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So I was wondering, who is applying for the spring? Couldn't find a forum, so I thought I'd start one. Got the application and was a little freaked out that they decided to change their criteria this semester, but all is well. Good luck to all :)

I did not apply, because I honestly did not think I would get in with the grades I have now. I recently had to withdraw from the Medical lab program because of complications with my pregnancy. I made A's and B's. I have a 3.5 prereq gpa and cumulative of a mean 3.1 because of a few mistakes 4 years ago......I am curious, did you end up applying?? I am retaking some classes this spring - I've never failed a class ever - so although i have a lower gpa, after I bring it up, I'm hoping that retaking the classes wont hurt my chances. Thoughts anyone??? Anyone get in with a less than perfect gpa overall?? OH, and I took the HESI A2 to see where I stand - got a 92%

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It doesn't hurt to try and apply. And there are other schools in the area that have good programs like COM, Alvin, Galveston College, Lee, HCC and I think the Lone Star system has a program too.

I wouldn't put all my eggs in the San Jacinto basket.. in fact, I got my AA at San Jac and am doing all my pre-reqs there.. but I have no intention of applying for their nursing school. lol (I've heard mixed reviews- while some say it's a great program most of the students in the program I've talked to HATE the instructors- no thanks!)

LOL> So was my MLT professor..i would have never recommened anyone to that program..but she recently resigned, so maybe this semester will be better. Anyway, I missed the application deadline, so I have to wait to apply for fall anyway. so I figure I might as well retake some classes. so anyone get into ANY nursing program with a flawed record?

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You did good on the Hesi and your science GPA is pretty good. I think you have a good chance of getting into COM, GC or Lee! Spring apps are too late but it's not too late to start thinking about fall! :)

thanks! yeah, i checked out a couple schools, and its too late for all of them - except for san jac LVN program.. i was thinking about applying and then transitioning - but i have had sooo many peers say no... are you a nurse? I dont see how it will hurt - i'm a nurse tech (CNA) at the hospital it's a step up.

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I'm not a nurse.. I'll be finishing up my prereqs in the spring and hope to get accepted into a program for next fall! And I think going to LVN and then transitioning is a great idea. Why not?

Good luck!! Idk - because of the crappy pay compared to the RNs... - hello! I'm a freakn cna - not only is my pay crappy, I deal with the crappy aspect!! I figure, it's not too late to apply for the LVN program - their acceptance is not as rigid - and in one year I'll get my license - and maybe i'll sit out a semester before i can apply for transition -but the likelyhood they dont take an lvn is slim - I think.... the hospital i work at though - only pays their LVN 14 -15 an hour....ew.

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I imagine it's easier to get into an LVN-RN transition program than it just a straight RN program.. and you're right.. you're a CNA- LVN is a step up on the ladder and then you can take another step. In the end it is up to you but I don't think it's a terrible plan! :)

Hi guys.... I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Sam Houston and now I'm interested in the nursing program at San Jac. I did all my basics years ago at San Jac.....What is the application process like to get into the program? Since I already have a bachelors would they still look at my GPA....?because it is not outstanding....

I applied for the Spring 2011 ADN program and am just anxiously waiting for the email..should be sometime next nervous

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Good luck and keep us updated!

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