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So I hatched a young 'un. :) He's 4mos. old now, just as adorable as they come.

I of course had a c/s for FTP/CPD/fetal intolerance (he had a nice 6 minute decel after the epidural and was getting caput when I was only 4cms and -2 station).... :chuckle ...and post op complications...duh, OB nurse.

He was 8#15 at birth, which I have no idea where THAT came from...neither myself nor dh were big babies.

Anyhoo, I decided to quit and only work PRN once he came. I had planned to go back to work 2 days a week before he was born but after that little baby came into this world there just was no way I could leave him with a stranger. I'm such a sucker :chuckle.

So he's wonderful and beautiful and perfect and I love being a mama. :D


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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I am soooo happy for you my friend. I remember when you were "considering" having a baby, seems like yesterday. WHY IS IT OB NURSES AND DOCS have such complicated labors????

Glad all is good and you are well. MY heartiest congratulations to you. About the same time you gave birth, I lost mine (sniff). I am happy for you tho, very happy. Thanks for sharing. welcome to the world, baby shay-boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and about being PRN, I did that too, 5 years ago after my girl was born. NO regrets. I love working this way and having more time for my kids. It's what life is all about to me!


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Congratulations!!! I have been wondering where you went. I'm so glad you have your little boy and all is well



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I am glad things worked out, even if the process wasn't great! I mean, c'mon you know an OB nurse is gonna get the works in labor!!!LOL! I am really glad you and hubby can enjoy that ADORABLE baby!

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You are not a sucker. :)

Enjoy your little one. They grow up fast.


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Smilingblueyes and I just had a conversation about how motherhood changes a person's perspective on work. :)


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wow,, congrats :balloons: , your life has changed forever

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Congrats, Shay! Not that I'm going all Dr. Laura, but it's great when parents have an opportunity to be home full time with their kids. Be there as long as you can! :)

He is a cutie.

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