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HI! Hope y'all are doing well! I have a paper to write about folktales and superstitions that women and men have heard about the sex of an unborn child. For instance, if you can balance a pencil on your belly horizontally doesn't that mean it's a girl? Help me out with some of the things that y'all have heard. Have you heard of anything that people do when they want a girl or a boy?

I'd appreciate any superstitions that y'all have heard and think this would be a kind of fun thread to start.

Oh, this is totally unrelated but I've got a new fave quote...

" I'm not offended by those dumb blonde jokes. I know I'm not dumb. I also know I'm not blonde." - Dolly Parton!!! Isn't that hilarious! I also know those boobs aren't real!

Do y'all think they're real?? That's another good conversation starter! Can't wait to hear from y'all!


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This was always so fun when my hubby and I were expecting. There is the infamous "Drano" test -- I've never done it but some women swear by it. Check the web...some info at Choosing your baby's sex: The folk wisdom

The one we always heard (and I swear this is true!) is if you are carrying "low", it's a boy, and if you are carrying "high", it's a girl. When I was pg with my girls, they seemed to be right up in my diaphragm with their toes curled around my ribs. The boys both sat on my bladder and I swear I waddled like a duck when pg with them.

My grandmother always told me that my terrible heartburn while pregnant meant my baby would have a lot of hair. (?)

Also, Crave sweets = girl - Crave proteins/meats = boy

Side note: Don't crave jalapeno peppers while can just imagine the personality of *that* daughter!


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I know there is one about licking a penny and sticking it on a wall. I can't remember which way it goes but if it sticks it's a ? or if it fall it's a ?

Wish I could remember


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Very active baby = girl

kicks on the right side of the mother's womb = boy; left = girl.

A woman that has a stripe down her stomach will have a boy.

If a baby's heart beats above130 per minute it is a girl, under 130 it's a boy.

Cravings for spicy foods = boy.

heartburn and indigestion = boy. (also heard this indicates the baby will have lots of hair)

If the mom's eyes are bloodshot and her nose broadens = a girl.

nosebleeds = girl.

A pin or needle tied to a piece of thread is dangled over the mom's wrist, if it swings back & forth = boy, goes in circles = girl

A wedding ring is tied to a piece of string and held over mom's stomach. If the ring rotates counterclockwise, it's a boy. If it rotates clockwise, it's a girl.


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I also agree with the carrying high for girl and carrying low for boy - correct in both cases with my kids. I lived on steak and hamburgers w/ my son and craved mint chocolate chip ice cream with fudge sauce w/ my daughter (sounds pretty good right now, too!)

Sounds like a really fun subject to research - here's a link I found which has some fun stuff too:


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This stuff is fun, but sorry, none of it is true. Well, I guess it is true... 50% of the time. LOL. I carried my son extremely high (couldn't breathe) and my daughter way too low (felt like she would fall out for the last trimester). I craved watermelon with my son - ate one giant one every two days, and honeycombs cereal with lots of milk with my daughter. What did all of that mean? With my son, it was the hottest summer on record and the cold, juicy watermelon brought relief. With my daughter, I think I craved the milk more than the cereal but don't like the taste of the milk... put the cereal in and it was okay, (couldn't drink any milk while pregnant with or nursing my son so I NEEDED it when I got pregnant with my daughter). The only predictor of gender that is 100% is amniocyntesis. Even the ultrasound (or the interpretation of it) can be very VERY wrong - I have two friends who brought their new sons home to pink nurseries with pink bedding, pink clothes, etc... because the ultrasound said it was a girl in both of their cases.


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I'm so excited that y'all took this thread and ran with it~ I didn't realize there were so many that I had never heard before about the sex of an unborn child.

If you come up with anymore, just let me know! Thanks again !!

God Bless!



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I read in a book that if the mom is generally happy, in a good mood thru out the pregnancy it will be a boy ; whereas if she is grumpy she will have a girl.

I have also heard that if your hair and nails grow a lot during pregnancy it will be a boy. There was a whole book full of this stuff at motherhood when I was pregnant. Those are the only two I could remember.:)


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There is a site that follows folk tales about age at the birth accompanied with month of conception

I don't know if anyone has posted these one yet or not

ALso you can go to

They have several links to various folk take type stuff there.

Keep in mind though - every single folktale said I was having a boy...I am having a girl

Oh and no her boobs aren't real - she will readily admit that in interviews.


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Originally posted by det01

Oh and no her boobs aren't real - she will readily admit that in interviews.

Yeah, they are.

"People make jokes about my bosoms, why don't they look underneath the breasts at the heart? It's obvious I've got big ones and if people want to assume they're not mine, then let them." Dolly Parton

Edited to add, she has had a reduction.

Anyway, I have no other folk tales to add to determine the sex of an unborn child. None of them were able to determine the sex of mine.

BTW, I craved HOT WINGS with my first child...a girl, double chocolate everything with the second...also a girl.

Couldn't eat a thing with the third and keep it down (boy).

Guess I do have something to add. After speaking with an OB acquaintance of mine, she said morning sickness is much worse when carrying a boy than a girl.

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Child #1, craved Wheat Chex with lots of milk and sugar, a girl.

Child #2, craved Reeses Pieces, a boy

Child #3, craved chili, a girl

Of course child 1 was born during the hottest Summer on record, child 2 Reeses Pieces had just came out, and the third I didn't crave it until the last trimester, and she was a Winter baby.

As a funny side note , the oldest LOVES cereal, the second LOVES Reeses pieces, but the third HATES chili!

My girls I did carry high, and centered, I didn't "look" pregnant from the back, still had a waistline. My son I was huge all over.


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I carried high all three times, all three times was a boy.

Here are some boy/girl beliefs, hope I didnt' repeat any:

If a needle on a string dangled over your pregnant belly points north/south or east/west it is a boy/girl.

>140 heart rate= girl,

Kicks before 20wks = boy

Crave spicy foods = girl

Those were from a list of cultural beliefs regarding pregnancy/birth... the rest aren't boy/girl things, but stuff like "Tea made from cumin helps get labor going", etc.

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