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SFSU/Canada College BSN Applicant Thread, Fall 2009 Cohort

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Where did your status change on the admission status page? Mine still says that my app is in review. Did your status change to say "admitted"? If so, I bet you are in!

My application is still being reviewed also, according to the online status check.

This isn't a good sign. I guess it's back to the drawing board. :-((

Okay, maybe a glimmer of hope for those of us with our apps "still in review". Maybe they are going by alphabetical order??? ro'smom, what does you last name begin with?? Mine is K, so maybe they haven't gotten very far through the alphabet yet???? I know, I know, wishful thinking...I feel like crying...:cry:

I went to the main SFSU page, and selected "login". The next page gave me choices of where to log in, and over on the right, under "For Students" there was a link to "Admission Status". Choose that one, not, MySFSU.



I thought of that too. My last name starts with "St."

This is crazy. We are so hurting to get in that we are analyzing this from all angles. We would be awesome nurses. They should let us in on our dedication alone.

Yep, Ros'mom, that's the site that I check for news. You think they are posting admissions on a Saturday?

Oh Lordy, who can tell? I'm looking for signs and portents everywhere!

If only there were twice as many spots available--look at how many qualified and eager applicants there are.


I guess the last name theory doesn't seem that plausible. Maybe they are doing it randomly and just haven't got to everyone yet. Also, if some people are being notified of their acceptances, what about the people who don't get in? Are they intentionally notifying only those who got in, before denying all the others in one blow?

I'm pretty much in the same situation as bxdo. I think having a course in progress is what killed me. Especially since it is Physiology, which is like one of the most important prerequisites.

anybody know if the nursing school will accept AP or IB scores? i know they take AP statistics and English but what about AP chemistry? also do they take other credit scores like CLEP exams and such?

also, i just registered for the TEAS exam today and i'm also wondering if any of you guys can tell me what kinds of questions will they have on there? i decided to sign up for the TEAS because i've decided to apply to CSUEB and CSU Fresno as well.

I really don't think they would count that against you Torasamu because you are such a strong candidate otherwise! Hey, I am stickin' to my last name theory until I am otherwise notified!! ;):p

you shouldnt really worry too much about the TEAS exam snake. For the most part, you either get it or not. Don't bother with the study guide as I looked through it from a friend and it.. sucks. Criterias for the most part include basic chem, algebra, and a few random stuff like earth sciences which I haven't seen since 6th grade science, and reading and grammar. Grammar was what really killed it for me, I suppose I just don't speak/write proper English but whatever. I got 90-100% for almost all criterias for walking in and winging it. Grammar portion dropped me down to an overall 85% on the teas though, so with some effort you shouldnt worry much over it.

thanks bxdo! Yea, i was thinking of applying at SJSU too but when i looked at their website yesterday, their requirements had changed! no more in-progress courses and the prereqs for sciences must be recent, teas at least an 80%, coreqs this, other prereqs that,... so many rules that it's just ridiculous! so i know i'll be applying to 4 schools then. where else have you applied?

torasamu! so are you saying that if i have courses in progress it will kill my chances in applying too? because when i'm going to be applying next semester, i'll be taking my final 2 prereqs together in the fall 09 and apply too but since that's the case, the highest GPA i can get is a 3.8 without the final 2 prereqs. if i finished my final prereqs, then the highest GPA that i can get is a 3.9. i was hoping that they'll look at my final grades after the fall semester since it'll be higher. shoot now i'm scared since people that get in have a 4.0.

I applied to sfsu, sac state, sdsu.. these are the ones I want to get in, esp sac since the program is 2 years and housing is cheap. :) after beginning applications I realize I couldnt get in sjsu, east bay, and humboldt, so i wasted like 150 bucks. Other schools I'm waiting on include chico, fresno, and stanislaus I think, but I doubt I would even consider these schools since I really don't know much about them.

Solidus_Snake, my guess is that if you complete your final two prerequisites during the fall when you apply, then it shouldn't hurt you, as long as you submit your final grades before the admissions committee gets around to reviewing your application.

My situation is that I have Physiology, my last prerequisite, in progress right now. The admissions committee probably wants to see final grades in the science courses before admitting someone. I could be wrong, but who knows. It's just a feeling that I have.

If I had a less important course, like public speaking, in progress, then it might be a different story. Who knows. I'm already planning for the next cycle. ;-)

I checked my app status too, & it's still in review... boo. Ro'smom, did you confirm w/ SFSU? You must be a stellar candidate to be notified so early. From last year's threads, they weren't getting any info. until the last week in April. I don't check the mail at my house, so I'm just gonna wade it out & hope that my boyfriend delivers me good news soon... yikes! And, by the way, my last name stars w/ an "O" so maybe there's hope for me too... haha. Hang in there everyone!

Well, SFSU returned my phone message, and the status of the app means *NOTHING* they say. So I am taking their word for it and pacing next to the mail box.


Anyone check their mail today?? I didn't get my letter, but I did get a free sample for a granola bar!;)

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