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Queen2u has 7 years experience and specializes in Postpartum, L&D, Mother-Baby.

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  1. Queen2u

    Depressed RN- maybe nursing isn't for me?

    Hey, Babblingbrook, I can relate. I was officially diagnosed with depression several years ago, but I know it had been exsisting and undiagnosed and untreated for many years prior to that. I was taking 2 different antidepressants at one time, then I began to be in denial once it seemed everything in my life was going ok....as a nurse I knew better...I stopped taking the meds and months later hit rock bottom. It was affecting my life as a nurse. I am noticing this is staring to happen again.....as far as I am concerned I LOVE my career, but I am overworked; I work overtime and weekends every single week because my facility is short staffed at the moment. How is your schedule at work? Do you work more than 3 days per week on a consistant basis? When was the last time you took time off for yourself and took a trip to get away from it all?
  2. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    NawthNurse69, maybe I am that nurse who is the exception, and I don't think I am the only one. I am currently crosstraining to L&D from PP (by my OWN will, not by a post that someone put on this website to try and make me feel worthless as a PP nurse) and I plan on working at the hospital I am working at PAST my 2 year contract to also learn nursery. I WANT to be that nurse who can be put ANYWHERE on a Women's Services area schedule at whatever hospital I work at. I am currently at a hospital that is short staffed in every department. Perhaps the PP nurses in your facilities refuse to help you guys because they know the attitude you guys have about them and their department. Maybe they are aware that nothing is gonna happen to them if they don't help you guys. They are probably using you guys or playing with your emotions and minds and laughing at you when you leave PP to help them with their "crisis"..... It's ABSOLUTELY not fair, BY ANY MEANS for them to behave that way. I don't run to LD with my PP problems. If we do have issues going on in our department, I turn to my fellow PP nurse, we put our heads together and we work it out. It's messed up that your facility operates the way that it does and there is nothing you can do about it..... I believe all nurses in this area of nursing should be trained to work in LD, Nursery and PP to be able to rotate to all 3 units if need be.
  3. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    Great statement and question Tablefor9.....
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  5. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    BEAUTIFULLY STATED, TABLEFOR9!!!!!!!:redbeathe:nurse::redpinkhe
  6. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    WLL SAID, ELVISH!!!!!!!!
  7. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    ....So, what are you gonna do to change things? You sound like a baby sitting in a poopy diaper:crying2:....what are you gonna do to make things better at your facility? As long as you continue to complain about the lazy nurses in PP at your facility and you do nothing to change things, nothing will happen....or did you just post this to complain? OH I SEE, THAT'S IT!!!!!!! YOU JUST WANTED TO COMPLAIN!!!!!:uhoh3: If you want, you can come sip fancy drinks, get rub downs by hott guys and take a skinny dip in the secret Post Partum pool all the real nurses don't know about; we don't mind!!!:redpinkhe:yeah::heartbeat:clown: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Know what's sad? I had no idea when I was preparing to get into this field that nurses that should work together would be so immature, petty and catty toward one another!!! This "I am a better nurse than you are" mentality is ugly. If you feel that way, poor you! That won't keep me or the PP nurses at your facility from from walking in to work every day with a smiles on our faces loving what we do....moving right along......
  8. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    ....Irishbrn, maybe it's difficult to respect nurses who think other nurses in their hospital look down on them for enjoying having happy healthy patients to care for. Let me tell you something, honey; I am a PP nurse, and I ROCK!!!!!!! I absolutely ENJOY what I do, and for nurses who want to look down on me and think as ignorantly as you do, kiss this!!! I DO deal with unstable patients! How about the patients who come over full of clots because you guys did not do your jobs and massage my patient's fundus adequately.....how about the patients who come over with a boggy fundus bleeding all over the place, but you told me she was firm, contracted and midline with minimal lochia? How about the patients who you KNEW were in absolute pain prior to transfer and you did nothing to comfort her. How about the patients who complain about you guys being nurses with attitudes? Girl, I DO step up and perform like a nurse! When I know a patient is on her way, you can call me and give me an admission report and I will tell you to bring her on and which room she will be admitted to, and when you come to wheel her over, you will notice that her room is READY and has been ready for over an HOUR!!!!! I stay a couple of steps ahead. Have I had very few times where I asked for 10 minutes? Sure! Was I sitting on my behind, NO! I was tending to the needs of my PP patients who needed and requested things BEFORE I was called with an admission report. There are PP nurses who take forever admitting patients to the unit, but don't bunch us all together! And you want to talk about EATING?! There are times we don't get to sit down to a meal as well!!! But trust me, I have seen PLENTY of times where LD nurses at my facility didn't have patients FOR THE WHOLE SHIFT and took naps, went out to eat, etc...I'm sorry...no ACTUALLY I AM NOT SORRY, but I LOVE what I do, and I refuse to allow other nurses to make me feel dumb!!!! And you and all other nurses who look down on PP nurses can take that to the bank and CASH IT!!!!!.....THANKS!:heartbeat:redbeathe:D:):redpinkhe:lol2::w00t::hug:
  9. Queen2u

    Please help. Need help with Nurse career project!

    I would LOVE to help!!! I will leave you a message in your box thingie!!!:redpinkhe:nurse:
  10. Queen2u

    Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    I don't even know where to begin!!!!!!! I work on PP and I am crosstraining to LD....eventually I want to get experience in nursery, too......anywho, at my hospital, PP nurses aren't "real" nurses in a lot of people's eyes (I think it's because we deal with happy and healthy patients 9 times out of 10).....a friend of mine is working on med/surg and is dying to come to PP...the CNO of the hospital tells her that she could do a one day orientation in PP and she will be able to work there.....a few of the LD nurses like to try to make the PP nurses think we are only busy during the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes of the shift, and the rest of the time we do nothing:confused:. I wish this would change and I am open to any ideas as to what I can do to change it! If you think about it, we are all one unit and we all need to get along and think about the patients concerns instead of our egos!!!!! I think PP and LD nurses knowing and working on both units is a GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!
  11. GUESS WHAT?! What you are feeling is absolutely NORMAL!!!!!! A majority of us went through the same thing. Not a whole bunch of nursing students feel 100% confident. It will get better with time and you won't feel as overwhelmed as you do now. Be sure and make friends with fellow students so you guys can bounce ideas off of one another on how to make things a little smoother in school...besides, you need friends to hang out with; why not make friends with the people you will be spending the next 1-3 years with almost every day (depending on how long your program is)!!!!:redpinkhe:twocents:
  12. Queen2u

    Reasons why you love OB nursing?

    YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! I am 31 years old and my brother is 33 years old......TIL THIS DAY, my mother still has very vivid and fond memories of her experience of having both of us!!!! She says she had awesome nurses!!! I am a postpartum nurse. I come to work with a smile on my face EVERY DAY, because I love what I do. i try to make an impact on my patients and the other nurses daily. I love working in my area because it is a joyful environment.....I had to go upstairs to the medical/surgical unit last night to help them set up a PCA pump and the nurses there were stressed out with arrythmia patients and patients on ther verge of death...I will take Women's Services over med/surg ANY DAY!!!! :heartbeat:D
  13. Queen2u

    Most Annoying Nursing Stereotype

    @ Rachel.caverly.......I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!! Some nurses at my hospital who work in ER, ICU, on the medical/surgical unit and sadly even in L&D think that nurses on my unit (postpartum) are not real nurses!!!!!! UGH!!!!! If I am not a real nurse, why aren't these patients sent home one hour after delivery? Why are they sent to postpartum?!
  14. Queen2u

    L&D to PP patient handoff at change of shift

    SOME, NOT ALL L&D nurses (and nurses in other departments as well...Med/Surg, ER....) are under the impression that postpartum is an area of nursing in which "loser/reject nurses" or the nurses who "couldn't handle L&D" work. In their eyes, we don't do much work in postpartum, so to give us report on a new patient 20 minutes before change of shift is no big deal. I LOVE nursing!!!!!! I just wish all nurses in all departments had respect for one another and the work we do to make the lives of others better, wheather it's having code blue's on sickly patients every day or massaging a fundus on a healthy happy patient who had just added a new life to their family.:redpinkhe:nurse:
  15. Queen2u

    Don't tell me my job isn't important!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, you guys, for the encouragement!!!!!! :redpinkhe:nurse:
  16. .....sooooooo, I was working in Labor and Delivery last night.......I am a postpartum nurse.....there have been a few times when I was called by L&D nurses for report on a patient being transferred after delivery, and I had to tell the L&D staff to just "give me a few minutes" because I was so busy on my unit, but thses times were few and far in between.....so at work last night, I get an OB Tech and a L&D RN shoving these famous phrazes in my face...: "See how BUSY we are over here?!!! THIS IS WHY we try to give report to you guys so we can do other things.....L&D is sooooo HARD!!!!!!! MANY nurses have started in L&D and ended up in postpartum because they could not handle it......." yadda yadda yadda.....it's as if theY were trying to tell me that my job as a postpartum nurse was insignificant........TO THAT I SAY, IF IT WEREN'T THAT IMPORTANT, WHY NOT SEND THESE WOMEN HOME 1 HOUR AFTER THEY DELIVER!!!!!!!