Second try. 31 SATA questions , cut off at 75 questions

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Just took the nclex yesterday and I had 31 select all that apply.... yes I said it right, 31!!!! Is that even allowed! Lol complete torture!

Has anyone had this happen to them before . My test cut off at 75 questions . This was my second try taking the nclex. Last attempt I failed with 265 questions and all subjects "near passing" I'm so nervous, to find out I failed again. I have put my heart and soul into studying for it, please help. I just want to hear about someone having a similar experience to mine and passed.

My thought process -

31 SATA questions- good sign bc it COULD mean that I am in the hard level questions but then I keep reading about how people say that it doesn't matter the type of questions you get, you just have to answer correctly 50% of the time. Could I have answered 38 questions out of 75 questions correctly ? Considering that I had 31 SATA questions. I hardly doubt it !!!!

cut off at 75? I'm thinkig : it can sometimes be a good sign bc I read somewhere that 85% of the people that get cut off at 75 pass, someone has to really score poorly to get cut off at 75 . plus I feel like 70% confident about the material I got tested on .

can nclex really pinpoint your weakness that good and literally your whole test be based on that ? It's a scary thought to have .

this is really frustrating for me and anxiety is really getting the best of me while I wait the 48 hrs for results . If I fail I'm really gonna start doubting that I'll ever pass the nclex with that amount of select all that apply questions . Giving up is never an option for me but COME ON PEOPLE !!!!! 31 questions of pure torture !!!

Question do you guys keep track of how many of each type of question? I don't remember if there's anything to write on/with, but I can't imagine wasting processing space in my head on it.

I kept track on the dry erase board/sheet they give you.

I bet you did great. All those SATA...they would have knocked you back down to other questions if you had been getting them wrong. I didn't count mine, but I had a bunch. Back to back. I stopped at 75 and I cried, I thought I failed.

No worries, it is done. You probably passed, and once you know, then you can celebrate!

It is not about the percentage correct. The NCLEX seeks to determine YOUR level of competency. Once it is 95% confident in your ability (pass or fail), the test shuts off.

From ncbsn: "CAT Reduces the number of "easy" items that high-ability candidates receive; "easy" items tell little about a high performing candidate's ability.

Reduces the number of "difficult" items low-ability candidates receive; candidates tend to guess on items that are too difficult which can skew results."

How Does CAT Work?

Every time you answer an item, the computer re-estimates your ability based on all the previous answers and the difficulty of those items.

The computer then selects the next item that you should have a 50% chance of answering correctly.

This way, the next item should not be too easy or too hard

The computer's goal is to get as much information as possible about your true ability level

You should find each item challenging as each item is targeted to your ability

With each item answered, the computer's estimate of your ability becomes more precise.

If you stop at 75 questions, you are either significantly above or significantly below the passing standard.

Good luck! It sound like your exam was challenging you and there is a very high probability you passed.

This past quarter, the exam pass rates were high.

i am hoping by now you received an answer either way. from what i have read it does not pinpoint weaknesses and amount of sata doesnt reflect performance anymore. i just found out as of last year sata can actually be all right or just one answer so i dont get how they are really sata anymore. you can also pass or fail at 75 i have been told and have seen. i hope you passed. positive thoughts your way. msg me if you didnt. i have some material that may be helpful.

Kiersten. Thank you for the kind words and positive energy. I really found comfort in your words.

Anneaw . Your wise input helped me settle some of the major concerns about the nclex. I'm happy to come to a place like this where we all understand each other because at some point or other we have all faced the nclex or soon will be. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to me and for others to read .

YES, I passed my nclex and I am now a Licensed Registed Nurse! I seriously could not believe my eyes and kept refreshing the results page to see if anything would change. It is still all so surreal ! Thanks everyone!

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I also didn't pass the first time. When I did, I also passed in 75. TONS of SATA for me too........

YES, I passed my nclex and I am now a Licensed Registed Nurse! I seriously could not believe my eyes and kept refreshing the results page to see if anything would change. It is still all so surreal ! Thanks everyone!

YAY!! Congratulations! :) I am glad you are now done with this beast of a test. LOL!!

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I passed my RN exam with a little over 90 questions and I had at least 25 to 30 SATA, two drag and drop, 1 EKG, and a few pictures. I must've been a rockstar to defeat that test with those types of questions lol. Congrats on slaying the beast.

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Oh and this was my 4th time taking :)

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