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  1. 3peas

    Nursing PhD Advice

    I'm starting on my PhD in August, but I've been through the application and interview process so I can answer your first question. Before starting my application process I knew the population and general subject I wanted to study. I did not and still do not have a specific question narrowed down yet, but I know what I want to study. Professors really liked that I had an idea/area I wanted to study and population. They also liked that I wasn't completely rigid with my ideas as well, but I had direction. I spoke with six schools and specifically spoke with faculty from each school whom I thought could possibly be my advisor. Doing that helped me narrow down my school choices. As far as your second question: each PhD director told me the exact thing regarding staring your doctoral education earlier. I'm a second career nurse, so I feared not being a 10-20 year practicing nurse would hurt me. It also would not be physically possible for me due to my age. They all explained that is why we have a nurse faculty shortage because of the misguided belief that you have to have a 20+ year clinical career then pursue higher education. No other science field does that. I do not need 10+ years of bedside experience to be a researcher. I feel comfortable teaching in my clinical field with the experience I have and will continue to gain during my program.
  2. 3peas

    PhD Nursing Forum

    Unfortunately most who post are interested in a DNP, but it's a start. Thanks.
  3. 3peas

    What does this type of nursing consist of?

    It also depends on what type of unit or area you are in-locked down acute in-patient, emergency in-take, out-patient, etc. There are many areas. If you are in an acute care setting of any type as a nurse expect gross stuff. I was an ICU nurse before and saw WAY more "gross" stuff. Can you say code brown q10min or every time you moved a patient. Have I seen gross stuff at my psych hospital? Yes. But I don't see snowflakes when I take off a patients socks and I don't hear mucus sounds while suctioning (my most hated thing). So it just depends on your level of gross. Nursing is gross, but put yourself in the patients shoes and remember they are all human and it's their worst day.
  4. As a nurse who has tried other areas psych nursing is my area and these are my patients. My skill set fits best here. I'm a medical person, so I never considered becoming a counselor, but I've had another career and then switched to nursing. Maybe you feel more medical now-who knows? Just go with it. There are so many opportunities out there. Good luck!!!!
  5. 3peas

    I did something wrong. Help!

    Receiving "google docs" is not training. She needs to have documentation of your training. Your rebuttal should say you were not the medical professional who diagnosed and you never received training on district protocol. Your supervisor is getting heat from above you and passing it down to you.
  6. 3peas

    Staff Hysteria

    Can I like this 100 times?
  7. 3peas

    Pancreatitis and alcoholism

    Yes, pancreatitis and alcoholism should be followed up. Biliary emesis-meaning vomiting until all you have left is bile due to increased alcohol intake related to alcoholism? Yes, that would be followed up with the alcoholism. Normally pancreatitis patients are in the ICU they should have follow up.
  8. 3peas

    Ethical issue regarding antipsychotic

  9. 3peas

    For New Grads -YES you can do psych.

    In the emergency psych department I worked in we did not do many IV's. It really depends on the patient, mental acuity, comorbidities and if your hospital has a bed on the unit for them or if they will be transferred out. It's hard to put an IV in a psychotic pt and keep it there. You mainly give meds IM or oral if they will take it. I am not familiar with a crisis center.
  10. 3peas

    Should I Expunge Record?

    You have to disclose to the board upon starting school. Unless that is a Texas thing. I would check with your state and check into that. There are many students in Texas who were not aware of that rule and could not sit for NCLEX because they did not disclose when they started school.
  11. 3peas

    After Nclex

    Yes you view your license on the TBON. It took 2 or 3 days.
  12. 3peas

    Need advice! BSN or Diploma

    I would do the BSN. Bridging is a pain especially if you are working with a child.
  13. 3peas

    Non potty trained students.

    I cannot believe that. People have no idea the things we do.
  14. 3peas

    Non potty trained students.

    Nope, nope, nope. Potty issues are not our job. That would be a parent job to change their child unless it was medically necessary.
  15. 3peas

    I'd like to stop birthday treats at my school

    I totally get why you want to do it and I work in an over-the-top school as well, but I am not going to cancel birthday celebrations at my school (not that it's really my decision). They are kids and it's their birthday they can celebrate with their friends. We have taken so much fun out of school nowadays, I think this is one thing that can stay. How many student's with allergies do you have? I only had 4 out of 700. I had many more with religious preference not to eat a certain type of food, but not allergy.
  16. 3peas

    Grab & Go Breakfast and Life Threatening Allergies

    Our students eat in the classroom, but it is distributed in the classroom. Dietary still plans menus around student's dietary needs. Our district plans menus 3 months out, so I can access it and present to parents if they ask. We do more than snack foods, we have cereal, pancake roll up things, burritos, bars, muffins, all sorts of glorious frozen delights. I have teachers leaving milk out ALL day and giving it out at dismissal:scrying: Dietary should consider allergies when providing breakfast, not sure why they wouldn't. Could they possibly have a separate bin to pull from? Are you student's with allergies avoidance or that reactive they can't be around it at all?