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  1. CRNA vs AA?

    The problem with AAs being militant and wanting to break free is that they can not do this without going back to school and switching professions. They literally cannot practice independent of a anesthesiologist.
  2. CRNA school loans (for a guy like me)

    I believe he stated that 72k was after taxes on his RN job.
  3. New Graduate CRNA Salary 2016

    This true but you also have to consider if you buy a house too. Many factors to consider. When I lived in Texas there was no income tax but property tax was ridiculous. It's all relative. The government is going to get their money one way or another....
  4. CCU at a Specialty Hospital

    I came from CCU. Interviewed with 1 year there and started school after 18 months in CCU. You should be good.
  5. Future looks bleak for CRNAs

    Some of us never were interested in medical school. Regardless I wouldn't pass insults back and forth. One person insulted you and you decided to make fun of the intelligence level of nurses as a whole. Since you are so smart I guess you don't need a...
  6. SRNA Capstone Project

    MH may be a good scenario to work through. Many of us have done tons of code drills and real codes.
  7. Future looks bleak for CRNAs

    With the political nature of this comment you will catch heat from most every CRNA you will meet unless they just don't care about their livelihood. In the CRNA world you will see us compare ourselves to them all the time. Another thing to remember w...
  8. Future looks bleak for CRNAs

    Correct. There's nothing wrong with the term nurse but I would never leave out the credentials of a CRNA. I would also also add that having a great GPA and experience is only part of the puzzle. If you don't interview well then they could care less ...
  9. Future looks bleak for CRNAs

    Make sure not to say things like this if you do get an interview and find yourself in a position to get into school. You may also need to humble your physician roots while working as a nurse. It may be a bitter pill to swallow if a physician tells yo...
  10. That's the volunteer experience Before CRNA

    For what reason? To stand out? Shadow a CRNA with free time. Find out what you are getting into.
  11. High School GPA?

    I may have raised it to 2.75 by graduation. Didn't matter.
  12. Future looks bleak for CRNAs

    There's are now studies pointing to the fact that many CRNAs will retire in the next 10 plus years.
  13. ADN vs. BSN - patient mortality rates

    I have meet diploma nurses and LPNs I wouldn't trust with a corpse. I have also met some of the smartest nurses who are diploma nurses, ADNs, LPNs and BSNs. Not everyone with a degree is the greatest nurse that ever lived. Also, the hospitals are pus...
  14. PACU or ED for CRNA

    Question I was asked by each panel. What are your typical patients? I have heard that there are high acuity PACUs out there but they cannot compare to a high acuity ICU. PACU is generally getting stable patients and the ones that need more attention ...
  15. CRNA program

    You can easily find a ranking list on the Internet. These rankings can be viewed in different ways due to their criteria. I can tell you that most people I've spoke with would agree with these schools being higher teir schools. Last time I looked the...