Should I resign or am I overreacting?

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Do you think it is feasible to stay on a job who's threatening you with the BON and suspending you without providing reason? An incident happened (previous post), but when I asked for the grounds or reason wanting to report to BON I did not receive an answer. This was the response to my "4 page letter asking these questions:” I will not doing anything without giving you a heads up. HR Director and I are meeting at .... I didn't even get an answer as to how long I am suspended. I wanted the answers for a peace of mind and to prepare if necessary, but they're not providing anything. What should I do? Should I have contacted HR first? I never had to deal with a situation like this, and almost have zero guidance. Keep in mind...what I think they would try to present to the board will not stand, because I didn't put anyones safety at harm. Should I resign or am I overreacting?  Thanks in advance for your responses. 

6 hours ago, hppygr8ful said:

I keep a running diary of just about everything. I do a lot of creative writing so I never know when a particular situation might strike a thought. Of course those notes don't include patient identifyers.


Ahhh OK I seem Thank You so much ♥️

I have an update: 

Talked to HR. They said that they should not have suspend me b/c they had not notified HR. Secondly, they should not have said that they would contact the board b/c HR wasn’t notified. The reason they said that they suspended me is because I abandoned job. However, they said that they talked to the supervisor for that day and the supervisor said that they gave me the OK to go home. So, they don’t see any form of abandonment. They told me not to worry about any of the claims to report to board right now. They also said that they talked to director who said that they made me aware that I should report to work on the next scheduled day. However, the director had not called me or texted me anything regarding the situation or saying that I can report to work, after saying that she would keep me updated. I honestly would like to see how this issue is resolved. But, I have a mind to turn in my resignation the morning after the night I report to work. I’ve received offers from travel agency, but I think they’re trying to low ball me. Of course, it’s more than staff with stipend but I follow travel nursing groups on facebook and they’ve laughed at offers such as the one I was given. Also, I seen a comment about the facility offered not only going after the nurse, they go after their license as well. That immediately turned me off. I seen good and bad reviews on the facility. This facility is about 2hrs from my house, which I think is awesome! But I am also scared. 


8 hours ago, kbrn2002 said:

There's jobs everywhere nowadays. If you decide against the travel position, look for a different job. No matter where you land no way on God's green earth would I stay where you are now after this, even if you can. 

@kbrn2002 Oh yes! Believe me I won’t stay there. I am leaving. How would you go about leaving if you were in this situation? My main focus is finding out their plans.. like, what else will they try to come up with to send a complaint to the board? Or if they still decide to report me to the board. 

@BeatsPerMinute thank you so much for your responses! I am lost right now. I will be leaving for sure. I’m sooo lost. ?

9 minutes ago, BeatsPerMinute said:

An idea... (and if others disagree I'm all ears) but if they try to sit you down to fire you, tell them that youre not prepared to have the conversation (maybe Google this or search on Allnurses to find the appropriate words to use) and / or have a written letter to carry with you and be prepared to say "I had already planned on leaving, here's my written notice." Have an email drafted and ready to send immediately after as well for documentation purposes. Be professional and calm. Do not be reactive if this happens (which can take a lot of mental strength but you'll thank yourself later for it). 

End of day, it's just a job. 

@BeatsPerMinute thank you so much for that response. That’s a great idea. I have almost mastered being calm in difficult situations such as these. I’m a very mild mannered, easy going person so that helps I guess. I have a long way to go, but knew the other day when the director tried to make it seem as if I was crazy or lying when she said I was suspended. They went about this thing the wrong way, and now they’re trying to cover their behinds! If you remember the update I gave about HR you’ll probably understand why they’re trying to cover their behinds. Good thing is after they threatened me with the board, I recorded that conversation she and I had. This is so saddd but comical. It’s like why lie about it? Cray cray 

BeatsPerMinute said:

Be careful with the recording. IDK where you live - in some places its OK to secretly record. I did the same (mostly for my own sanity) because the gaslighting was unreal. 

Same. I'm my state it's legal as long as one person in the conversation(myself?)  is aware of the recording. But you're right it's unreal!

BeatsPerMinute said:

EAP is another good resource. It shows that you're trying to improve and recognize your own faults - which is both beneficial for you yourself & it also shows (to anyone else) that you're working on yourself.

I doubt if they have EAP here. 

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Employee assistance program. usually 24/7. try giving them a call! 

BeatsPerMinute said:

Employee assistance program. usually 24/7. try giving them a call! 

I honestly doubt they have EAP here. If they do or don't, I'll be leaving ?.

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you know that benefits info that we're all given when we start a new job? start there. 

it's helpful I promise

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3 minutes ago, BaybeeNurse20 said:

I honestly doubt they have EAP here. If they do or don’t, I’ll be leaving ?.

the point is to help guide you WHILE in this leaving process. and if you don't know then check 

6 minutes ago, BeatsPerMinute said:

the point is to help guide you WHILE in this leaving process. and if you don't know then check 

I will check into it

JustBeachyNurse said:

You are an inexperienced new grad nurse. To expect a travel assignment with no experience is not realistic. To expect the high salary of a seasoned experienced med-surg nurse is not realistic. You do not know what you don't know as shown by this situation, you declared you were going home because of your understanding of the staffing policy  (Only CA has mandated staffing ratios in hospitals last I checked the laws)   You need to get solid experience as when you travel you get no training, minimal orientation, and are expected to be an experienced capable independent nurse who can hit the ground running within  a day or two of arriving    It seems you were not at your first job very long, consider that when you are getting offers from travel agencies  what kind of settings are they sending you into as an inexperienced nurse when most facilities are expecting capable competent travel nurses not inexperienced new grads   The low rates reflect low experience   

@JustBeachyNurseI appreciate your constructive criticism. I've been on the floor about or almost 2yrs. I've met nurses who has less experience than I do getting paid more traveling. In addition, I've met seasoned nurses who asks me questions that they should probably know. My point is you can learn something new everyday in nursing. Should that stop you from venturing off into something you think you'd enjoy more? I also work PRN through an app(no orientation) and at another facility(who only gave 3 days orientation), so I've gotten a little taste of how it could be. I know my capabilities, but I also know there's always more to learn. Good thing is, I like to learn. Knowledge is power. I don't know a lot about this side of nursing, which is why I composed this post asking for answers. I've also said in a previous comment that this is a learning experience for me. 

@jm394 thank you so much for your response! I will be leaving ASAP.

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