Back to school time!

  1. Since I started after the first day of school last year, this is my first year returning as the school nurse at an elementary (K-5th) school.
    Do you all do anything special for your students that have scheduled daily meds and/or your diabetic students? You know, like as a special "welcome back!"?
    i missed them and want them to know they are important to me.
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  3. by   OldDude
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    No actual gifts or anything, but when I first see my med kids, I spend a little more time saying Hi, asking how their summer was, who they got for a teacher, ect. Just a little extra attention.
  5. by   smudges.blips
    Hugs & high-fives
  6. by   MHDNURSE
    No, I feel like they should be welcoming ME back and super happy to see me after such a long Summer
  7. by   moreoreo
    It is also my first year returning to school at my pre-k to 5th grade elementary school! I just plan to show my excitement to see my regulars by asking how their summer was and how they feel about being back at school. I was torn in the past about how to address birthdays (wanting to do something special, just my instinct, esp when a little one tells me he/she is planning on bringing me a cupcake) and instead decided to just be exuberantly celebratory and caring in my words rather than by giving or doing something. I can't guarantee that I would always have whatever goodie on hand and I wouldn't want any worries about favoritism so I rely on my smile or thumbs up or high-five or hug (when requested)

    We have nearly 900 students and despite my luck in having an amazing health aide I am nervous about all the paperwork to do. I don't start school for a few weeks but have already had one back-to-school nightmare in which I got to work an hour late, then got stuck in the hallway trying to address a student concern for another hour, unable to call the office to let them know where I am, then had my supervisor roll her eyes when I finally showed up before asking if I read the giant "packet" I was assigned to study over the summer--this does NOT really exist so of course I didn't recognize it. She looked aghast and promised to remember this incident when doing my eval at the end of the year. I then basically got fired/quit simultaneously which was horrific because I am also newly pregnant and need my income and insurance more than ever safe to say I have mixed feelings about going back to school!
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    Quote from OldDude
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    Nope. I may have favorites, but I never show it.
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    There are a few students that are the last I see at the end of the year when they (or their parents) retrieve their medication or meters/glucose and these are the first I seen in the fall. I don't do anything special, but I give them a friendly high as they are my regulars. The summer seems so short. Seems like just yesterday, I had a couple in to remove catheters for the summer, and they'll be in first thing Monday to get them placed again.