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RNs can a CNA save an RN's hide?


Or is any defense from a CNA not relevant?

Can you clarify what you're asking please?

Alert them of something, verify for them, remind them of something imperative, catch something that they overlooked, or back them up when a allegation is made is against them. 

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more examples

Of course they can. Is this just random musings or is there a reason behind the question?

Random. Am I violating a rule?

Noooo, but I could more appropriately expand on my answer if I had a better idea of the situation that spawned the question. Nevertheless, your welcome. 🙄


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I agree with Wuzzie. Very, very odd question. CNAs are an integral part of health care provision. They're being entrusted with pts' health, welfare & safety. Why would one NOT extend them trust & respect for being responsible, honest and knowledgeable?

In an odd way, I'm almost put-off by this question on their behalf. 

Unless there is some really weird situation that made you ask. Who's been knocking them???

I would wonder if the question is more of the angle of whether or not a CNA's testimony (either formal or informal) could vouch for/help defend an RN's actions.

If that is indeed the question, I would say yes on some things but probably not on everything.

Sour Lemon

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"Save an RN's hide" is dramatic. I think a CNA can do their job well, be valuable to their patients, and be valuable to the nurses they're assisting.


VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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A good CNA is worth their weight in gold. They are the ones closest to the patient and they can spot things and report them to us so we can take action. I don’t know what I’d have done without my aides when I was working in LTC and had 40 residents to look after. I’ve been very fortunate to have mostly excellent CNAs. I was one while I was in nursing school and learned so much from nurses and other CNAs, which I think made me a better nurse. God bless nursing assistants!

Nummber Onne, ASN

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You have to save their hides at times, otherwise they will report you over nonsense.

macawake, MSN

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1 hour ago, Nummber Onne said:

You have to save their hides at times, otherwise they will report you over nonsense.

Is that your own modus operandi? If this is how things are at your place of work, it sounds rather toxic. If it’s been/being done to you, I’d consider changing jobs if possible. If it’s you who’s doing it, I think your leadership style needs working on...