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FloridaBeagle has 3 years experience and specializes in Peds, Neuro, Orthopedics.

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  1. FloridaBeagle

    Mandatory Uniforms

    My hospital doesn't mandate brands or colors, thank god! I wouldn't be able to work at a job that requires light colored pants (no lecture please, I've tried every form of birth control there is and after 20+ years of heavy menstruation, I've given up!) My hospital lets us wear t-shirts with the hospital logo on it, which is awesome and a huge fund-raiser for the hospital. Win-win!
  2. FloridaBeagle

    Ambulatory Care RN responsibilities

    I just started an ambulatory care job in peds 4 weeks ago. I LOVE IT!!!! I room patients by taking vitals, asking standard questions like chief complaint, do you want a flu shot, etc. Then the doctor goes in the room, at which time I return to my desk to answer emails, phone calls, etc. Then the doc comes out and tells me when to schedule a follow-up and I return tot he room to schedule that follow-up and provide any education or reminders such as how and when to take meds, please get these labs done prior to your next appointment, etc. It can get busy and families can get angry at times when they're late to the appointment and can't be seen or if there was a scheduling mix-up, but for the most part the families are great to work with. Much better than hospital patients! I no longer have to respond to codes, worry if my patient is going septic, or deal with any other emergencies anymore. The hours aren't as great as they used to be as so many clinics are moving to Saturday hours and late hours since no one in this country can get a sick day anymore, but the good part is that I'm able to work 12 hour shifts at my clinic so I only work 3 days a week. I hope you got something by now and love it.
  3. FloridaBeagle

    Terminated/Resigned after a week of Orientation in the ED

    They want you to quit because then they don't have to pay you unemployment. Don't let them do that: it sounds like they didn't do their due diligence before hiring you. It's not your fault and you're entitled to unemployment pay. Sorry you're going through this.
  4. FloridaBeagle

    Endo Interview

    Thanks everyone. That was awesome. Very helpful.
  5. FloridaBeagle

    Anyone Else have to Sub in classrooms??

    Use the term LIABILITY when talking with your administrators about the privacy issues, inability to be in two places at once (sub in a classroom and tend to a crashing diabetic or asthmatic who is turning blue?). Nothing gets a bean-counter's attention like the word LIABILITY.
  6. FloridaBeagle

    Dr makes me feel so incompetent?

    My favorite nursing professor used to say we're here to save patients from their doctors. She said it jokingly, but sometimes it's the truth. Always trust your intuition over any doctor, document the crap out of everything (especially when you are clashing with them), and always follow your hospital's procedures (my procedures were always to check BP an hour later).
  7. FloridaBeagle

    Don't Leave Your Money On the Table

    That matching 403B contribution is vital. My first nursing job didn't match contributions until you were on staff for 5 years. (No surprise the whole hospital was new grads! I'm sure they saved a fortune by not funding anyone's retirement). I've since made sure all my jobs since match my contributions from day 1.
  8. FloridaBeagle

    Experience for School Nurses

    You don't need ER or urgent care experience, you will call 911 if stuff hits the fan. I wish I had gotten psych experience before going into school nursing, because parents, teachers, and principals are crazy. (But seriously, I dealt with a lot of students with psych issues, from passing out from panic attacks to a schizophrenic student hearing voices and threatening to jump...)
  9. FloridaBeagle

    Nursing schools in Florida?

    You should finish your bachelors in Health Science and apply for a direct-entry MSN. A higher degree means higher pay and better opportunities. I wish I had done that.
  10. FloridaBeagle

    Anyone else being GPS tracked?

    I would refuse. Period. If they want to play hardball, contact the ACLU. Not everyone in the world owns a cellphone. If they want to require everyone have phones and this ap, they better pay for it, otherwise that sounds like a civil rights lawsuit to me, discrimination against low-income individuals.
  11. FloridaBeagle

    How far in advance to apply for jobs?

    I just got an interview for a position I applied for in January. So, apparently, 7 months isn't too far in advance!
  12. FloridaBeagle

    Where do you see yourself in X years?

    Hi everyone, How do you answer this question? I hope to stay in my next job for a long time, and have no desire to get another degree or move up the ladder to educator or manager. Ideas? All I can think of is attaining certification in the field.
  13. FloridaBeagle

    Atheist at Catholic hospital

    I'm an atheist and refuse to work for any religious employer because I need birth control to eliminate my periods so I no longer suffer from agonizing dysmenorrhea. Why should I have to pay $400+ a year out of pocket? Infuriating!
  14. FloridaBeagle

    RN as Patient Sitter?

    This was my life when I worked neuro and ortho. It is an insane requirement from nursing homes/SNFs. One way we maneuvered around it was to cluster those patients right next to each other near the nurse's station, bed alarms on, and our PCA sat right outside the doors. So they essentially had a sitter, but not technically. It still sucked because we lost our only assistant to this nonsense on a regular basis. Video monitoring doesn't work as you need to be able to get into that room within a split second. With those IV cords and SCDs they hit the floor instantly.
  15. FloridaBeagle

    How many of you work at Mayo? Thoughts?

    I worked for Mayo in Minnesota, and it was amazing. Truly patient-centered, and fantastic pay. Last I knew there was a pension as well as matching contributions to 403B. Also, all the professional development you need, for free. I am interviewing soon for a Mayo position in Scottsdale. Fingers crossed!
  16. FloridaBeagle

    Can't find a job! No job opportunities!

    Is moving an option? Lots of LPN jobs where I lived in Minnesota.