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  1. FloridaBeagle

    Is it still profitable to travel?

    Does "specialty" refer to acute care in general, or a particular floor? For example, I worked for a few months on neuro and now am working in ortho, but they're both acute care. Would I be able to be hired in med-surg and/or acute care in general?
  2. I've done that. I've literally applied to 200 jobs since graduation, and that's bound to happen eventually. Also, when applying to multiple jobs with the same hospital, I try to upload a new cover letter with the job # on it, but wonder if an older cover letter with another job number is attaching. I don't want to delete the older cover letters, because those jobs still show as "in review." I wonder how many managers threw me away over one of these small oversights?
  3. FloridaBeagle

    Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

    I don't know about Washington being number 1. I tried very hard to break into that state, and had no luck.