LOL - from the mouths of babes...

  1. I wanted to start a thread of the funniest/sweetest/overall best things your LDs have said to you... I'll start it off with this early morning LOL:

    Kinder came in stating he went to the doctor (I think he meant dentist) last night and while his mouth was numb, he bit his lip and now there's a big lump. No s/s of infection, no pain or bleeding/drainage. So I asked him what he thought I could do for it. His answer? GASOLINE. I LOL'd and asked why he thought that would help, and he said his Mom told him it might. Then it dawned on me... he meant VASELINE!

    I could really use a chuckle today, so if you have a moment, share whatever you have!
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  3. by   Amethya
    This was last year but god it still makes me giggle a bit.

    Kinder: I spilled milk on my pants

    Me: How did you spill milk? (AKA: How did it happen?)

    Kinder: M-I-L

    Me: Nooo. How did you SPILL the milk?

    Kinder: M-I-L

    Me: No baby, how did it happen?

    Kinder: OH! I moved my arm and it fell.

  4. by   Cattz
    This just happened last week. My grandson is in 1st grade, and one of his little friends in his class is allergic to peanut butter. He was riding home with me after school and we ran into the grocery store. His little peanut allergic friend was in there. After we left, in the THE most serious and concerned way...

    This was our conversation-

    My little: Granny, do they have peanut butter in the grocery store???????!

    Me: Yes, bud, it is a grocery store.

    My little: Still, very very concerned and serious. "But, Granny, they can't because (he called his friend by name) is in there!!

    Me: Well that is so nice of you to be so concerned and looking out for your friend.

    My little: BUT GRANNY>>> !!!!!!!!!!

    I praised him again for looking out for friend. Then, he was pretty quiet as he pondered all of that all the way home. To make this even funnier, the people that own the store are his little friends family members. But, he still didn't feel comfortable with the situation.

    Happy Tuesday Friends!!
  5. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    Had a 7th grader come in after burning his finger with a glue gun. Assess it. Had him run it under cold water while I called mom about some burn gel. Looked at it again when he returned from the sink and noted a small blister forming. I looked at him and said "wow man. What? Did you hold it on there for a hot second?!" He looked at me and I looked at him and we both just started laughing and I said "did ya see what I did there?!" he just laughed some more and then says "Nurse Keeper, just stop!". It was one of my best moments thus far for sure!
  6. by   ruby_jane
    One of my FFs came in yesterday with a stomach ache. "And I already tried to poop so that's not it...but maybe your bathroom is better for pooping?"
  7. by   CampyCamp
    A kinder child came in cradling something that was hard, white, and had red wet stuff on one end.
    He says "I think I lost my tooth. It was laying on my tray"
    I poke it and look at it "did you have pizza today?"
    "Yeah. Sorry. This is not a tooth"
    He had brought me a crunchy overcooked piece of cheese with bit of tomato sauce. Poor guy thought he was about to get money!
  8. by   djh123
    Yep, Gasoline! Light up that finger!

    Reminds me of my former mother-in-law, who once said that my former father-in-law had had gonorrhea. She meant glaucoma. Well, it was a g-word, y'know...

    Of course, this was the same woman who thought that we once went to 'Cooncan' (the Bizarro-world version of 'Cancun', yes).