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Ok, I work in a LTC facility and have just went to a new hall. Well one of the pt is 35 years old (he was hit by a car at the age 19 and only has one leg now ..etc). Well he was out in the hall the other day and was wanting to see another PCT, so I went to go and get her on another hall and she said "Oh no, he is up to something".She is also a PCT...well the RN that was in the room with her said "Go and ask him what he is going to give me for my birthday.and ask him if he will tell you." Well I went back and asked him what he was going to give **** for her birthday and he said "sex"..I said "what" and he said "that's what she said" I just walked away..l am wondering if i should do anything, such as report it..i am very new and don't want people to start hating me but I feel that is not the right kind of talk to pts. I would never do that. I talk to the pts like they are my grandparents and love every one of them, but that is just wrong. I have heard the nurse talk of sex acts before, but not with the pts just with another co worker..not toward the co worker but about oral sex with the husband. What do you all think? Thakns

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I think it is unprofessional. There is a time and place for sex and work is neither.


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Is this guy mentally impaired? If so has someone been putting words in his mouth? That kind of thing needs to be reported. If he is there for rehab and is OK mentally then he needs to be reminded that is an improper line of talk.


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Sounds reportable to me.....downright unethical and unprofessional.


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No, he knows what is going on. He is 35 and knows the day that he was hit by a car and the day that his mom died and that he hates the woman across the hall because her phone rings..LOL..he watches tv..knows what he wants to eat, goes to church and enjoys the daily activities.. He knows the girl that he went with to his high school prom and what he was doing when hit by a car and why he was there at the time...He knows what is going on but it is still wrong.


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If you decided to report it, then how would you do it? By phone, go and talk to the DON/Administrator, letter to the DON/Administrator, etc


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Basically this resident is seeing how far he can go with people. At his age he knows better. I would use the chain of command. Go to your immediate supervisor and let her take care of it. If it continues or gets worse, then go to her supervisor, etc. It could make it hard if you don't follow the chain of command. Also make sure that this resident is not teased or joked with about sex. I have seen some nurses and CNAs that tease younger residents about sex and that just stirs it up. But still I would follow the chain of command.

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I wouldent report it just now. I would let the nurse know you are uncomfortable with that type of talk and not to do it around you. As far as her conduct it is at least in poor taste and unprofessional. However some people like to talk like that and if it doesnet sound like she has offended her patient. She is taking a big risk though I mean she could be sewed if she says the wrong thing to the wrong person. I would definatly report her if she says those type of things to a confused patient or if you notice a patient being made uncomfortable - thats harassment.

This reminds me of somethoing that happened to me like 10 years ago. I was working as a CNA for a home care company. I had an awsome assighnment I took care of a lady from 7 p - 7 a and had a bed outside her room, as long as I could hear her I was allowed to sleep as I was filling in for her live in care provider on the weekends. anyway ..

One day she tells me that another aid has told her that he loves her and she was quite frustraited becuse she was too old for him. I assumed he ment he loved her like I did, as a sweet old lady and as my patient so I tried to reasure her it was ok. Over the next few weeks she mentioned it a few more times and it became obvious that he wasent expressing the plutonic type of love. At first I thought he must be teasing her so I mentioned it to him and he got angry .. so I called my supervisor right away and he was fired. I think he was working on getting her into bed (yuk) and what an abuse of confidence. Anyway just make sure the patients rights arent being violated or they are being harrased


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I haven't had many problems with patients and "sex talk", but I once worked night shift on a unit where it seems all any of my co-workers wanted to discuss was sex. I was uncomfortable with those discussions and was told during my performance evaluations that my co-workers felt that I didn't "fit in". In retrospect, I should have let the manager know what was going on --

I agree with taking the issue up the chain of command.

I work on a unit that has some of this "sex" talk going on among the younger nurses. It is unprofessional and unwelcome to most of the rest of the "older" staff. The HN knows and sometimes joins in, so reporting the issue is a mute point. I have learned to turn a deaf ear to it. It is too bad that these same nurses don't expend the energy doing their jobs. Only 6 months more and I can leave this job. I am counting the days!


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LOL...I love where I am at but I am working there for a little more training that they offer that the other hospitals or nursing homes don't, but will hire someone with the training. As soon as I am finished ...also about six months I think that I am out too...This is not really the younger nurses.

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:D I work in a hospital, in a very small town, we know everyone, and it seems as if everyone knows our business. We have a patient "regular" that is a double AKA, and he's a super BIG flirt. Some of the nurses go along w/ it.....but when he starts his crappy talk.......I just tell him I don't appreciate it one bit. he knows better. Basically I shame him and he stops. I think it unprofessional for the nurses to tease him and flirt w/ him. Gives us all a bad name.

As far as sex talk on the job..........wish they would do it as much as they talk about it, maybe all the ***ching would stop......more satisfied nurses.

And since my hubby and I work together, if we are EVER late, heaven forbid, they all laugh and job that we much have been "honeymoonin"


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