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  1. magnoliablush

    Help failed NCLEX twice

    Try again. Don’t give up!! Can you ask the testing center when the slowest times are? Maybe it’s anxiety?
  2. magnoliablush

    Got an Offer!

    Congratulations!! I’m in high school nursing. 8-12, and they are awesome. I’d go in and poke around some as soon as you can. See what’s in the filing cabinet, look on computer, get to know the teachers. You will do great.
  3. magnoliablush

    Hours days and pay

    I’m 6 hours a day. 184 school days. Yes, I make less than most nurses...but like one of the above posters, I want to be there for these kids. A safe place to talk, get a hug, or of course, to take care of them. I’m in the high school I went to. The county I grew up in. It’s worth it. The holidays with my little, and summer break...these are my perks. The notes the Senior high school kids wrote in English class to someone that made a difference this year...I got 4! It was sweet. Here’s your why.
  4. magnoliablush

    Harrisonburg, VA

    I am in Lexington, about 1 1/2 hours from hburg. I’d say $23-28 with shift diff. And weekends. Depending on what specialty, maybe $26-30. Prison is about $30, and schools are low paying in the rural areas. JMU is there, lots of apartments, and the area is great. But, housing costs are a bit high due to the college. Depends on what you want to live in, house vs apartment. Lots of wineries in the area as well.
  5. magnoliablush

    Does anyone else get emotionally exhausted from this job?

    Yes. Absolutely yes. Last week I had a situation which involved a student that was self harming. It was heartbreaking. Having heard the parent say that boys will be boys...and seeing this kids arms... I left a meeting in tears after advising the parent that this was a serious situation. I’m fully backed by staff, but to hear a parent laugh and act as if we were all making a big deal out of nothing...I just felt helpless. I waited until I left the room, and locked my door. I cried until i heard the bell ring. It does get to you. It’s mentally exhausting. ((Hugs))
  6. magnoliablush

    Hesi Exit Exam to Nclex

    Please don’t worry. I did pass my Hesi, but it’s nothing like The NCLEX. I found the hesi to be random and difficult, whereas the NCLEX was on certain areas, which you already know per the website. I passed NCLEX first time, 75 questions. Studied using Uworld, did about 100-150 questions a day over a 1 month span. It’s really just a safety test. You just have to know how to be a safe nurse. You can do it!!
  7. magnoliablush

    School Title

    Several of my high school kids call me “nurse lady” which I just roll my eyes to. Then they try again with Nurse first name. Some just call me by my first name, with a Miss added in.
  8. magnoliablush

    NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    All this!! It was worth it. It helped me to recall the entire nursing program. I passed the NCLEX on my first try, in 75 questions.
  9. magnoliablush

    NCSN are you certified?

    I am not. I am working on my BSN, so until I finish that, I can't. I will say that I am in a rural district. My pay will not increase. It is a small school, and small county. I am not positive I will get certified, I really don't know how long I want to be a school nurse. If I wanted to keep doing it, I may, and move districts. I think it is a good thing to have!
  10. magnoliablush

    Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    That sounds so frustrating!! I'm sorry you have to deal with that. This is where working in a high school comes in handy. I just look at them and hand them the phone. Call mom. ... Then they backpedal, and decide they don't need to call. They seem to like the idea of ME calling...rather than themselves. Now, with that said, I also get the parents showing up in the office and they say I am sending their kid home...um no, if your kid texted you and has not been to see me, I am not sending and it is not excused. So annoying. I have a couple of parents that I know I need to call every time their kid comes.
  11. magnoliablush

    CPR Instructor

    I am. The school board paid for me to do it, but I really only got certified so that I can teach the high schoolers. Here in 10th grade we get the entire class certified in CPR/AED/FIRST AID. So, the gym teacher & I got certified. The school board keeps our supplies, so we grab them when we need. We do put on a teacher class or two every year, but we get compensated for it. I'm glad I did it. It wasn't too bad, a full day of class, then we had to be monitored teaching a full class, and then we were done. Just keep a binder with all the teaching/lesson plans, and make sure you have the supplies you need. Teaching was really not difficult. It was mostly a little bit of talking and a lot of pushing the DVD button. Then you watch the students doing the work, checking them off on each thing. Being organized for class (printing out the forms and such) was half the battle. The actual classes are not super hard.
  12. magnoliablush

    Got offered a school nurse job..over 2 weeks ago

    I was offered the job and then it took about a month until the school board met. I had to be "appointed" by the board, so it was normal for me. No worries, it should be fine. If you are concerned, just give them a call and ask. Congratulations!
  13. magnoliablush

    Med-Surg: Survival Tips

    Keep in mind you need to know your nursing interventions. You’ve done the A&P, now focus on what the nurse will do. I really recommend looking at how to answer questions. Like remembering the A, B, C’s, Maslow, and such! Just knowing the information isn’t enough, try to apply the nursing intervention... if you can only do one thing to keep that patient alive or safe...which one is it? That will help. med surg is hard, but not impossible. You can do it!
  14. magnoliablush

    What does your username mean?

    I never post anything about my job, but I never really thought about anyone looking me up... thank you for the reminder! I did change it!
  15. magnoliablush

    The panic before the storm

    I’m in the mountains of VA, and it’s missing us mostly this time! Man, I don’t know...that’s a lot of snow. When we get over a foot, everything really comes to a standstill with these rural backroads. VDOT can’t do them first, so we usually miss at least a day or two. I hope you get a snow day!
  16. magnoliablush

    A bad day, but still better than....

    Aww. Happy Saturday to you! my day yesterday was helping out to teach family life to my 10th graders. I’m like, these kids can google...I’m not sure I’m really needed. Lol! But seriously, they are good kids and I don’t mind teaching it. I love your “soil yourself” line...I may have to use that on my bad days. Ha!

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