Anyone Else have to Sub in classrooms??

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    I am a school nurse for a smaller district, I am the only nurse between two campuses and we have approx. 800 students total. Twice now I have came to work to find out that I will be in a classroom all day. Is this the norm? Ya'll...I am not teacher material. I started out as a pre-k teacher and learned real quick I do not like being in the classrooms, hence I changed my major to registered nurse. I love my hours and the Holidays with my own kids, but this is wearing on me. I do two or three different jobs and only get paid for one..HALF of what I would make anywhere else. Seriously, I bet I am paid lower than any of the nurses here LOL ..I'm griping but I'm stressed, please someone comfort me!
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  3. by   BunnyBunnyBSNRN
    The only classroom time I've ever done was teaching handwashing to the entire school during the swine flu panic - 2008??. Other than that, no. I don't sub in a classroom as a teacher, I don't expect to ever be asked, and if I was asked, I would ensure it was 1) and emergency situation (can't think of one) and 2) TEMPORARY until a real sub could get there.
    With that being said, is it in your job description or contract that this is part of your job?
  4. by   rnknsn
    I never received a job description...but no, I bet if I do some digging in the previous nurses files I will find her job description. None of the employees that have worked here said that the previous nurse ever subbed in classrooms. I have had to sub in Kindergarten and now today 3rd and I seriously want to cry. I hate it. I am so discouraged, I have so much I need to get done in my own job and I can't. I am also head of all the wellness committees, they have put me on so many different committees I can't keep up. I have to sub again tomorrow. I was told this today when I got to work!
  5. by   Eleven011
    So do you have your teaching degree? Is that why they are pulling you? Who does your work when you are pulled to teach? I can't imagine ever getting put into a classroom as the teacher! I have been asked to help transport kids from point a to point b in the absence of an aide. I've been asked to step into a class for a few minutes to monitor until other staff arrived because (insert very good reason). But never to sub for a whole day. That would be frustrating.
  6. by   BunnyBunnyBSNRN
    I would talk to your chain of command about this. Who is your immediate supervisor? Talk to that person about it. If that person isn't any assist, go to HR.
  7. by   rnknsn
    No I do not have a teaching degree, I have never even been a substitute for a school district. All we have here is principals and a superintendent. I don't have HR I was hired by the superintendent. I have requested a job description to see if it is in there but I can't imagine it would be. I am doing my job too lol, they are sending the kids to me in the classrooms as well as the teachers and everyone else who needs something from me. Thank you for commenting. I need prayers not to be irritated, I don't want the kids to feel my stress, but I know they are because I am stressed! Thank you for the support, I love this board!
  8. by   jaderook01
    Former teacher turned nurse here. You should have been provided with some kind of job contract which states if that is an (emergency) expectation. You need to call the school district's HR department ASAP. Unfortunately, I can tell you that non-teaching staff can be expected to be pulled to sub in some places around this country. It's usually reserved for emergency situations- and by emergency- I mean things like strikes. Your local district must not have nearly enough teachers or substitutes and the situation must be truly dire. That is a recent development in some places because they don't want to pay teachers enough and are trying to steal their retirement so, of course, they won't be able to fill any positions. Sadly, it looks like you're suffering from this too now.
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  9. by   SaltineQueen
    Quote from rnknsn
    Seriously, I bet I am paid lower than any of the nurses here LOL
    Don't be so sure about that.

    Do you need a sub license in your state/district to sub? I assume you don't have that, either?

    I don't get pulled to sub. If we can't get subs for teachers then the grade level assistants, or even principal, fill in for them. I would for sure talk to higher ups about this. Call HR and ask for a copy of your job description. Who's taking care of medical issues while you're in the classroom? What if there was an emergency? Let alone all the "real" stuff you're supposed to be doing that you can't get done.
  10. by   MrNurse(x2)
    [QUOTE=rnknsn;9944195] Seriously, I bet I am paid lower than any of the nurses here

    I am making the lowest teen an hour. I doubt you are lower than that, in a state that is the 5th or 6th costliest to live.
  11. by   BeckyESRN
    You said they are sending students to "see the nurse", while they have you playing teacher?!? That is a MAJOR privacy issue! Outside of the fact that using you, with ZERO teaching experience as a teacher, is ridiculous.
  12. by   rnknsn
    Thank you for the advice. I have requested a job description and no we are not required to have a sub license. Okay I am not the lowest paid but very very close lol. Again thank you all for the support
  13. by   rnknsn
    My thoughts exactly! I had to tell a couple of teachers no they csnt send students in here for me to check heads! Jeeze
  14. by   nursekoll
    I am only a part-time school nurse. I have been asked to substitute teach on my days off, but I had the choice to say NO. I don't want to blur the lines of my professional status at school, so I always say no. They have other substitutes they can call. If I'm asked to accompany a field trip, I seek specification on if it is as a parent/volunteer/chaperone or a paid nurse. They decide and I CHOOSE to accept or not. I make it clear that if I'm there as a parent, I will not bring any medical supplies and don't expect to be asked to provide medical care unless it's an emergency.