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  1. Decorations are not allowed to deck our halls There is one very large tree in the main lobby. We are not allowed to decorate any area at any time. Our personal lockers cannot even have pictures on them. In many cases, our management seems to focus on the trivial while totally ignoring the important things.
  2. feisty

    Do you work at Hilton?

    Apparently our "Hilton" is strugglig due to economic hardship because the bottomline demands a skeleton crew. Sadly, the staff look like the walking dead due to exhaustion and fatigue. Maybe we should refer to ourselves as the Hotel California. lol In all seriousness, I worry about the future of our healthcare system and our nation. This entitlement mentality is destroying our country.
  3. feisty

    What's your weird quirk?

    I hate having to triage a patient who has placed their dirty clothing on the bedside table where I place my test supplies. I often go in prior to their arrival and arrange my things to prevent them from using it. LOL I cannot stand having drawers or doors left open. If one of my babies (okay, their not my babies, but they are assigned to me so...) if one of my babies arrive in the nursery with dirty clothing or blankets I clean them up and put clean clothing on them. Likewise, if their crib is messy I will change the linens and put any unnecessary items away. The crew I work with is very OCD :) I fit in well. lol When we have a new nurse to orient, it drives me crazy if they continuously move from one charting spot to another. It is all I can do to keep quiet if they have charts in more than one area. Dirty cows (computer on wheels). Enough said! I have a problem with doing just one surgical scrub if we have more than one c-section. I fight the compulsion to scrub before each case. The only thing that prevents it is knowing that my skin will crack and bleed with too many scrubs. It is like my germ-a-phobia tendencies battle one another here. Scrub vs. intact integument. I struggle to say that I work a 12 hour shift. I often find myself stating that I work 12.5 hour shifts. The nature of my workplace dictates my availability to my patients at all times. I know it is required by law that I receive my break, but there is always a loophole. grrr
  4. feisty

    Tips for a good shift!

    Remember to maintain balance in life. Nursing can consume your every waking moment and even your dreams if you allow it. Work should be balanced with play, family, relaxation, etc. Holistic care of ones self is vital. The stress of the healthcare environment brings out the worst in our co-workers at times. Remember, you neither have to tolerate abuse nor does the negativity from others define you and your worth. Be prepared; to the best of your abilities always be prepared. I love having multiple pockets on my scrubs and filling them with items I constantly use throughout my shift.
  5. We just had a couple of deliveries and both babies are in the nursery in respiratory distress. Could you go relieve their nurses? Could you take over the patient heading to c-section. Oh...you got room xxx....sorry, she is a druggie and the baby is starting to show signs of withdrawl. There is an ambulance in route with a 25 wk gestation bleeder. Dr. xxx is on tonight and he is in a ****** mood. By the way, he has several triage patients here who are drop ins. Your charge tonight and we couldn't find anyone willing to take OR call in the event of a c section. There are only two nurses and a secretary tonight. You have a labor, 6 couplets, and remember there are 4 admits in the morning and one is a c section. But the worse and most terrifying of all.....you are being floated to med-surg. They have 2 nurses and 31 patients. (Most of us have never been cross-trained and our poor med-surg nurses are so overworked that they are experiencing burnout=cranky).
  6. feisty

    Just looking for comfort

    I had a procedure recently which required sedation. I must say it was the best sleep I have had in a long time. All joking aside, I would definitely address my concerns with my dentist if I were you. Since they perform these procedures regularly, they are prepared to assist you with your concerns.
  7. feisty

    Interview questions

    Thanks for the responses. I am excited about the opportunity and want to prepare as much as possible. Apparently there are alot of applicants who are interviewing and I want to do my best to increase my chances.
  8. feisty

    Interview questions

    I have an interview for a position with another healthcare system. I decided to seek employment elsewhere due to the large amount of call time we are required to take. I was wondering if those of you who are responsible for interviewing applicants frown on this as a reason for leaving a position. It is the only factor that is bad enough to make me look for another job. I like my job, the work, and my manager. I would love to keep this job, but the call will not change and it is excessive (up to 36 hrs. every pay period). Should I be honest or just say the job isn't a good fit? What if they ask why I have decided it isn't a good fit after almost 4 years? Should I mention that the call makes it difficult to complete my classwork by the due dates (I am going for a higher degree). I don't want to seem so closed off that they feel I am avoiding the questions, but I don't want to say too much either.
  9. It is your career and you should decide what is in your best interest. If you have not signed a legal contract then you are not bound to the offer. I understand the conflict you feel with verbally accepting a job though. The agency knows that a contract must be in writing and that you have the right to change your mind until you sign. I would certainly give them notice of your decision to decline the position.
  10. feisty

    new job description every day, unpaid on call

    I really like my current job, but the call time is a deal breaker. The original amount was one call a pay period which I agreed to without hesitation. They now require 2 or 3 a pay period. Sounds like you may need to start looking elsewhere. I hate to start over in a new clinical area, but the call is so disruptive to my life and distructive to my health. You need to take care of yourself. Your employer will not do it for you. You can try to discuss the job description and recent changes with your employer, but they can make decisions for their business which results in changes in your job description. It is all very frustrating. I hope things work out in your favor.
  11. feisty

    Flagler Hospital

    I was thinking about applying at Flagler Hospital. I have family near there and they have had good experiences as patients, but you never know about the work environment. Thanks for the reply:)
  12. feisty

    Flagler Hospital

    I was thinking about relocating and maybe applying at flagler hospital in Florida. Can anyone give me any information on the work environment, training, pay scale, etc. Thanks!!
  13. feisty

    Am I right or wrong?

    i understand your frustration with the whole situation. patient care is difficult and a hard assignment makes it seem overwhelming at times. remember there is always more than one side to a story or more than one perspective on a situation. having said all of that i would advise you seperate yourself as an individual employee from the whole "we" mentality. i do not mean as in teamwork. what i am trying to say is that you were hired as an individual employee to perform in a specific role. as long as your supervisor is acting within the guidelines of the facilities policies in making the assignments then she has the authority to do as she deems best regardless of whether it is "fair". "i'm over here busting my *** while this woman wants everyone to feel sorry for her because her husband is in the service and she has 3 teens at home. um hello you're not the only who has it tough other people have it worse. she is such a brown noser which is probably why the supervisor gives her better treatment ugh! :mad:" anger, name calling, and assumptions will only cause you trouble. i would suggest that you not use these tactics with your supervisor if you choose to address any issues. attempts at conflict resolution will be more effective if handled properly. if you are given a physically challenging assignment that requires 2 people to perform the care then do not hesitate to ask for assistance. if noone is available to help then i would suggest speaking to your supervisor. inform her that you are concern that patient and employee safety would be compromised if you attempted to perform a specific task alone. it is her responsibility to see that there is adequate staff to ensure safety. likewise, it is your responsibility to see that you do not endanger a patient by attempting a task without proper assistance. personally, if the other employee came to me asking for help and i was struggling with my patient load i would probably bargain with her. i would say something like, "i would be happy to help you bath her if you will first help me complete this task of bathing mr. so and so." teamwork can provide safe care and enable you to finish in a timely manner. remember, there will be days when you do not feel good and your co-workers will probably extend you the same courtesy you have extended to them. i do not know the dynamics of your unit so i say that on the premise of one built on teamwork and a patient focused environment of care. one last thing.....your passion for the care you give others is obvious. i am so glad you have chosen a career in healthcare. please don't let people rob you of the joy you find in helping others. thank you for the hard work and care you provide for our elderly population!!!!
  14. feisty

    I feel stupid!

    Please don't let this make you feel stupid. Like merlee said, "hard to stop and think in the middle of an emergency." This will present the opportunity to evaluate a better process for maintaining meds. Your response time was great!!! You obviously kept your cool through the episode:yeah:
  15. feisty

    Shoulder Dystocia Drills

    Hurricane, that is a scary situation. Glad your daughter is healthy. FLOBRN, thanks for the link. I believe it will be a wonderful asset to have. Thanks to everyone for the responses and info on PPH kits.
  16. feisty

    Shoulder Dystocia Drills

    The article was in the December 2008/ January 2009 edition of "Nursing for Women's Health." It is entitled "Shoulder Dystocia Drills: How One Unit Prepares for Potential Obstetric Emergencies" by Kathleen Curtis, RN, MS and Lola Guillien, RNC. The article provides an algorithm to determine the responsibility of each participant. It is designed for use in a large facility, but it could be modified to meet the needs a much smaller hospital. It also gives an acronym for the steps to follow during a dystocia event.