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Grad. 93 with diploma in nursing...no full time jobs then. In 96, enrolled in BScN program...grad. May 02. Still have no full time job.

(I may not be 100% correct on this and if so, someone feel free to correct me).

In Ontario, whether you are RN or BScN, you write the same exam for your nursing licensce which states you are a Registered Nurse who is able to practice nursing in the province of Ontario.

Pay differences???? What areas of nursing recognize BScN? I am not seeing this in the hospital setting where I work. Are any of you?

The only area that I know of that your wage is different is either in Community nursing (ie: Health Unit setting - $1.50 hr more), gov't setting or teaching (salary is based on education and hours of work in a nursing setting and is calculated). Recently, taught in college setting and made $52.00 / hr. Sounds like alot but that isn't all the prep work or marking of papers. Probably like $ 10. 00 / hr. when you consider all the extra's involved.

Any input...please share.


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Where I work, BScN's make about $50.00 per pay (every 2 weeks) more that diploma nurses.

Lots of full time nsg jobs here in NS.

And its the same exam...but we no longer have a diploma program here in NS. Degree only..but when we did, it was the same exam.

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Is this in the hospital setting? What is the top grid for an RN in NS? In both the hospital setting and community.

Where are these full time jobs in NS? What parts? Any information would help.

Many thanks.



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i really don't think there's much of a difference right now...nursing is wide open in ontario. i wouldn't say there's tons of jobs because i've recently called tor. gen and they're not hiring right now and st. mikes has just a few positions open, but in general there seems to be alot of work to go around.

i am not really seeing a real distinction between rn or bsn right now--because there's such a big demand, even nurses from other countries (ie., phillipines) can come right in and start working, just barely able to speak english and with skills that, at times, are very questionable. no one seems to be scrutinizing their 'degrees'...so why worry about your diploma from a recognized college institution in canada.

i'm a new dip. RN and very happy i didn't go the bsn route--i looked into the program and it was very expensive for a long time. i'll have to think about whether i want to go for the bsn part-time and how i'm going to finance it and whether i want to give up work hours to go to school. i think some hospitals pay their nurses for the time their in the degree class time...right?


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I'm from Toronto. Here, you get eighty dollars extra I think per pay period. Whether you go to college or university, you still write the same exam.

I have been working full time and in the part time degree program for nursing BScN. Some hospitals fund you for taking the courses and will work around your schedule. I normally request the same day off per week for class.

Not many hospitals are hiring right now in Toronto.


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Most Ontario hospital nurses are working under an ONA contract and the pay scale is the same for BScN and diploma trained nurses. I cannot say that pay increase was incentive for going for a BScN.

The main reason for getting a BScN is to stay competitive in the job market. I beleive opportunities for diploma nurses will be limited to the jobs they hold prior to 2005 because after that I any new RN positions will be posted with the stipulation "BScN required".


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There are tons of jobs in the GTA area of Ontario! I live just north of Toronto, and have checked out the job listings at the 2 local hospitals....each one has more than 15 listings!

I dont know about the pay...I was under the impression that in Ontario, there is a pay scale...it starts at roughly $21/hr and goes up each year. Hopefully someone else can clear that up for us!

Jobs are out there!

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$150 extra per year here.(woohoo!)

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In Toronto, now this could be just a local agreement with the union, we get 80.00 more per month if the nurse is a BScN in a charge nurse roll only.

I started working on a degree in nursing a year and a half ago, only because I can see the job market becoming competitive once the minimum standard is a degree. I can't see working in an ICU until I retire, and I'm not sure if non degree RN's will be grandfathered. I'm sure we will in our current place of employment but will it be recognized all over, 2005 is coming up soon.


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I get an extra $15/month for having a degree...and the hospital didn't tell me about it. I heard it as a rumor and had to apply!

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