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  1. mzsuccess

    Pt is always asking for me to buy her things?

    I know. Which sometimes can cause a power trip. Like the other day she tells me in front of her entire family “ it’s clothes in the dryer”. It’s to the point where her and her family are seeing us as maids and the agency has them thinking it’s OK.
  2. Hello, thanks so much. what if both are PRN? That isn’t common right? Amazing! Thanks
  3. Can a patient use both of these at the same time as they both contain albuterol? My pt pulmonologist sent both one to use prn QID and one to use TID. I looked up interactions it only mention both can lead to possible rare albuterol OD. I called the Dr for clarification. The MAR says Duoneb. I know this may sound extremely dumb. The lead nurse said the pt can use both but I just wanted to hear from others. Thanks!
  4. So I’ve been with my pt for almost 6 months now. Shes sweet and pretty much independent. She’s 5 years older than me. I’ve noticed that her comments about buying her this and that are becoming frequent. Like her birthday is in July she asked me to buy her Jordan’s I joked it off and said yeah right. Then she says things like you should buy me a necklace or give me a hundred dollars for my birthday then she’ll make comments like I wear this size in shoes. She also makes comments like I want you to find me a girlfriend just like you. I just looked at her. She drives- so whenever I’m in the car with her she plays all this slow love songs. I may be reading too much into this. But it has me wondering. Now what have I’ve been doing to promote this, nothing I can think of. I have brought water before or breakfast. It gets to the point I can’t eat my lunch without her nieces and nephews asking for some ( she does at times as well) so I’ve had to bring extra. Her family and her even expects me to work off the clock. Like when she’s admitted to the hospital we can’t go. Well her family is too busy and she asks me to go with her and not to sound mean but I’m a single mom so if I’m not getting paid I have to pick up at my other job. Any advice?
  5. mzsuccess

    Home health nursing and case managers?

    I agree, However, i work the end of the week and like everything is waiting on me to complete. Whenever, the POC expires. I’m expected to call the Drs to clarify or verify orders ( my pt is on a lot of medications). I understand my part as stated above. But I can not spend all day chasing Drs- when it’s a bunch of kids in the home when I can barely hear. I feel like the case manager is dumping a lot of things she should be doing on me. I’m ok calling the dr if it’s a change in my pt’s status, talking orders. But as far as the POC goes. I don’t feel comfortable revising it. I wasn’t trained to do or amend a POC.
  6. Hey! I work as a homecare nurse. I love it! I have a great rapport with my patients and family. My only issue is-the nagging from management about updating the patient’s plan of care. Calling Drs for orders and receiving orders for the infusion team. Now I’m an lpn so infusions is not in my scope in my state. So I asked the case manager why should I be calling a provider for medication that has to be given via ports ( by an infusion RN). Also, the infusion nurse comes before me. If an issue with the pt’s port she will tell the pt to tell me to call the Dr. Another issue I work with one patient twice a week. I’m constantly getting harassed to update the POC. Any changes of new orders I receive. I update the pt and family. MAR and agency. But it seems like they want me to sit and call different Drs all day and med reconciliation. Which I do but it’s taking from my patients care. The case manager tells me she knows the pt is sleep so I can make phone calls. Also, she will text me on my first day back. Call the Dr about this, that and get an order for this. It makes me uncomfortable. Maybe because as a case manager I feel like it’s her job. I don’t mind helping and I’m a team player but where do I draw the line. How can I focus on my job without doing much of hers? Or is this my job? What does a case manager entail?
  7. mzsuccess

    Online LPN to RN bridge?

    Hello everyone, I’ve been a lpn for about a year and ready to bridge into RN. All the local community colleges in my area offer full time Mon- Fri and I have to work as a single mom. I can’t seem to find any online courses. The only thing is Excelsior but it’s a 13 month wait to take clinicals. any suggestions?
  8. mzsuccess

    Patient has MRSA in urine, what do I do?

    Yes, I do but all the repositioning they sometimes roll up
  9. mzsuccess

    Patient has MRSA in urine, what do I do?

    Umm no I’m saying sometimes I have eczema which cause breaks In my skin, and I know that’s a risk working with him or any other pt. So I’m going to wear long sleeves.
  10. mzsuccess

    Patient has MRSA in urine, what do I do?

    I don’t know what to believe. Per the NP/ owner the patient was never diagnosed and he’s sorta a hypochondriac. She said he only has traces and hasn’t ever needed precautions. But the pt says he was in the hospital about something else and MRSA was found in his urine and had to take antibiotics.
  11. mzsuccess

    Patient has MRSA in urine, what do I do?

    He is a homecare pt who I’m taking care of. The other nurse says he only have traces in his urine but we change his foleys out and things like that and MRSA isn’t ever fully cured correct? My thing is it’s no ppe and I wouldn’t have known if he didn’t mention
  12. Hello, So long story short. I put in my notice at my current job (4 days left) and accepted a home care position for 15 hours, in which you are allowed to sleep overnight ( and get paid) basically you’re working 6 hours with the patient. I've worked with this pt four times this far. However, last night the pt begin to tell me how he had MRSA in his urine and was hospitalized he reports this being a few years ago. I asked the director ( business owner) she says he only have traces of MRSA, he wasn’t ever on precautions or anything. I really like this case and pt but now I’m paranoid working there and thing is I have eczema that breaks out on my arms and hands which comes in contact with pts sheet. What should I do?
  13. mzsuccess

    Nursing job is making me sick ?

    Hey, yes I feel like she lured me in. I will absolutely love to talk to a career coach. That would extremely helpful for my situation right now!!
  14. mzsuccess

    Nursing job is making me sick ?

    Just wanted to give an update. I went for the interview for home care today with Bayada. It was long but great, I told her to let me think about the offer. She’s only willing to pay me the exact pay I make now. I spoke with two people, the recruiter and HR. The recruiter promised 3 12’s and told me that what their shifts consists of. Hr told me otherwise so I’m not sure. On the the other hand, this behavioral health and mental health facility. That has 3 12’s a week has called me for an interview but I haven’t called back due to substance abuse patients are usually dual diagnosis and that’ll be too close to my current job. So overall I’m confused still, I’m kinda at the point if this job doesn’t work I’m giving up nursing altogether because it seems I can’t find what I love and it’s a big let down because all my colleagues aren’t having issues. Thanks!
  15. mzsuccess

    I can’t seem to find a job that I like?

    Yes I know and feel terrible changing jobs as I did. But in all I only took two full time position jobs, one I was with 1 year and this one - it’s been since March. Just trying to find what works for me. I’ve been doing what you mentioned about changing my outlook. But I have no motivation. I feel nursing is just not for me. When i was a Cna I enjoyed homecare.
  16. mzsuccess

    I can’t seem to find a job that I like?

    I thought about it, but management has changed and the only open shift is over night. I just feel bad because I took this substance abuse Job and it’s nice I have my own office and physically it’s easy. I’m not motivated, it’s like at the other job I figured substance abuse wasn’t my niche but because things were going south at my previous job I took this one in a hurry. Which I now regret.

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