Changing Insulin Pump Site?

  1. Wow! The district may change but PITA parents stay the same!

    Are any of you allowed to insert an insulin pump catheter if it gets pulled out while a student is at school?
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  3. by   KKEGS
    I don't know how to edit my original post but I realize it came off sounding really insensitive. To clarify, we have a family insisting that we reinsert an infusion set if it comes out during school even though they have been told repeatedly that we will not do that and want syringes and insulin as a backup. One of our nurses feels like she is now being harassed by this family and the parents want to see in writing where it says that we cannot re-insert an infusion set. So I was just wondering if any other districts do allow their school nurses to reinsert an infusion set. I have found the most current guidelines in my state that were written with input from our state board of education, state board of nursing, American Diabetes Association and our state department of health stating that a parent will be called to re-insert an infusion set if it becomes non functional and the student is unable to re-insert it themselves.
  4. by   OyWithThePoodles
    We re-insert. We have a back-up insulin/syringe just in case the pump fails and we have no supplies, but when I was at a school where my type 1 kiddo had a pump, mom would leave two extra sets of supplies along with the insulin needed if we ever needed to change it. There for a bit, his was always due to be changed on my watch. I did talk with mom to let her know to try and get it on a schedule where it would be changed at home, and we would still change it if it malfunctioned or otherwise.

    ETA, the kiddo would get everything ready and all I would do it push the pump on their skin while it penetrated. (Usually it was on the lower back where they couldn't reach)
  5. by   AdobeRN
    I am allowed to reinsert - however I would refuse since I have never had to do it.
    I have 1 kid with a pump - mom has supplied syringe and vial of insulin in case I need it. She tells me there is a 2 hour window we can work with it becomes dislodged - in my situation plenty of time for one of the parents to arrive to reinsert.
  6. by   OldDude
    There is no provision in my type 1's diebetes management plan for this so I call the parent if the site needs to be changed at school.
  7. by   grammy1
    We change them, but generally at the jr. high level they can do their own. We still keep syringes and vials for malfunctions or very high BG's.
  8. by   Flare
    i have done it in the past - i usually call if it needs to be done though because it's leaking or dislodged. Most of the time the parents opt to come themselves. They know they deal with it regularly while I tend to only insert one maybe once or twice a year if that. I pretty much have to look it up every time to make myself feel more confident. It's not hard to do -just don't want to mess anything up.
  9. by   Amethya
    My only diabetic in my school is type 1 and he's on the omnipod. I was taught by the doctor herself and given paperwork to let me do what I have to for him. The pod is removable and can be changed, so it's not difficult. Haven't had any issues yet with the pod itself, it does the job right.