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I am planning to take science classes to increase my chance to get into CRNA school. My question is does it matter if I take it at a community college, online, or university? I heard some people said it is better if I take it at a university. I am planning to take some online via a community college and some at university. It is just hard working full time at night and go to school during day. Will science classes online via college makes myself less competitive?

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I doubt it will make any difference. In the end they pick those individuals who they like the most

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Be sure to analyze the course requirements very carefully in order to make sure that you do not waste money/time on a "science lite" course that will not count (ex: chemistry for healthcare professions vs Chemistry) t. All lab courses will need to be taken in a traditional setting. Based on my exposure to this process, admissions deciders tend to interpret use of online courses as a lack of commitment.. with the understanding that taking traditional classes means that you are serious enough about your education to give it a higher priority than just seeking the most convenient method. They know that no one can work while in CRNA school.

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Call the admission rep of your school of choice. I agree with HouTx. It is better to take science courses live than online class. We have to sacrifice and commit for our goals. Good luck!

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Some schools require that a particular portion of the pre-reqs be taken at their school. Check with the schools of your choice to see what their requirements are before you sign up at other schools.

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Is it chemistry for healthcare professions or Chemistry that I am supposed to take? I am planning to take General Chemistry and Introduction to Physic...does that sound right to you? Is it fundamental or introduction not recommended I am confused....

Also I am planning to take advanced statistic...and there is a CRNA school that has an online advanced statistic and they actually require it...will that advanced statistic work if I apply to other school also even though it is online?

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Candyn, we can't tell you what particular schools will require, since different schools require different things. You need to contact the schools directly and ask them...

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I retook a chemistry class. I completed it online with a online lab. My transcript does not say it was online. My school didn't care about it either.

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The classes they like to see are A/P, organic and biochemistry, research and statistics. Also get your CCRN certification.

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hey again Candyn! this is what I did, all the extra sciences. the general chem should be fine, and it depends on what physics classes are offered. is the intro the only one or do they have different ones? In my area they have a calculus and non-calculus based physic track (3 classes total). I took just the first, although it was interesting enough to have wanted to take them all! Since most schools don't require physics that shouldn't be as big of an issue (altho they like to see it) as the chems. as Skip said, take the chems you need to do organic/biochem.

nice seeing you again and good luck!

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I have questions regarding research and statistic classes. There is this online class offered by University of Alabama called NA 600 Nurse Anesthesia Research and Statistics. Is it possible to take one class that applies to both research and statistics? Some schools even specifically ask for descriptive and inferential statistics. I feel like it is easy to take the wrong statistic. Does it have to be a advanced level? Also for research, There are many difference research classes, which one do they specifically want? The ones offer by nursing department or does not really matter?

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Another "lazy" question, schools require one course of research. I seriously had research class every semester. Does any of those research classes count toward the requirement of one course of research? What do you guys do for research requirement?

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