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  1. cell phones in clinic

    I let them use them while they rest because I determine if they need to rest. I'm going to pick my battles and that is one I'm not willing to pick.
  2. Worried about PTSD

    I would not feel bad about stepping away from your job for a while. I had a similar situation, I did not quit my job but I suffered unnecessarily for too long. I've since moved on from my job and I don't miss it. It sounds like you have a lot on y...
  3. LVN with Bachelors as a Clinical Instructor?

    In Texas the Board states you have to have one nursing degree higher to teach students. Not sure what California says.
  4. Nursing PhD Advice

    I'm starting on my PhD in August, but I've been through the application and interview process so I can answer your first question. Before starting my application process I knew the population and general subject I wanted to study. I did not and sti...
  5. It depends on what do you want to do? Do you want to handle them medically? Do you want to be a generalist? I work with NP students and for FNP you have a different set of pharm, you are accountable for pedi through geri, you have to be knowledgea...
  6. Best Doctorate Degree

    In my opinion you don't need the DNP because you are a practicing NP at the moment. From what I have seen the DNP programs are more focused on clinical side, which you already have. Do you want to conduct research and add to the body of knowledge? ...
  7. Student loans killing me!! stressed!

    Do exactly what chacha82, ADN, RN said. Prioritize paying your loan over everything else! Like one finance guru said "the latte factor" people will drop $4-5 on a latte a day (or whatever you are spending money on), well that $4-5 dollars adds up t...
  8. Safety with dangerous pts

    Normally these pt's have medical issues that need to be taken care before a private psychiatric facility will accept. Attempted suicide-if they were injured those need to be addressed. If an acute psychosis pt has any medical issues (hypertension, ...
  9. Don't want to be scalped!!!! HELP!!

    I'm willing to bet you are at a UHS facility.
  10. Bipolar and tpapn

    No they are not obligated to report you to the BON. They are only obligated to report suspicion of abuse. A third party to report to the board would normally be your employer if your diagnosis impaired your nursing abilities on the job-psychotic ep...
  11. Here is the website which maybe can answer your question. Welcome to TPAPN - Texas Nurses Association
  12. Student/Nurse Confidentiality at High School

    Lesson learned: no more giving her a head's up. It was not owed to her, nor was it required. This counselor is unprofessional and intimidated by your relationship with the students.
  13. Psych Nursing - Boring?

    Love our psych CNA's!!!!!
  14. Psych Nursing - Boring?

    Is psych boring? No. You state you want to work psych and that is awesome! I would talk to your clinical instructor and he or she might be able to give you more insight. Remember there are many different areas to psych besides acute inpatient. Yo...
  15. What are your best sources for job searches?

    Zip Recruiter I think is the best. I would also recommend having an updated free Linkedin Account. You don't have to put your entire resume on there, but here are the best tips for a free job marketing social media site that you click "open to recru...