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So I graduated in may and have waited several months to schedule my NCLEX date because typically I am afraid to take it. I finally decided to schedule it about three weeks ago for the twenty fourth of this month...nine days away. Basically the fewer days till the big test the more edgy I am becoming. I am not sure if I am studying right or for that matter...studying enough. I feel as though I could never study enough for this test. This is overwhelming me...what if I take the test and know none of the questions. The thought of failing is horrible and I just want this to be all done with. I'm running out of time and I still don't feel even half way ready, and I feel if I move the date I will never get around to working up the nerves just to take it.

which exam r u taking, NCLEX-PN or RN ? just took my Nclex-PN 2 days ago n I Passed. I put mine off 2 for forever. I never felt ready either. I changed my exam date 3 times. Until I finally put my foot down and said enough! my exam shut off at 85. it felt like a bomb hit me cos most of the studying I did for months did not seem to help cos most of the questions were either tricky or unfamiliar. had tons of SATA thought I was screwed and failed, but d good news is I PASSED. bottom line- study as though that was the only thing that mattered for the few days u have left, do tons and tons of questions- u need to know how to answer questions by eliminating the wrong choices and narrow it down to yr best guess even if its not a familiar topic. don't try to memorize the questions u practice , in my opinion its no use. I did close to 6000 practice questions- no kidding. after doing my exam I can say I saw only 2 that looked like someting I've seen b4. so practice just to know how to answer questions and understand the rationales. finally, pray hard to God and have a good sleep the night b4 yr exam. U CAN DO IT, YES U CAN. Goodluck and God bless u !!! :)

I'm taking the NCLEX PN. EIGHT DAYS LEFT!!! I am doing questions and review from Saunders Comprehensive Review is helping but I don't think I could ever feel prepared for this. Sooooooooo I think I am just going to study study study and hope and pray for the best.

So I was wondering is there a lot of numbers and uncommon drugs on the NCLEX. Should I focus on the nidy gridy details or would I be wasting my time. I not even quite sure what area to focus on...pharm...body systems...maternity...oncology...are they all equally focused on in the test?

Relax the day before, then just take the test. You will do fine.

I would have to say that I really hope that it is just me stressing myself out. I hope that I take the test and everything is just fine. LOL so my school that I just graduated from Rio Hondo says that they have a 95% pass rate on the NCLEX...but what about that 5%...who are those people. I hope that I am not one of those 5% LOL cause that would stink. If I don't pass I am just worried about how I am going to come up with another 200$ to take it again. Feeling a little less stressed boyfriend was really cute tonight. We didn't do anything special or anything because nether of us have any money, but tonight was just nice you know. I think it was the fact that there really wasn't much stress today for some reason. I just hope that I can be this relaxed on test day, because I think I would do much better. I kinda don't want to be a failure to. I tried not to tell my family about when I scheduled my test date, but they nagged me till I ended up telling them. They stress me out when they are on my back so much about the test. Your right I just need to study for now and then relax the day before the test. What good would it do me anyways to try and study for such a huge comprehensive test the day before. What I know then is what I am going to know on test day. Thanks for your support I can take all I can get. Trying to stay positive. :o

Seven days it is almost over. Today is study and junk food day!!! I think I will mostly focus on Pharm today and maybe review some Labs. :anbd: I just have to keep telling myself...someday I will have a job and I wont even think about how stressful my NCLEX was.

Six days left....really starting to worry! :grn:

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The only one who can hold you back from fulfilling your dreams is yourself. Don't walk in with a fear of failing the test. To be honest, I don't know anyone who walked into the test feeling as if they were ready to take it. I am sure you will do fine. There is a Greater Being who is available to listen to you 24/7. Cast all of your fear and anxiety onto Him prior to walking into the test and I'm sure you will do well :)

Our review class instructor mentioned asking your PCP for a prescription of Inderal for 3 days for test anxiety. I thought this was interesting. Just thought I would mention it.

I don't think I need Inderal, I just need to learn how to cope with this until this test. A little prayer wouldn't hurt though, I think actually I will probably have a lot of people praying for me on that day. Just got to keep pushing through this.

Five days I truly am worried! :cry:

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