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  1. smileswyou


    StudentOf, I used the same calculator on every med-dosage exam too - until I lost it! It was my good luck charm from my first prereq class. Of course I failed the exam because I didn't have "Lucky" by my side. I ended up finding it and sailed through the rest of NS!
  2. smileswyou

    second thoughts

    Is this your first time applying? Did you apply to any other programs? As I am sure you are well aware, it is very competitive out there for those trying to get into a nursing program. It took me three times applying to several programs. Rejection stinks! But if you truly feel this is what you want to do/are meant to do with your life - don't give up! Go out and get some experience by volunteering or working with a doctor, etc.
  3. Congrats Peoplehelper, way to go!! Do you mind sharing your stats with us? I called Canada this morning and I did not get in. She said there will be a meeting in June for people who did not get in to go over their applications. Ugh, I am beyond bummed...
  4. Okay, I just called the nursing dept. and they have NOT mailed the letters for the Canada/Sequoia Hosp. program yet. She said they would "probably" go out sometime next week. ARGH!!
  5. :yeahthat: Anyone check their mail today?? I didn't get my letter, but I did get a free sample for a granola bar!
  6. smileswyou

    San Francisco State University (SFSU) BSN Program

    Congrats you guys!! Good luck with your studies!!
  7. I really don't think they would count that against you Torasamu because you are such a strong candidate otherwise! Hey, I am stickin' to my last name theory until I am otherwise notified!!
  8. smileswyou

    San Francisco State University (SFSU) BSN Program

    kayellow did you apply to the main campus or the satellite program at Canada College??
  9. smileswyou

    San Francisco State University (SFSU) BSN Program

    Okay, so your online status has not changed from your app being under review. Ro'smom, does the first letter of your last name begin with A-C?? There may be hope yet guys!!
  10. smileswyou

    San Francisco State University (SFSU) BSN Program

    bxdo, Does the first letter of your last name begin with any letter A-J?? Just trying to see if our theory holds
  11. Okay, maybe a glimmer of hope for those of us with our apps "still in review". Maybe they are going by alphabetical order??? ro'smom, what does you last name begin with?? Mine is K, so maybe they haven't gotten very far through the alphabet yet???? I know, I know, wishful thinking...I feel like crying...
  12. smileswyou

    San Francisco State University (SFSU) BSN Program

    Congrats ug33, that's awesome!! Is this the ABSN at Canada College or the BSN on the main campus? Care to share any of your stats with us?? Congratulations again!!
  13. No, not yet. Was it for the Master's program or the main campus? Was it for this program?? What does your status online say? Mine still says my application is under review with the nursing program. OMG, omg, omg...the letters are on their way!!!
  14. smileswyou

    microbiology or physiology harder?

    I really think it depends on your professor and how difficult they want to make it. Both classes are pretty intense. If you are just coming out of Anatomy, then Physio may be the way to go since things are fresh in your mind . In Anatomy you learned what the different systems were, so in Physio you will learn about how the different systems work (hormones, electrolytes, etc.). I did better in Micro than Physio. I took Micro in the summer, so there was not a lot of time for any extra projects. My Physio class was insane. There were papers, presentations, projects; in addition to the normal labs and lecture. It was a seemingly never-ending roller coaster.
  15. Nothing yet. I think it will be a couple more weeks before they mail them out. Same here Ro'smom!!:chuckle
  16. Sorry. Yes, I just calculated my GPA with the finished courses.

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