How much $$$ ?

  1. Wanted to see how much of your own money do you spend on clinic decor and/or clinic supplies ? I work in a very poor school system and more and more I find I'm buying things myself or go without. ������.
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  3. by   Eleven011
    Supplies - very little. If I need it to take good care of the kiddos my school will buy it. If I can make a good case for something that is not a need, but will work better, save time, etc, they will also consider buying that for me. Clinic decor and other "extras" are on me. Decorations for holidays are all from my personal stash or stuff I get cheap from dollar stores. Wall hangings and such are also on me. I am given saltine and graham crackers from the kitchen stock, any other food/treats I buy myself.
  4. by   3peas
    Same as above. My district will provide all supplies needed, now not necessarily in the most timely manner. I like my work space to be cute and well decorated, so I make my clinic cute. I don't decorate for seasons-that's a personal choice. I buy my own snacks, but I don't buy many b/c=heavy traffic. My district provides free lunch and breakfast the kids can eat and I can always swing by a classroom and pick up a meal if needed. Teachers hoard everything.
  5. by   3peas
    What are you going without if you don't buy it? PPE? Band-aids? I'm lied to you, I've been out awhile. I buy plastic bags for ice, my own cleaner, and little dollar store organizers for meds to make it easier to see. I only buy things that make it convenient for me. Not what is necessary for the job.
  6. by   SaltineQueen
    I have a pretty healthy supply budget, it's my responsibility to purchase what I need/want for the clinic. I'm also very blessed to have organizations in the community that give donations of money, winter coats, etc. If there are any larger corporations that employ parents in your school, maybe approach them & ask for a donation. Or local Exchange club, Rotary, Lions, etc.
  7. by   SaltineQueen
    Edited to say: If I want cute things to decorate my office, I pay for those types of things. Educational posters, budget. I wanted a desk lamp so I could turn the overhead lights off if I had a kid resting with a bad headache or something like that... That could come out of my budget.
  8. by   FloridaBeagle
    I just hang up whatever stuff I get in the mail for free. There's always asthma posters and stuff I seem to get. And no, I don't buy a thing for the office. Have you tried asking your school secretary? Whenever I need something, I ask her to order it. I usually get it within 2 weeks. We have a catalog that we buy health supplies from (we have a set budget for that which I can't go over, so I usually buy 2-3 times a year as supplies run out). We also have a supply room where I can get office supplies like pads of paper, pens, etc. Poor schools get a lot of federal money, so I wouldn't accept that as an excuse. Don't teach your staff that you'll buy stuff yourself: it'll never stop, and it's unfair to you. We don't get paid enough as it is.
  9. by   peacockblue
    My school provides everything I NEED. If it is something I want- lint rollers, toothbrushes, deodorant, pretzels, clean underwear, etc, I either buy myself or make a plea to the teachers or community. They take pretty good care of me.
  10. by   GmaPearl BSN RN
    OK. Been doing this job for decades and have no idea what the use for a lint roller would be. Please enlighten us, because I'm guessing it is brilliant!
  11. by   peacockblue
    I get many requests to use a lint roller, from both students and staff. They also assume I stock duct tape, super glue, Tide to Go sticks, etc. They would treat me like the local convenience store if I would indulge them. Some things I provide, other thing no.
  12. by   GmaPearl BSN RN
    LOL. And here I thought there was some cool new medical use for a lint roller. Guess I would just direct them to the masking tape drawer in our work room. Our front office has duct tape that gets used occasionally to tape a shoe together. I only have safety pins.
  13. by   FloridaBeagle
    Quote from peacockblue
    They would treat me like the local convenience store if I would indulge them. Some things I provide, other thing no.
    Ha! I had a kid come in between classes and ask me to super glue his broken fidget spinner back together. I had to tell him I'm a nurse for people, not toys.

    Never been asked for a lint brush yet...