Frequent Flier Teachers

  1. I have a teacher who sends multiple kids a day, almost every day down to my office for very minor things...for instance, I got 3 kiddos within 5 minutes all with tummy aches. Has this happened to anyone else? How have you dealt with this? I'm not sure how to approach the situation.
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  3. by   schooldistrictnurse
    Ask if you can have 5 minutes at a staff meeting to let all teachers know what is an appropriate trip to the nurse. I remember someone said once "the 3 B's". Send a child if they're 1. bleeding 2. barfing 3. burning up with fever.
  4. by   lovenotwar14
    I think a stomache ache is a legit reason. I mean what are you there for? Why would any teacher let a kid with an stomache ache just sit in class when there is a nurse? Just my opinion.
  5. by   Kschaefer90
    I can't do much for a stomach ache though. 9/10 times all these kids need is a bathroom trip and then I check their temp and they go back to class. Or they will get sent down for a minor bump (that would not need an ice pack, just a little time is all). I'm here for things like schooldistrictnurse said, fevers, barfing, bleeding, etc....paperwork is another big thing that I am here for since we have a big special ed population
  6. by   stephaniehowe
    I have this one teacher who everyday it is like a marathon, one goes back to class and hands off the pass to another. I believe she is a new teacher and more afraid of liability, and all of my regulars are in that class. I do take them somewhat seriously like when the tummy aches come in. I make sure that they don't have a fever give them some crackers and send them back to class to eat them. Then of course the next kid comes in with a "tummy ache", it's a vicious cycle but it also justifies having a nurse on staff at my school. In the beginning I was so overwhelmed and so afraid of missing something they were fully assessed each time and after 10kids right after each other that took up a lot of my time. One day I was so frustrated after seeing the same kid for the 3rd time cause she wanted the "yummy chew things that makes her tummy feel better right away" I went down and had a talk to the class saying "I am here if you really do need me, but it is my job to make sure your healthy enough to learn. And seeing me everyday is not giving you enough time to learn, and if I have to see you everyday for the same thing and your doing it to just get out of class that one day your tummy really hurts I won't be able to take you serious" referenced the boy cried wolf. It slowed down for a few days but now I'm in my grove I just take it in stride.

    With my older kids if they have a headache I make sure they don't have a fever and just give them Tylenol so next time they come in "sorry, suck it up". It irks me when the teachers send in kids to nap, IDTS maybe tonight you won't stay up late watching movies. I do not run a B&B, if they have underlying issues then they may rest but not for a bad decision made by them. Some parents aren't involved as they should, so the child has to learn the hard way about the actions for their poor decisions.
  7. by   fetch
    For the tummy aches that are really "tired of class" aches, I've learned that having them sit by themselves for 10 minutes without being able to lie down, read, or color tends to bore them enough that they stop using it as an excuse. And I don't give crackers, just water.

    When they report "throwing up" in the bathroom, water x3 within 15 minutes as well as sitting quietly. If they don't throw up at that point, then I assume the "throw up" was actually mucous and send 'em back (district policy is 1 vomit can stay in school if no other s/s, 2 vomits is sent home).
  8. by   ellawife
    I have a few teachers who send children to me with very minor issues day after day. I have begun to focus on why they come with a belly ache? Is there something wrong with them? For instance, we have had several young students that are not going to the bathroom and their colon is full to the stomach. They would come 2-3 times a week. Some of them have had to have their colon cleaned out with laxatives. Or, is something wrong at home? Is someone bullying them? If someone keeps coming, I call the parent and let them know of their frequent visits. Sometimes, they take them to the Dr. and find a colon problem, or, they will talk to them about not coming to the nurse so often.
  9. by   Stitchy's mom
    I think they're afraid of liability, like stephaniepresher, said. One day a sub was in and it really was like a revolving door. It was really bad, I had to speak to the principal about it. But I understand, they don't want to get sued just like us.
  10. by   Wave Watcher
    Kids can be like domino's. They see one child go to the nurses office and now they don't feel good. Then the next kid wants to come visit the clinic also. I have seen it. When I start getting several kids from one class I will go talk to the teacher and find out if there are any students out sick (confirmed) and could there possibly be a virus (or whatever it may be) going around. The teacher sees them in the class room so they can sometimes be a pretty good judge of if they are acting sick or not in class. If I believe a child is just trying to go home and the teacher has sent them down at least 2x, I will send a note back saying if she feels the child needs to call parents to feel free to send them up to the office to call. Otherwise, the child is not on my "go home" list for the day unless their status changes. I always tell my teachers they can also make the judgement call as to when a child should go home but they have to make the phone call, not me. I'm there to see kids that don't feel well, or have an injury....not to spend my time sending the same kid who just got in from recess and eating lunch and running down the hallway back and forth to class.
  11. by   abc123RN
    I must be strange...I miss the frequent flyers when they don't come in! Sometimes it gets annoying but I really don't mind them coming. I get worried when they don't come to the clinic. I do sometimes pick at the gym teacher when we have lots of PE accidents. But I figure some of the kids come to the nurse often for a little one on one talk time about things they deal with outside of school, they know I listen without judging. Some of them stop by just to tell me how they did on their last test and just to say good morning.
  12. by   100kids
    LOL! I saw the title frequent flyer teachers and thought you meant the teachers who come down all the time needing something, bp check, Tylenol, can you check my ear, can you check my throat, I have this rash...
  13. by   Tina, RN
    Quote from 100kids
    LOL! I saw the title frequent flyer teachers and thought you meant the teachers who come down all the time needing something, bp check, Tylenol, can you check my ear, can you check my throat, I have this rash...
    Me, too! I got very excited, because I have tons of those teachers!
  14. by   KelRN215
    Quote from 100kids
    LOL! I saw the title frequent flyer teachers and thought you meant the teachers who come down all the time needing something, bp check, Tylenol, can you check my ear, can you check my throat, I have this rash...
    Those are worse than the frequent flyer kids...