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I am so happy!! I just had to post the good news. I will officially be starting the Critical Care Nurse Residency Program at my hospital. Over 270 RN's interviewed for 4 slots. I am very happy that I was one of the lucky choosen! I am now one step closer to applying for CRNA school and hopefully being accepted for the Summer/Fall 2010 class!!! I am a little nervous at the same time though, I am coming from a tele/stroke/post-op heart surgery floor. I just pray that I am prepared. I have already brought the book from I have ASLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC (hopefully next month), Basic Arrythmia, and I am currently in a graduate pharmacology class for APN's. Wish me well.

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Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity for you!


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:ancong!: Advancing toward one's dream is such an exciting adventure.


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Congratulations. It is great when we see our sisters and brothers in nursing excel!


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CONGRATS!!! Wow you really beat the odds on that one only 4 slots!! Great job! I about to start nursing school and have hopes of one day becoming a CRNA as well, I'm curious how long have you worked as a nurse?


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Congratulations on a fantastic achievement! Best of luck to you as you move forward :D


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Congratulations!! One of 4 out of 270 applicants?! Thats awesome! Way to go!!!:cheers:


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:DWow!! Congrats! Good luck in your job and in school. I'm just starting out...I have decided to get my CNA this summer.


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Congrats and Good luck!!

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