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  1. torasamu

    USF San Francisco Master's CNL Spring 2010 - Waitlisted

    Hello Everyone, I received a message from someone this morning asking if I was still interested in joining the Spring 2010 CNL program (I was also put on the wait list). She did not actually say that I was admitted, but I am guessing that is what she meant. Anyway, I called her back and declined the offer, as I was accepted someplace else. So one more spot should be opening up. Good luck!
  2. torasamu

    US Navy Japan

    I was a Hospital Corpsman in Yokohama, Japan for about 4 years during the late 90's. I worked at a branch clinic that was attached to Naval Hospial Yokosuka. I'm sure the hospital and base have probably changed a lot since then, but I consider it to be one of the best times of my life. I'm starting a BSN program this fall, and I'm really considering joining the nurse corps so that I might have a chance to be stationed there again. Yokosuka is a fairly large base, with several amenities. Back then, there was a commisary the size of a large grocery store here in the states. There was also a McDonalds, Taco Bell, and a Popeyes Chicken on base, as well as several other more nicer places. There was a good size library, a car dealership, a large gym.... Yokosuka is really like a self contained little city. I have known several people who were stationed there for a year or more and never once left base. But, if you do go to Yokosuka, I would recommend getting off base as much as possible. There are a lot of cool places to visit withing an hours train ride, such as Kamakura, Yokohama, etc. But, since you have a son who may be starting middle school soon, I would think about going to NAS Atsugi, if you can get orders to there. Atsugi is a smaller base about an hour from Yokosuka, and it also has a lot of amenities. From what I have heard, however, the schools at Atsugi are much better then at Yokosuka. Anyhow, good luck to you.
  3. Hello everyone, long time no chat! I received the orientation packet too via email. There is so much to do, ahhh! The drug calculation test was a nice little warm up I guess. Those conversion factors from chemistry came in handy. Who would have known? haha. I can't wait to meet everyone on the 30th.
  4. Victory 925, You can accept your financial aid before you receive your admissions decision. If you do not get accepted, then just send an email to the financial aid office letting them know. They will just void your acceptance, and it will not affect your financial aid eligibility at any other school.
  5. Hi Katwag 87, I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that it might be in early may, shortly after the intent to register deadline. I'm also on the wait list. Let's hope for the best. Hopefully, some spots will open up.
  6. Try calling the nursing department at Canada College. I don't have the actual number right now. The lady that I spoke to there was really nice, and she answered all of my questions. Good luck to you. Let us know how it goes.
  7. Did anyone receive a letter in the mail yet? Just curious...
  8. I made the wait list too. I'm pretty happy about that because I really thought that I would be denied. Xtine009, I guess were still alive. Let's hope for the best CAangelindisguies, I'm sorry about you not getting in. Are you going to try again next year? I know I will if I don't make it this time.
  9. I called and was told that they could not release decisions over the phone. The person I spoke with, however, said that the letters are going out this week, and that we should receive them within the next couple of days. Good luck to everyone!
  10. I didn't receive anything in the mail today either.
  11. torasamu

    University of San Francisco CNL Entry Masters

    Thanks Future FNP. Good luck in the program. Hopefully I will be joining it in January.
  12. torasamu

    University of San Francisco CNL Entry Masters

    Hello Everyone, Congratulations to those who were accepted. It must be really exciting. I plan on applying to the CNL program for Spring 2010. May I ask, did you need a California CNA certification to get into the program? I started filling out the online application, and it asks for a CNA certification date. I never knew about this requirement before, and I'm really worried because I don't have the certification. I have everything else though, and I was ready to submit my application until I saw that. Thank you for your input.
  13. Solidus_Snake, my guess is that if you complete your final two prerequisites during the fall when you apply, then it shouldn't hurt you, as long as you submit your final grades before the admissions committee gets around to reviewing your application. My situation is that I have Physiology, my last prerequisite, in progress right now. The admissions committee probably wants to see final grades in the science courses before admitting someone. I could be wrong, but who knows. It's just a feeling that I have. If I had a less important course, like public speaking, in progress, then it might be a different story. Who knows. I'm already planning for the next cycle. ;-)
  14. CAangelindisguise, I guess the last name theory doesn't seem that plausible. Maybe they are doing it randomly and just haven't got to everyone yet. Also, if some people are being notified of their acceptances, what about the people who don't get in? Are they intentionally notifying only those who got in, before denying all the others in one blow? I'm pretty much in the same situation as bxdo. I think having a course in progress is what killed me. Especially since it is Physiology, which is like one of the most important prerequisites.
  15. torasamu

    San Francisco State University (SFSU) BSN Program

    bxdo, When you checked your status, did it say that you were denied admission, or was your application still in review? I applied to the off campus program at Canada College. It's a different applicant pool, but probably the same admissions process, since it's through SFSU. My application is still under review. I too have some key prerequisites in progress. I completed Chemistry last semester with an "A" and I'm doing Physiology right now.
  16. CAangelindisguise, I thought of that too. My last name starts with "St." This is crazy. We are so hurting to get in that we are analyzing this from all angles. We would be awesome nurses. They should let us in on our dedication alone.

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