Chicken Pox and Pregnant Teachers

  1. So we have several pregnant teachers that have students who have been diagnosed with chicken pox. I have sent these teachers home and advised them to notify their OBGYN immediatley.

    I do not want to cause a panic, but we do have to be cautious. What do you all do in a situation like this ?

    Thanks School Nurses
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  3. by   OldDude
    I instruct them to inform their OBGYN and see if the doctor wants to "do" anything about it other than monitor. I've yet to run across an instance where there was actually any intervention (yet) but I don't send them home from work. Just food for thought, but does the school compensate them for that or do they use their PTO if they are instructed to leave school?
  4. by   SnowyJ
    If they are worried about it they can have a titer drawn for immunity.
  5. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Praiser, did you report the cases of chicken pox to your health department? In my state, that is reportable disease if a student in my school has it. They would help me determine who was at risk, including self members and even work with each of those staff members about whether or not they would need to be excluded.

    Variella vaccine can be given after immediate exposure for most of the population that was not previously immunized/immune, but for those pregnant, also referring to their GYN is what I'd do since the vaccine cannot be taken while pregnant. I'd then let the public health department help me determine if any further steps need to be taken.
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  6. by   kidzcare
    If the teacher is immunized or had chicken pox, wouldn't they be protected?
  7. by   Farawyn
    Great advice given!
    Yes to all.
    Have the teacher call her OBGYN, check titres (OBGYN probably already has this on file -if not, I'm sure they can do it!) report to DOH, and also go over your immunizations. In NY we have to have 2 Varicella immunizations on file and/or documentation of disease for the kids.
    My older son had 1 immunization on file and was yet to get his second, and he got the chicken pox!

    What is your district policy?
    -A former Employee Health and OBGYN Clinic RN
  8. by   NutmeggeRN
    I keep a spreadsheet on my computer desktop that has a list of what kids in my building have exclusions. They can be notified ASAP and excluded as necessary. Also check in with your local public health office, they may be able to help with media (if it gets that big) etc