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  1. Cdnurstudent

    Alberta health services- looking for work

    Tree123 have you been hired yet?? I dont know if this is the case with RN jobs but I it seems to have been easier for many ppl I know to get interviews for NA jobs if they dropped off their resumes by hand at the units. I actually dont know of anyone who got an interview after only applying online. I think for many AHS jobs they get tons of online applicants and this is a good way of standing out. Or even follow-up phone calls to unit managers may help. Unit managers may not like this approach tho... but it really does seem to work with most of them :) Although, like I said, it could be totally different with RN jobs for sure.
  2. Cdnurstudent

    Can I work two casual positions at once in Alberta?

    Thank you for replying guys! It's so helpful to talk to ppl who are familiar with casual positions. One thing I'm wondering is if both units can see all the shifts you have booked for each month (including shifts at on the other unit) on that online scheduler software? Or do you have different schedules for each unit? Sorry I dont have my login yet so Im not sure how that stuff works either.
  3. Cdnurstudent

    Can I work two casual positions at once in Alberta?

    Thank you for your input Loriangel14, I really appreciate it! Im crossing my fingers that the second unit doesnt mind that I have another casual position and that I can take both jobs without upsetting anyone (managers, schedulers etc).
  4. Hi there! I interviewed for two casual positions (as an NA & a unit clerk) with Alberta Health Services last week and I've been offered both... I accepted the one position the other day and was offered the other position on my dream unit today (the manager left a message). What can I do?? I'm a second year nursing student so I'd love to work at both of these positions as I think they'd both provide me with amazing, but completely different, experience. Does anyone know if I'm allowed to take both positions?? I will definitely tell the manager of the second unit that I have already accepted another job (and see if she's still interested in hiring me) but Im wondering if this is even possible. If it is, how does it work exactly?? And would you recommend I do this or would it be really tough to juggle the two jobs? I'm completely new to the world of AHS - please help! Thank you!!
  5. To be accepted into Mount Royal University it sounds like you could probably go the post secondary route: "Fall Semester: You will be considered as a post-secondary applicant if you have completed four post-secondary courses (minimum 12 credit hours) by Dec. 31 and will have completed eight post-secondary courses (minimum 24 credit hours) by June 30." They have to be transferable courses but they can be from any focus. So going this route they actually look at your university GPA (of the last four courses) and they only make sure you have these marks from high school (or high school upgrading) courses: English Language Arts 30-1-60% Mathematics 30 (Pure)- 50% Biology 30- 50% One of: Chemistry 30, Physics 30 or Science 30- 50% http://www.mtroyal.ca/ProgramsCourses/FacultiesSchoolsCentres/HealthCommunityStudies/Programs/BachelorofNursing/AdmissionRequirementsCosts/index.htm I'm not exactly sure what your GPA would need to be but aim high :) It is competitive although Mount Royal added a lot more seats last year so they now take in around 400 students into the Bachelor of Nursing program each fall.
  6. Cdnurstudent

    Chest piece- single or double sided?

    I wondering the exact same thing also! :) My school's bookstore sells the Classic II SE but I work at a vet clinic and tried out both the Master Classic and the Classic II and I prefered the Master Classic. I could hear more clearly with it. I'm not sure if I NEED the double sided chestpiece for classes etc. though... Any thoughts?
  7. Cdnurstudent

    Anyone have a student planner that they love?

    I received my UNcalendar a few days ago and I love it already! There's so much room for to-do lists etc., its super easy to individualize and its very bright & cheerful. I've been looking for a calendar like this for so long! Thank you to everyone on here that recommended it & posted examples of theirs. Oh and don't shy away from ordering this (like I almost did) if you live in Canada - It ended up costing me $27 cdn including shipping and it's well worth it!
  8. Cdnurstudent

    Canadian 1st Year Nursing Students Unite :)

    Aww I'm so glad that you're happy in the Mt. Royal nursing program - that gets me even more excited . Thanks for your encouragement. I get easy overwhelmed with school stuff so I've bought a day planner that lots of ppl suggested on here (and UNcalendar), I've been on blackboard everyday checking out the one class that's up on there already and I've started reading a few of my books so hopefully I'll be somewhat prepared come Sept. My bf is already calling me a keener - I dont mind at all. Mostly I just hope I can keep it up. haha!
  9. Cdnurstudent

    Canadian 1st Year Nursing Students Unite :)

    Thanks Studentnurse2012. Congrats on starting your second year. I think my pattern is called N1 - I start nursing classes right away. I'm excited but super nervous at the same time :) Are you enjoying Mt. Royal?
  10. Cdnurstudent

    Canadian 1st Year Nursing Students Unite :)

    Thank you CGardi! I'm starting my degree at Mount Royal College in Calgary. Good luck to you too. I hope everything works out for you and that you get to come back to Canada soon (although I'm pretty sure all us canadians will be begging to switch shoes with you in a few months ).
  11. i'm starting a 4 year bachelor of nursing degree in sept! any other canucks beginning their nursing school journey this fall?
  12. Cdnurstudent

    taking CPR course

    I felt the same way before my course (I too had never taken a CPR course). Honestly though it seems as though they wont allow you to fail, so dont worry! We did our test in pairs and marked it together as a class and didnt even hand it in! hee hee. I found all the information interesting - its easy to pay attention when you think about the fact that one day you may need to perform CPR on someone you love (even before we become nurses).
  13. Cdnurstudent

    Anyone have a student planner that they love?

    I just bought an UNcalendar ( http://www.uncalendar.com ) because of all the great reviews people gave it on here:). I haven't recieved it yet but hopefully I will before the semester starts. I feel like it's probably a good idea to start off on the right, organized foot :wink2:. I live in Canada so I had to contact uncalendar for shipping info. The lady there was super helpful and shipping to Canada is just under $7.00 - not too bad!
  14. MRC Students? There has to be more out there... I think... :)
  15. Cdnurstudent

    so anxious

    Congrats! I'm starting NS too (in 3 weeks)! :) Sounds like you have a positive attitude which I'm such will get you far! If at all possible, do you think you could post your abbreviation list? I'm super curious to see it.