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  1. Skip219

    Looking for Oil Rig Companies that Hire Nurses

    Oil companies is the Middle East (Saudia Arabia, UAE) hire nurses for various specialities. The jobs are in hospitals owned by the company and usually year along contract.
  2. Skip219

    EP lab information

    Over the last sixteen years, I have worked in Cath/EP lab in various types of facilities. Typically, EP procedures are longer compared to many structural cardiac like stenting a coronary. A simple pacemaker can be done under a hour. But procedures such as atrial fib ablations may take 3-5 hrs. I have been in VT ablations that lasted 10 hrs. I prefer shorter and more exciting procedures like STEMIs. EP is more intellectual in my opinion. Hope this helps! Skip
  3. Skip219

    Keys to Success: A Reflection on My Journey from CNA to SRNA

    Good luck and wishes for your success! My attempt at anesthesia school showed me your previous experiences don't count for much. Maintain your confidence despite what your preceptors and instructors throw at you! I lost mine-they will smell your fear.
  4. Skip219

    How old is too old to safely practice?

    Hospitals will allow older MDs to practice, but they will find reasons to let older nurses go-too expensive.
  5. I was in school who brought lawyers into negotiate finishing their program. They had leverage on the school for inappropriate relationships btw faculty and students. Several students w/similar situations talked to lawyer, but the suit lacked merit based on the lawyer opinion. Many lives were damaged psychologically and financially. There were clinical preceptor from the school who were afraid to speak up b/c of retribution. You can only take so much abuse.
  6. Skip219

    Move to Seattl

    Hi, I worked at UW in the Cath lab. Very busy heart transplant program. Downside pay less than Swedish and overlake. The WSNA website has contract and pay for RNs based on years exp by hospital. Commuting is big factor to consider. Let know if you have other questions! Scott
  7. Skip219

    Denying Death As A Society

    That's why I left ICU many years ago. Some doctors at teaching facilities won't people go. Many times, it doesn't change the outcome and prolongs loved ones pain. My parents both died from invasive cancers w/Mets and spent their last peaceful hours in hospice facility.
  8. Skip219

    CRNA radiation exposure

    Hi, I have spent the last 15 years providing moderate sedation to cardiac cath and interventional radiology patients. The doctors take the highest dose of radiation because of their position next to patient. Most common problems they experience are cataracts,and hand boney changes . As others have mentioned, dosimeter badges are provided- rarely do personnel get even close to max (I think it's 3000 gray) mine is usually 400/month. Some MD don't wear their badges. Other use all the protection. Shielding, time, and distance are key factors.
  9. Skip219

    Traveling RN Wants to Get BSN While On the Road

    My wife went through Walden for her BSN. No test or clinicals, just weekly posts and papers .
  10. Skip219

    Traveling RN Wants to Get BSN While On the Road

    There are companies such as Medical Solutions which offer help with BSN completion. Most online programs are a good fit as long as you do your homework. Good luck, Skip
  11. It happens if you give it too fast! Skip
  12. Skip219

    Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    I really like the team and the patients. It's a nice break from doing Caths and pacers all day. I enjoy working with radiologists better because most are less high strung. I've experienced many areas of nursing..procedural is far the best fit for me. Skip
  13. We were taught in nursing school that females should wear hose with scrub dresses in the OR. It prevents perineal fallout!
  14. Skip219

    Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    I appreciate how you felt during your transition. Switched to cath lab about 15 yrs ago. Recently moved to the coast from the Midwest. Changing to chaotic cath lab with younger personnel. I knew the job but it was different team feeling. I was told that I was slow and not catching on. They transferred me to the separate EP lab. It's possible to learn new things in a hostile environment. You have lot of knowledge to offer. Ask questions. I did 12 yrs of ICU, Burns, and ED nursing b4. Procedural nursing is very different but focus on your pt. there are times when I don't exactly know what going on, but focus on how your patient is tolerating or not. best wishes, Skip
  15. Skip219

    Military CRNA Commission

    I would talk to an arm or Air Force recruiter specifically for nurse anesthesia . I remember that was a big recruiting tool to get ICU nurses in. The competition was fierce for admission to the chosen. You can get into an anesthesia school then talk to a recruiter. That way you might get school paid for, of course with a service obligation. Good luck on your career!