I KNEW THIS. My school gave us a HURST review, and then a family member PAID for me to take Kaplan. I knew I needed help with the question format. I took both and passed FIRST TIME out. You have to KNOW yourself and what your strengths are. Only then can you determine what a good studying strategy is for you. GOOD LUCK!

Thanks everyone for your comments...I'm not going to to take Kaplan. I prayed about it and I am just going to use the materials I listed above. Alot of my friends that graduated with me did not take Kaplan and passed just the same. They told me to know infection control stuff backways and frontways. I take boards June 23rd. Pray for me !!! :)