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I have a rant-Today I went to my public library to study micro. There are signs that say to turn cell phones off. I was there for five hours and there were people on cell phones all around me. I moved once due to a man falling asleep and snoring, then had to move again due to cell phone conversation. I told two people to please go elsewhere whilst on cell phone. One girl got mad because I shushed her boyfriend talking on his cell. She was studying a nursing book, you would think she would understand how I felt-trying to study with noise everywhere. That is the reason I go to the library. It is too loud at home, and summer micro. is intense. I just get tired of rudeness.


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I used to look for outdoor places away from everybody. Kind of risky if I ever got stranded whereever I ended up. You could have said something to an employee, it is their responsibility to enforce the rules, but then again, I guess they are probably overwhelmed and don't want to be bothered.


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The library in my neighborhood gets loud, too. Whatever happened to whispering softly in a library??!! Even the librarians get loud! I guess that went out the door years ago with general good manners, and yes, that's when everyone started being glued to their cell phones! I've been trying to think of quiet and peaceful places to study and unfortunately I don't think the library is one of them. I may have to resort to studying in my car or in the bathroom in my basement that nobody ever wants to go downstairs to use! :D


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I totally understand what ALL of you are saying. I can't stand the library at my school. It is so loud during the day, evening, & nighttime. On top of that the door slams shut & the books are outdated! This school is so expensive & the library is lousy.


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Does your library have private study rooms? The two universities I have worked/taught at both did. Wasn't certain if this was true most places, but ours were really quiet. We also had certain areas marked as quiet study areas. If not, maybe you could suggest it to the library on a suggestion card or ask that they more closely monitor the noise levels.


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mom35 what library is this. the library at brookhaven is wonderful, i know that might be a drive, but its great, large and fairly quiet.


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That is why I don't go to the library. I tried it and too many people moving around and conversations going on around me. Plus I need my round the clock access to diet coke. During final time I studied even more than usual and I had to resort to wearing the soundproof ear muffs my husband wears when he cuts the lawn so it would block out all the noise the kids made. Not very fashionable but they work.


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I can't go to the library for the exact same reason. I go to the local park. I found a little gazebo that no one ever bothers with cause it is all the way around the back of the park. It's a great place to study, no noise and when I need a break I take a brisk walk around the walking trail.


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Earplugs. I swear by them. Those little pieces of foam give me all the peace and quiet I need to study. They are cheap and you can find them at your grocery store, drugstore, etc.

i have found our campus library to be one of the worst places to go to study. It seems that the folks these days were not taught respect and courtesy for others. There are sign all over asking to use a whisper, or go outside for cell phones. Still no one does i have made a few comments to students that are loud and dont care, and i said it so everyone heard me.

I even sent a letter and had it answered, by the president of the school," saying that there are study rooms you can go to or go outside ." I was offened and spoke about it in a response ,but never heard back from him again.

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People are soooo rude. I was studying on the designated quiet floor (signs are everywhere),and this one girl kept talking and laughing loudly on her phone. She was distrubing everyone on the floor. I got up to find a staff member but could not find one.I eventually (after about 30minutes) tapped her lightly on the shoulder and said, "I'm sorry but this is a quiet floor,(pointed to the sign in front of her) people are trying to study and you are being really loud, could you possibly go to one of the other 6 floors that are not designated quiet?"

She continued talking for about 15 more minutes, then came over to me and yelled "Just so you know I have never been on this floor before, I did not know it was complete silence, you didn't have to be a smart ass about it!"

I didn't think I was a smart ass,I just asked her to move or quit disturbing 40+ people who came to this specific floor to study in peace


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It doesn't matter if you are 40+ or not!! I started college at 19 & I have always wanted it to be quiet in the library. I went to a community college for 3 years & hated the library there because it was ALWAYS so loud. I would drive 3 miles down the road to a 4year college and study there. The library was wonderful there, so quiet at any time of the day. The floors had carpet so you really couldn't hear anyone if they walked around ya. They also had rooms where people could go and workon the computer, because the "clicking" noise could disrupt some people. The nursing school that I go to now though (as I've mentioned before) is loud. So

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