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  1. Teachers and odors

    I have been asked to talk with students and we just have a general how are you, and many other questions that go around where I'm not asking straight out why do you stink?! I say it's important that you take time and take care of yourself. I am not g...
  2. Dealing with a patients death

    Death is always a sad time no matter the circumstances. And you will also remember your first one. Mine was as a CNA, I worked wkend doubles and left my little lady who was too cute for words and always looked fwd to having me take care of her on wke...
  3. Back in the saddle!

    My nursing career and passion has always been in Geriatrics. Last yr we moved to another state and I accepted a job as a school nurse. Never did I think I would have been one to work with kids, for the reason the bad days are really bad and heart bre...
  4. Parents that are nurses

    Daily occurance for me! But it the end you are doing your job and need to protect your license! Time for them to take off the scrubs and put on their mom jeans! Sometimes when making a difficult call I pep talk myself with what I need to say and my r...
  5. Diabetic Logs

    Seems like a great website, maybe I should check out my state's school nursing website as well;)
  6. Diabetic Logs

    That program sounds awesome, but they are on a fixed income and do not own a device/computer that accesses internet. "Mom" is really grandmother, despite being a diabetic herself does care very much for her and does the best she can. Very excited for...
  7. Diabetic Logs

    Top of my to do list is to make a new log for my diabetic that her mom can use at home that is less confusing for the Dr to read. The form I found in the office at the beginning of the yr is not big enough and mom has to markout spaces so she can add...
  8. Respect....or the lack thereof...(RANT ALERT!)

    56 days left for me=)
  9. diaper rash vs. burn and CPS case

    Just from my experience as a mother, my daughter occasionally had the foul smelling diarrhea and each time she would breakout with a horrible yeast rash. She had gotten the Rotavirus around 9m, and then each foul smelling episode after would only be ...
  10. Lunch vent

    I have a set time I take lunch which is not until 230. I emailed teachers beginning of year to not send anyone after 215 because that is when I'm finishing up charting and getting kids out of my office. They do know this and when I am interrupted and...
  11. Head Lice Angst

    I had someone come to my office at the beginning on the yr. She calls herself the "Nit Picky Mom", she charges $60/hr!!! My population of kids couldn't afford that, so I doubt she gets really any business at all here in downtown Phoenix. If ever I ge...
  12. A new argument against lice checks in school

    Have a feeling this might be me soon, I've had to send a student home 12 times this school year with lice. I don't even call anymore since mom never comes and picks her up when she says she is on her way. Past few times she doesn't even return my mul...
  13. Monday return visit vent

    I hate when I get a student returning to my office with the pass asking if I could check the student again, doubt much has changed in 30mins! So ready for break!
  14. Frequent Flier Teachers

    I had a kid who hurt his wrist while washing his hands! Guess I should be proud he even washed them!
  15. Frequent Flier Teachers

    I have this one teacher who everyday it is like a marathon, one goes back to class and hands off the pass to another. I believe she is a new teacher and more afraid of liability, and all of my regulars are in that class. I do take them somewhat serio...