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  1. 2 Questions I Wasn't Expecting

    Asystole, I am sure that your answers were fine. I was just telling the story because she said that my answer to this question was one of the ones that got me the job. I would respectfully add that if you are always answering the same way to the same...
  2. I love confused patients!

    I am new to nursing, neuro is my first job. On my first day on the floor (about a month ago), I had a brain injury from skateboard patient. Every two minutes, he'd say, "I only had one vicodin" in a completely innocent way, like he wanted me to kno...
  3. At what point do you say enough

    Rednights, I think the idea behind the relaxation is that as the test approaches, especially the day/night before, you start to think of everything you DON'T know, and you start to panic. If you keep doing questions, every time you miss one, you'll ...
  4. Frustrated and NCLEX drawing near

    Lisa, Did you ever pin down why exactly you didn't pass the first time? Perhaps there is something there that will explain why you can't get past 55%... Don't be in a hurry and skip this most important step... you don't want to do this again. Have y...
  5. 2 Questions I Wasn't Expecting

    two months ago, i had an interview for an rn job that i did ultimately get and accepted. i just remembered two questions that i had not before seen in the lists of usual interview questions, and i thought i'd share them here: 1. tell me about a time...
  6. failed nclex, what DIDN'T you do the 1st time?

    2BNurse, To be honest with you, the only people I've known who haven't passed (and did study, etc...) didn't have a great command of the English language. I think those people who tell you that you already know what you need to know may be right... ...
  7. Rewards?

    Just thought this thread was a testament to what we THOUGHT would happen when we graduated... we used to talk and dream of what we'd do with our "signing bonuses". Um, those of us who were lucky enough to get jobs, 7 years after this thread, were mo...
  8. New GVN looking for job

    Yes, you would speak with Human Resources, and ask for the Nursing Recruiter, most likely...
  9. Devastated.

    Just another side of the same thread here... It would seem that the so-called "nursing shortage" is being followed by the so-called N.P. "shortage", meaning that many N.P.s and other Masters-prepared students aren't getting jobs, either. Of course, t...
  10. Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    24.80/hr. in Eau Claire, WI (floor nursing in a hospital).
  11. Had all 265 on the 1st and 2nd attempt

    Wow, sounds like your day was awful! Way to stick with it! Hope you passed!
  12. Prioritize questions on NCLEX are not on it anymore?

    Kaplan had a great way to tackle these, and I used it MANY times on NCLEX: Look at the first pt. Is it a stable pt? If there is a problem, is it an expected one? Now, look at the second pt., and ask the same questions. Compare the first two to each...
  13. H. Influenza Pneumonia question

    yes, and by the way, an airborne mask is NOT called an N95 on the test! (I missed number 3 because I thought it was, then figured it out by number eleven, but it was too late)...
  14. 75 questions and failed. HELP PLEASE!

    Have you gotten the official results, with the breakdown of your categories?
  15. Number of questions daily to prep??

    I did 4000+ questions, and it took me a month or so... most days were somewhere between 100-150 questions. I read the rationales to ALL of them, and wrote hundreds of notecards, taking notes every time I ran across something in the rationales that I...