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  1. smileswyou

    CSM fall 2011 applicants!

    YES! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! See you at the meeting.
  2. smileswyou

    CSM fall 2011 applicants!

    Hey Guys! I got the call! I'm officially accepted!! :anpom: Soooo, it looks like they're working their way down the list. GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. smileswyou

    CSM fall 2011 applicants!

    Hi Guys, I am waitlisted for CSM too! I was #75 last year, and drum roll please...#1 this year!! I am SO excited to think it will actually happen after THREE years of trying! I have a friend who was #7 last year and is in the program this year, she said they took ten people from the waitlist. I also got waitlisted for SFSU at Sequoia, but they didn't give me a number. I am also waiting to hear from Chabot...