School nursing to the rescue

  1. So I just came off probably the worst holiday I have ever worked as a nurse, Christmas and NY eve as well as NY day. I worked with an agency nurse who found out she was getting an admit. She immediately started saying she was sick, throwing up, etc. All the while her mouth was running like the NY Marathon. I looked up and asked if she was going to continue this? She replied with what? I said, remember, I am a school nurse, it's my job to see fakers. She stopped the puke routine immediately.
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  3. by   NutmeggeRN
  4. by   Cattz
    HaHa!! I love this! Our skillz come in handy in many more ways that one would expect!! :0 Good work MN! This made my day!!!
  5. by   WineRN

    And kudos to you for working all the holidays! I saw it was a "super blue blood moon" for New Years Day and I said a prayer for all my friends who were working.
  6. by   grammy1
    Good for you!!
  7. by   rbytsdy
    I love this!

    I am subbing right now in several different schools. My faker radar is pretty good these days. Since I am not the regular nurse, I sometimes have staff "help" me by telling me about a student which I absolutely appreciate but sometimes my assessment leads me to make a conclusion they don't expect. It is rather satisfying when I am right about something (to the surprise of the staff member). LOL!!!
  8. by   nmr79
    Ha! Way to call her out!