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  1. magnoliablush

    Med-Surg: Survival Tips

    Keep in mind you need to know your nursing interventions. You’ve done the A&P, now focus on what the nurse will do. I really recommend looking at how to answer questions. Like remembering the A, B, C’s, Maslow, and such! Just knowing the information isn’t enough, try to apply the nursing intervention... if you can only do one thing to keep that patient alive or safe...which one is it? That will help. med surg is hard, but not impossible. You can do it!
  2. magnoliablush

    What does your username mean?

    I never post anything about my job, but I never really thought about anyone looking me up... thank you for the reminder! I did change it!
  3. magnoliablush

    The panic before the storm

    I’m in the mountains of VA, and it’s missing us mostly this time! Man, I don’t know...that’s a lot of snow. When we get over a foot, everything really comes to a standstill with these rural backroads. VDOT can’t do them first, so we usually miss at least a day or two. I hope you get a snow day!
  4. magnoliablush

    A bad day, but still better than....

    Aww. Happy Saturday to you! my day yesterday was helping out to teach family life to my 10th graders. I’m like, these kids can google...I’m not sure I’m really needed. Lol! But seriously, they are good kids and I don’t mind teaching it. I love your “soil yourself” line...I may have to use that on my bad days. Ha!
  5. magnoliablush

    Failed NCLEX

    I agree with the above. I cried the entire way home. I passed, 75 questions! It’s okay. Just stay as calm as you can.
  6. magnoliablush

    Thank you!

    I’ve not been super active, ever. I’m more of a reader. Lol! With that said, I love this place, and love the advice I see here!! I’m glad to have a little corner where I can vent!
  7. magnoliablush

    OTC Meds and the 18 yr old student

    Our policy is the same no matter the age. Form signed by parent, meds in locked cabinet. I’ve had parents question me, saying their kid is 18, why am I calling...but I just state the policy. I kind of understand, my college kid carried one dose of Tylenol or ibuprofen in her purse, per policy at her school. But she was educated on how hard meds are on the liver and kidneys. Lol...
  8. magnoliablush

    Life outside of school

    ((Hugs)) to you. My time spent at a nursing home was a very bittersweet time. I completely hear what you’re saying! I’m so sorry.
  9. magnoliablush

    The Wrong Dose - A True Story of Medication Error

    Such a great article!
  10. magnoliablush

    What does your username mean?

    Mine is just my name. no interesting cool story there. Just plain old me.
  11. magnoliablush

    (NYC) Extremely lost. Need help/advice..

    I went to a community college. Hard program, fully accredited, and our NCLEX pass rate was 100% for the last 2 years. A friend of mine went through a similar issue. She failed out, but came back the next semester to take psych, sociology, and one more class to boost her GPA. She reapplies, and boom, gets in. She’s almost finished!! Look into other schools. Drive a ways if you must. Boost that GPA. You can do this. Your pre-reqs are good!! See if you can get a letter of recommendation from old professors. Just keep trying!!
  12. magnoliablush

    a healthy fear?

    This!! It’s good to have that healthy amount of fear in you! You are taking care of others lives. I think being in school you really do worry, but remember to check, then double check. If you are questioning something, make sure you speak up and ask. You’ve got this!
  13. magnoliablush

    The Healthcare Hierarchy

    Firstly, I think it’s terrible that you’ve been dealing with this. I’m so sorry. I agree with what you said about “fostering growth” and each profession helping the other to be better. I’m an RN. Without more experienced RN’s, NP’s, and so on...I wouldn’t have been able to even make it through school. That support is key! I would maybe open it to others, because it does happen in other groups as well. It’s awful, and what is allowed to continue, will continue. Also, I see an NP. I think she rocks!
  14. I’m a reader, as well! on my breaks that’s really all I do!
  15. magnoliablush

    Vision and Hearing

    I’m in a high school, so we screen 10th graders. The local health department comes, and we split vision/hearing for that class. It’s nice to get the experience. We have a smaller school, though, so if it was large I would probably be more stressed. ETA- I know you are doing kindergarten, and I know that’s different. If it will make the parents confused, I would not. I just wanted to offer my support.