Miss being a school nurse!

  1. Hello School Nurses!!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello!! Hope everyone is off to a great start!! I miss being a school nurse. If it weren't for the crappy administration and lack of decent health insurance, I would still be one. I had to go into two of my daughter's school today. One I had to take out early because of a dental appointment. The other kiddo had her first day of kindergarten today. She had surgery on her kidney on the actual first day of school (the 5th) and was out for two weeks from the pain and voiding blood. She is back to herself and doing pretty good! I had to talk to her school nurse just to let her know everything that went on as well as drop off all the documentation from the surgeon so her absences can be excused. It really made me miss being in my own clinic and on this board! I still read though whenever I get the chance. And someday, I WILL return to school nursing. I love it and being away from it confirms to me that school nursing is where my heart is. I have an interview tomorrow for dialysis nursing (have an interest in the renal system since two children out of my five were born with kidney conditions). Wish me luck, I'm terrible at interviews, I break out in hives!
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    Good luck! I am sure your kid's school nurse is grateful!
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    Good luck!!
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    Good Luck!!
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    Best of luck!
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    Missing you but you can still come and have lunch at the cool kids table!!
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    Good luck on your interview!
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    Aww we miss you too. Best of luck.
  10. by   momto5RN
    Hello to my favorite Nurses out there!!!

    Just wanted to give an update....so it has been a crazy few weeks! My little one ended up back into the hospital after a complication from her kidney surgery. And because life loves to throw me lemons non-stop that is also when I had a second interview scheduled for the dialysis position! It was tough because I did not want to leave my little one in the hospital alone so I could make it to the interview. My husband was at home with the rest of our children and we never can get help. But it was a miracle, my mom was able to leave work early so she could watch the children. My husband and I swapped places (the hospital where we were at is an hour away from where we live and the interview!). My daughter was alone for maybe forty minutes but they have fabulous nurses (nurses really are the best!!) and a huge playroom for the kids to play in so she didn't even notice that I snuck out for a bit. Drove in rush hour traffic and had enough time to throw myself together very quickly and make it to my second interview which I am excited to say I was offered the position to be a dialysis RN!! Super nervous but am hoping so much that I will learn a lot and that I will enjoy it! Two of my girls have kidney conditions so I'm hoping to be able to help other patients and give them the best of care like we received when my girls were having issues. Any school nurses out there that have experience with dialysis?? Hope everyone is doing well and that the teachers and students aren't being too much on all of you! I still love reading this board!
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    Congrats on the job! Must be fate to have all that work out like it did! I worked in Dialysis for a short time. I too was interested because my youngest had E.Coli causing HUS when he was 4 and ended up on dialysis. I was simply amazed by the process and how it literally saved his life. I did really like working in that field and would have stayed longer if it hadn't been for the long commute. I tried, but just felt like I lost too much of my day in the drive. Good luck to you and hope you enjoy it! Keep coming back to visit us though!!