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  1. It does sound like you already have the dream Psych RN job. Good Luck!!
  2. Mommycakers

    Nurses/Moms-your advice, please! :)

    I have four kids and work nights. I like when my three 12's are together so I can cycle back to days. I just wanted to mention that after you graduate most places are going to hire new grads for only full time. Most likely they are not going to train you as a newbie nurse for PRN.
  3. It may help to try to work as a MHT now at a Psych facility near you to help get your foot in the door. I am a Psych nurse and I know our facility just hired a nurse who just graduated this past Spring and he worked for us as a MHT. He was a hard worker and showed all his co-workers that he would be a great asset to our team. If Peds is your calling then maybe as an aide in that area. It can't always ensure a job but it can't hurt. It gives you healthcare experience. I worked as a nursing assistant for a different hospital in med surg and they didn't hire too many of us but then again I knew I wanted Psych and that hospital didn't have Psych so I didn't even apply. On a financial note you may want to check out http://www.daveramsey.com. I am not making a judgement. I just want to help. Listening to some of his free podcasts from itunes or just reading his book might get you on the right track. With high student loan debt you want to make sure you don't bite of more than you can chew by making other large financial purchases until you get your student loan paid down. It may relieve some of your worries by knowing you are making out a financial plan now so you can enjoy all your future successes. Good luck to you and remember it is not worth it worrying because you are just wasting your energy. Get moving networking or mapping out your future plan goals. Write them down. Studies prove that by writing your goals down you have a better chance of attaining them.
  4. Mommycakers

    New grad RN in psych, encountering difficulties...

    I also graduated last May. I work 12 hr. night shifts and we work more like a team taking care of all the patients together. We get more admissions on evenings and nights so we have to work that way because the other nurse may be busy with an admission. I can suggest when you have to work with this one nurse see if it is possible to divide up the patients. That way if she gives a PRN medication or encounters a change of condition in a patient she has to take responsibility and write the progress note for that patient and reassess that patient. Day shift tends to do that on the Psych floor I work on. We also have a shift to shift book where we can write the daily updates and PRN's given on a patient. Maybe if she can't bother to tell you she can at least write it there. It would be an immediate incident report if we had a 1:1 abandoned on our unit. If a tech was taking a 2-3 hr. lunch break the nursing supervisor would know about it and deal with that person. I always understood it that as nurses we are responsible for the tech's that work with us. If a Dr. wrote an order for a patient to have 1:1 observation and the tech abandoned that patient then the order was not being followed and ultimately the nurse is responsible. Just like if the Dr. ordered a 1:1 to be within arms length of the patient. If as a nurse I noticed the tech was not remaining in arms length it would be my responsibility to educate the tech as to their responsibilities. I feel lucky that I work with very supportive nurse's and tech's. We have to have each others back especially when you are dealing with psychotic patients. I understand it must be very frustrating not to be supported by this one nurse. I wouldn't be surprised if the other staff on the unit are already aware of this nurse's behavior. Unfortunately, some people try to make other people look bad just to make themselves look good. You can not change her behavior. You can only control your behavior. Kill her with kindness. Maybe she will come around or just stay out of your way. I know it is hard but put out of your mind whatever you think nurse x may have said negative about you to other nurses. You can't control that but you can let the other nurses know what a great nurse you are by providing excellent patient care and support to your fellow nurses. Let these other nurse's form their own opinions. You worked to hard to be an RN to let nurse x get in your way. Believe in yourself!! You will do great!!
  5. Mommycakers

    Reprimanded for giving glucagon?!!!

    A while back I had a pt. who had similar numbers also confused. He would not take the oral glucose due to confusion. I then went to the standing orders we had for IM glucagon. The patient was still conscious and now combative due to the confusion he had to be held down by several people while I administered the injection. So no they do not have to be unconscious.
  6. Mommycakers

    psychiatric nursing magazines?

    Thanks! I have been looking for a good psych nursing magazine too.
  7. Mommycakers

    Any hints on organizing patient info?

    I use a MAC but it is in a Microsoft word 97- 2004 .doc file. I have a Microsoft Office program for my MAC. Sorry you are having trouble. My sheet is a combination of different sheets I found so I couldn't even tell you were I originally got them from. I then altered it to suit my needs.
  8. Mommycakers

    Any hints on organizing patient info?

    Here is the sheet I used for clinical. I am a psych nurse now so this won't apply for me now. I put it front to back so it was good for four patients. See if you like it and you can change it by configuring it to your needs. Brainsheet.doc
  9. Mommycakers

    Rejected from a Nurse Aide job.

    Another option could be a job as a patient sitter. In the future once you have your foot in the door at the hospital and they see how dependable you are you can apply for a tech or nursing assistant position.
  10. I am 44 and did a 2 yr RN diploma program. I graduated May 2010. I just landed a my first job as a Psych nurse. My kids are now 12, 11, 6 and 4. What I did was I worked on my prerequisites for the nursing program at my own pace. I took my time. You could start doing that now by taking online classes. I think a lot of nursing programs want sciences to be within 5 yrs so you have to plan. Don't take them too soon if you won't be ready to enter a nursing program within that time frame. Also look into CLEP for testing out of courses if your nursing program allows that. It can save a lot of money. I think what is key is having a great support system in place. My husband has his full time job but he was able to manage the kids so I could manage school. We worked as a good team. Well he mainly did everything and I helped. He got all the kids off to school and our youngest to daycare. He would food shop, cook, clean, boy scout leader, driver to kids different sports, kids doctor's/dentist appts., baths, bedtime stories and help with homework. He set up all of our schedules including each kids schedule and my school/work schedule in a Google calendar. The Google calendar kept us organized. We would get reminders sent to our phones to tell us where we had to go next. The first year of nursing school was a little easier because I had one clinical a week and class time instead of two clinical days per week. I was able to still do everything like clean the house, laundry, occasional cooking, childcare and help with homework. The second year, forget it. I had two clinical days per week plus two classroom days and worked part time every other weekend. If I didn't have him I would not of made it through. Good Luck and do what feels right for you.
  11. Mommycakers

    Getting hired with little work experience??

    I was a stay at home mom for 10 yrs. before I started nursing school. I was worried about the same thing you are now. I decided to get a job part-time every other weekend at a hospital as a nursing assistant. I did it for about 14 months. It could be a good way to get your foot in the door so they can hire you as an RN when you graduate. Unfortunately where I worked they hardly hired any of their nursing assistants. I think just due to the economy they did not have as many new grad jobs to offer. It just depends where you live I guess. I did just land an RN position but not at the hospital I worked at while I was in nursing school. Who knows if it helped me or not on my resume but I figured it can't hurt. One thing employers tend to ask for is two employee references. Before I left my old job I asked my boss for a professional reference. I was glad to have one that was recent since the other place I worked at is no longer standing. They demolished the building to the ground but I am sure corporate headquarters somewhere would have old employee records for verification. Also, remember to start applying for new grad internship programs before you graduate. I never did that because I was too busy trying to keep up with the husband, kids, school, work and the house that I may have been able to find something sooner if I did.
  12. Mommycakers

    Hurst Review Video, what are the topics and how long?

    Not sure what you are looking for in a review or what you meant by your comment. I was very pleased with Hurst Review. Each subject area covers how a nurse would provide care for a patient specific to those areas. For example, Maternity would cover all the "nuts and bolts" of the important things on that subject you learned in nursing school that you need to know for NCLEX. Hurst is a content review whereas Kaplan's focus is more on strategies of how to answer questions. I passed first time with 75 questions so I recommend Hurst.
  13. Mommycakers

    Hurst Review Video, what are the topics and how long?

    Videos: Fluid & Electrolytes, Acid/Base Balance, Burns, Oncology, Endocrine, Cardiac, Psychiatric, GI, Neuro, Maternity, Respiratory, Orthopedic, Renal, Pediatric & Management and Delegation. Each video differs in length anywhere from about 1/2 hr. to 2 hrs depending on how much content it covers. They also have a lot of extra supplemental material that you can review. You get to take up to 6 different 125 question Q Review tests. Hurst Review
  14. Mommycakers

    New adventure or Big Mistake? Need advice please

    Check the link out below and see if you can CLEP out of any classes to save you time and money. Check out all programs in your area first so you can weigh all your options. Also, if you decide to CLEP out of a course make sure the nursing school you are going to will accept that course. I did the Psychology & Human growth and development exams. Something to think about too is if you can CLEP out of Chemistry they are not going to make you take the prerequisite for Chemistry. Not that I could ever CLEP out of Chemistry. I took that in the classroom I am just giving you an example. Good Luck in whatever you decide. About the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Below is a list of available CLEP exams: Composition and Literature American Literature Analyzing and Interpreting Literature College Composition and College Composition Modular English Literature Humanities Foreign Languages French Language (Levels 1 and 2) German Language (Levels 1 and 2) Spanish Language (Levels 1 and 2) History and Social Sciences American Government Human Growth and Development Introduction to Educational Psychology Introductory Psychology Introductory Sociology Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Microeconomics Social Sciences and History History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877 History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present Science and Mathematics Biology Calculus Chemistry College Algebra College Mathematics Natural Sciences Precalculus Business Financial Accounting Introductory Business Law Information Systems and Computer Applications Principles of Management Principles of Marketing
  15. Mommycakers

    Lacharity kaplan so diffrent

    Stick with that they don't assess for NCLEX. They can not do initial assessments and the scope of practice for LPN's can differ by state so I don't think NCLEX will ask that question. If they do stick with that they can't give IV meds.
  16. Mommycakers

    help so confused Kapan and Lacharity

    Basically stick with that RN's do the teaching to be on the safe side. Read the rationales in the LaCharity book and I think it is very, very basic teaching that LPN's can do. (This is in NCLEX world and not the real world) They also reinforce what the RN already has taught. I remember coming across this issue when I did the Kaplan strategy book and then also the LaCharity. I found some things answer wise that I disagreed with based on my knowledge in the Kaplan book so I focused more on LaCharity. I think LaCharity explained it pretty well with their rationales.