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Hey everyone, I was just wondering when your last day of class is. At our school our final semester was split into two 8 week sections. The first 8 weeks were our class and lectures and the last 8 weeks are our clinicals and preceptorships. Today was our last day of lecture, We have a test on monday and a Final next friday, anybody not passing after that is out of the program. We do have an exit exam before graduation, but esentually we are finished. I was relieved to be finished with class today, but then again it was kinda sad, cause we have spent more time the last two years with our class mates than we have our families. Just curious how everyone else is school handles the final semester.

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Nurse Keli

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Our last class day is not until May 1. After that we have optional state board review and graduantion/pinning. Our clinicals are mixed in with classes. We go to class in the mornings and clinicals in the afternoon/night.


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Our last class of the semester is April 22, when we take our theory final. Then we go into an IV class for 2 days and then.......April 28 through May 20 is our preceptorship. MAY 21 we graduate :) :balloons: :balloons:

We are going to take a NCLEX review class in June as a class and then hopefully take the NCLEX sometime after that.

I am soooooo tired and can not wait for this to be over. :zzzzz:zzzzz


legsmalone, RN

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I am on a quarter system and won't graduate until June 14th. Last day of classes will fall on the 6th I think, with pinning the 13th.

I am getting very excited! :D


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We get pinned on the 8th of June, but our last class is on the 13th, I believe. It is still very tentative. Somehow, that doesn't really feel like a real graduation.


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Our pinning Ceremony is May 13th and Graduation is May 16th. I will be doing my Preceptorship in March and then we have clinical rotations in Home Health and ICU during April. Several of our class is taking an NCLEX review course the week after graduation.

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Our last lecture is April 24. Our preceptorship runs from April 28-May 23rd. Pinning is June 3 and graduation is June 4th.



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Clinicals end April 3. We have exit exam on 8th and have to score certain amount to graduate. Then 3 more tests and finally pinning May9 and graduation May 10. YEA YEA YEA

I remember reading all these posts last year and thinking how far away graduation seemed. So all you Juniors just hang in there...your time will be here before you know it.


We only have 2 lectures left. One tomorrow and then one sometime in April I forgot the exact date but it is on my calendar of course. We only have one more week left of our managment clinicals with our nurse manager preceptors so that will end for us on March 5th. March 11th we will be doing our community project presentations. We have spring break March 17th-24th. Starting March 25th until May 7th we will have our clinical capstone in the area of our choice. At the end of March we will take our Hesi Exit exam. Our pinning ceremony is May 17th and our Graduation day is May 18th. I am SOOOO excited and I can't wait.

Katnip, RN

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How do you do that?

Our last class is May 13. Pinning and graduation are on May 23. Both on the same day. It's going to be a long day, but worth it.


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Dood, I'm mad envious of all you guys.

Our last day (final exam) is May 14 with pinning rehearsal on 19, pinning on 20, honors convocation on 21, and graduation on 22.

Talk about monopolizing an entire week. I could be busy packing and getting ready for Vegas.


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Our last day is in June, but we technically graduate on May 9th. We have a week off, and then go back for 4 class sessions (Leadership and Management-1xweekly) and 60 hrs of precepting.

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