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  1. jenn8500

    Frustrated Canadian RN

    Hey Jenny, I am a Canadian currently doing travel nursing in California. You can get licensed in certain states without a SSN. If you are considering travel nursing, the best way would be to do your first assignment in a state that does not require a SSN and once you start working you will get a SSN. I am traveling through American Mobile right now and they have been very helpful. They do have a few Canadian travelers and are familiar with the documents for the TN visa. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Jenn
  2. jenn8500

    Canadians Traveling in The U.S.

    Hi mabstudent, I am going with American Mobile. So far they have been really helpful. I actually went to school in the USA so I took the NCLEX right after I graduated and then the visa screen only took about a month once all the documents were in. If you have 4 yrs if cardiac experience you will be gold! I see tons and tons of cardiac telemetry travel assignments! Are you looking into traveling?
  3. jenn8500

    Canadians Traveling in The U.S.

    Hi Rebecca, Thanks so much for responding! I sent you a PM, not sure if you can get it yet. I just signed up with a travel agency and have an assignment starting in April, but it is only for 13 weeks. I am still very interested in Monte, however, I do not have ER experience. I have almost 2 yrs of med/surg experience so not sure if they would consider that! Jenn
  4. jenn8500

    Canadian Nurses Traveling in U.S.

    I do know that I have to apply for a NEW TN visa for the travel position if that is what you meant by "living in the states under the correct visa" The current TN is only good for my current job. Any new job a new TN visa is required.
  5. jenn8500

    Canadian Nurses Traveling in U.S.

    I am currently on a TN visa for my job. Canadians do not require a green card to work in the U.S. as an RN. My vehicle was imported into the U.S. which is legal and permitted on a TN, however, I am not sure how it works as a traveler which is what I am trying to find out.
  6. jenn8500

    Canadian RN looking for ND/SD jobs

    You don't need a SSN to take the NCLEX, however, you do need a SSN to obtain a ND license. I am not sure about SD. They way you do that is you get a license in a state that does not require SSN such as Minnesota, then you get a job offer and apply for a TN at the border. Once you have your TN you apply for your SSN and then you can get your license.
  7. jenn8500

    Canadians Traveling in The U.S.

    Hi All, I also posted in the international forum, but thought I could maybe get some info here! I just have some questions about traveling in the U.S. on a TN Visa. I'm a Canadian and currently working in the U.S. as a staff nurse, but just signed up with a travel agency and got an assignment in California. I would love to hear from other Canadian nurses traveling in the U.S. and I have a few questions! Jenn
  8. Hi All, I just signed up with a travel agency and will be starting an assignment in California. I am currently working in another state on a TN visa as a staff nurse not a traveler. This may be a bit off topic, but I am wondering what to about my vehicle. I have it imported in the U.S. and have a U.S. Drivers license and plates. I'm really not sure what to do about it as a traveler as I will be going to different states. I know that Canadian insurance companies will not insure a car in the U.S. if you are working there. I've looked into renting a car for the typical 13 week assignments and it is very expensive. If there are any Canadian nurses traveling in the states I would love to hear some advice! Also, I am wondering how long you can take in between assignments while maintaining TN status. I know there are a lot of restrictions and I was planning on going back home for a couple weeks in between assignments. Jenn
  9. jenn8500

    For Canadian RNs: How to immigrate to NY State

    Hey CanuckRN, I'm just wondering what area of nursing you have experience in and how many years of experience you have? I am also Canadian and would like to work in NYS! I'm already working in the U.S. in a different state and I have a NY license.
  10. jenn8500


    Have you tried Minot, ND?
  11. I have a little over a year experience (15 months) on a Neuro Med/Surg unit and would like to break into telemetry or progressive care nursing. We do get some patients on telemetry, however, they are monitored by an ICU nurse. As for my resume, I am debating on keeping my clinical rotations from school as I spent a semester on a cardiac telemetry unit and can highlight that I was introduced to telemetry monitoring during that orientation. Is it appropriate for me to still list clinical rotations after getting some experience or should I just take it off? I feel like my resume has too much information if I leave it on, but then again, those experiences could help me.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. jenn8500

    RN looking for hospital job, willing to relocate

    No problem. I know that Bismarck and Minot are desperate for nurses and hire new grads in specialty areas. St. Alexius, Trinity, and Sanford are a few. I'm not too sure about Fargo or other ND cities, but the whole state seems to be booming. If you have more questions feel free to PM me
  13. jenn8500

    RN looking for hospital job, willing to relocate

    If your willing to relocate, try ND hospitals. They are desperate for nurses and hire many new grads in specialty areas.
  14. jenn8500

    MI nurse hoping to work in Ontario

    Hi Salmaria, I'm a Canadian and went to school in the states for an Associates degree. I am currently working in the U.S. right now and finishing up the BSN degree. I strongly suggest getting some work experience in the states while you are doing the BSN degree and waiting to apply to CNO. The Associates degree's in the U.S. usually don't have as much clinical hours as an Ontario grad which may be a problem, however, they will accept work experience if they find your clinical hours to be insufficient. Also, I read your last post about not being able to work in the U.S. without a BSN. Not sure where your friend got that information, but you do not need a BSN. I've had no problems working in the U.S. with an Associate's degree. You can always use OPT on your student visa and that allows you to work for a year.
  15. Hey StudentRS, Just wondering if you had any luck with the California BRN and OB hours? I was educated in the states and applied for a license in a Canadian province and was told my OB hours were insufficient!! It wasn't Ontario though, but still kind of crazy how that works.
  16. jenn8500

    You Might Be a Neuro Nurse If. . .

    You REALLY appreciate the days/nights that you actually have a CNA because they are not all sitting 1:1 with confused/disoriented/agitated patients.