I Did a Stupid STUPID Thing.

  1. Guys,
    Please please no judgement since I've already said everything that could be said to myself.

    Had a student with a history of cutting waiting in my office while a counselor was available to do a threat assessment done. Well I had to use the restroom really really bad because I had been swamped all day.

    Went to the restroom and she was gone. Had to look thru security cameras call parents ect. She's fine, parents aren't mad and I've already told my supervisor so it doesn't get around to her. BUT I feel like such an idiot. Stupid STUPID move. I'm so glad she is okay. I will NEVER leave a student alone. EVER. And I never should have done that ! But it is done and I can't do anything.

    My adrenaline has finally gone down but I still have a knot in my throat and still feel guilty.

    Any lessons any of you have learned the hard way?
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  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    Don't sweat the small stuff. Cutting is not usually a sign of imminent suicidal ideation. It is a release valve for emotional pain. If she has a history of active suicide attempts I would be more concerned. You cannot always be on top of them. Next time, if you are concerned she is in imminient harm, call someone to sit with her while you tinkle.

    You will be ok.

    She will be okay.

    Tomorrow is another day.
  4. by   Avill
    Thank you
  5. by   Avill
    That was supposed to be a crying face. hah
  6. by   Flare
    i had a kid ask to use my bathroom. I got busy and he was in there for a long time. I forgot he was in there and left to go on some menial task. When i came back about 5 minutes later he was sitting in my empty, locked office (he could have gotten out) lying on a cot. I would have felt worse if it wasn't a middle school student that was clearly trying to avoid math.
    Don't sweat your situation too much, sounds like you've already done a pretty good job of beating your self up for answering nature's call.
  7. by   SchoolNurseTXstyle
    Don't beat yourself up for being human and trying to avoid urinating on yourself!!

    I have had so many cutters over my middle school nurse career and rarely are they suicidal. And goodness, I get called away from the clinic every day on some "emergency" - that I cannot guarantee any one on one supervision. Sometimes, they want SPED kids to rest a while. I tell them they must have an aide with them because I just get too busy...
  8. by   ruby_jane
    If this was the worst thing you did....I think you're doing pretty well.

    Were the cuts fresh and done at school? Or were you assessing yesterday's injuries? I think it speaks more about the student who disregarded instruction to wait. Plainly, it wasn't "bad" enough to wait?

    Hang in there.
  9. by   WineRN
    We all make mistakes and you owned up to yours better than most.

    Sending hugs and good vibes your way.
  10. by   Avill
    Thank you guys! I really appreciate you all! and it was a cut from Monday
  11. by   OldDude
    OMG! I thought you had done something Stupid STUPID! The only stupid thing you did was beat yourself up because you didn't read some kid's mind. Geez, you're not running a suicide watch unit there or some in patient psych hospital. You've beat yourself up enough. Now let it go and start anew tomorrow.
  12. by   Have Nurse
    Don't beat yourself up. You can't expect to have your bladder explode.
  13. by   Alex Egan
    So today in cpr class one of my students finished the scenario and said "we lost him" I replied that in 10 years as a nurse and EMT I have only lost the ones that ran away, the others I knew right where they went.

    So you lost one, the truth is you're not set up to be a psych facility. You can only do so much with the situation at hand.
  14. by   Leader25
    Oh cutting ? that cutting, .....Ohhhh I thought the post meant cutting class...Yikkes.

    Look even nurses have to pee,contrary to what you were taught in nursing school.You are not stupid,.. if you peed yourself..well, that ..would have been stupid.