Seasoned nurses really affecting my self esteem as a newer nurse..need to vent?


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sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

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Learn from us crusty old bats....we were where you are now decades ago.... learn from your deficiencies, I always took a corrective action on my part as a younger nurse as a teaching c,an be a better nurse, learning something from an experienced nurse, my 46.5 years as a RN, makes it more than one. Rodeo nurses as me have rode out..... you will be a wonderful nurse, if you do not take our experience defensive....

You can do this, as some of us v" crusty ole bats". Need some relief, and we need you younger nurses

Best Wishes


sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

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I hope the older experienced nurse takes my attitude, I love to help a younger nurse develope and mayoress, wish you were working with someone similar to me, who realizes, teaching and nurturing the younger nurse is an asset...

Again, Best Wishes



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Also, when I send email saying I.E a client is having a migraine, she'll go behind me and say I;ve been as nurse 20 years these symptoms are not consistent with a migraine, maybe a headache but not a migraine. I told her a migraine is subjective.

While there may be a subjective component in the differentiation between headache and migraine, there are also symptoms that are unique to migraines that you should be aware of, so that nurse *may* have been correct.

Headache - The Migraine Trust

As to the rest, you've already had plenty of good feedback.


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I have seen this behavior throughout my career. The difficulty is not so much that she is a seasoned nurse. Her priority is making a good show of doing the job. Doing the job is secondary. Being seasoned just means she knows how to make a better show.

On the other hand, she may not have intended it the way you see it. You can test this hypothesis by asking, as suggested by others. for example,"what are the symptoms I should expect?" The "show boaters" repeat something along the lines of "I have been a nurse for xx years." The majority of us will explain our reasons, given the opportunity.



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Well, sorry to contradict you, but she certainly isn't a "great" lead nurse...

She sounds like a horrible lead nurse actually

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Any nurse who would actually tell a patient that they're the only nurse present who could save their life has mental health issues, IMO.

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I feel your pain.

I am now a nurse on a very busy med-surg floor, with VERY sick patients and I haven't worked true 'clinical' in 22 years.

I will say this only. Perhaps because of where I've been and what I have faced down, God willing I am GOING to survive. I will get the information I seek one way or the other. I am expecting to be behind the eight-ball for at least the next 12 months. I am certain the nurses I am working with currently wonder what rock I've been living under for the last two decades, plus. I do not care. They can either give me the information, or get out of my way while I seek it elsewhere.

These nurses want me to show up, despite how they seem. If I don't show up, their patient loads will be bigger. If they need to focus on you for the next 12 or so months, how sad for them. Let them... It's a classic case of kicking someone when they are down.

Keep at it.

When I ask a question I have no look on my face except that I expect an answer. No look of uncertainty, no look of apology, blank! Much has to do with the change in nursing vernacular. I'm getting report last week and they use the term 'ano.' What the hell is ANO? Alert and Oriented... Oh, A & O. Okay... I laughed. Screw these sphincter police, I'm going to get good.

I think a lot has to do with insecurity ( your's and theirs ). They need to feel superior and you're letting them. Have an objective... no matter what it is. A goal that has absolutely nothing to do with the work place. Mine is getting out of IPN, and I am going to mow over top of anyone that gets in my way. Yours could be going to Maui, whatever. You need a payoff for enduring the abuse. Also, stay in the shift. People, in general admire people who do not give up. So, keep your head up and stay focused. You can do this.

Another excellent advantage is that I will soon be 50! I have lost my give-a-**** ometer.



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Thanks everyone! I'm going to take everyone's advice and try to stick it out. She's also an LPN, I asked my boss did she have authority and he said yes.

I just don't know what to do or what she've told the Doctors about me but either way they're not fund of me and its hard to work in situations like these.

Like today, we went over to the Dr ( soon as I clock in, I'm doing admissions on client's I know nothing about).It's two Dr's in the office, I say Hi and they both don't acknowledge me or speak back. I ask questions, they look at me as if I'm dumb. They talk to the other nurse as if I'm not there. And one of the Dr's says to her while looking at me, " are you working tomorrow?" Good! and whispers in her ear.