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I'm gonna get a RN tattoo on my scapula tomorrow. I want to add something to it but I'm not sure what I should get.

I thought about an EKG line or the first aid cross.

Does anybody have any ideas? Have you seen any cool medical symbol tattoos?


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I was thinking about getting one on my foot. I was thinking of getting a caduceus or rod of asclepius. The caduceus looks better but I'm not sure. Keep me posted on what you decide.


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Tattoos are very personal, you should add something personal to it. Maybe like the area you specialize in, or you could put a saying on it like "dead aint dead until they're dead"

Good luck and make sure you take care of it.


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I'm not going to put anything on my body that cannot be readily removed. Tattoos look unprofessonal to me. If my nurses have them, they have to keep them covered at work. (that was the admin's choice, not mine). Of course, it is your body, so go for it and enjoy. Putting RN on there with a symbol is a whole lot better than your ex's name from when he hadn't been the ex! Good luck!


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I have Betty Boop as a nurse with my name,RN and my graduation year. I got Betty about 2 yrs ago and my name added last year when I graduated and passed boards

i really want to get a nurse pinup girl. I think that would be so cute.


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I'm also thinking of getting a nursing tattoo - maybe a nurse's cap with my graduation year.

I had my first one done last year. It's on my right clavicle and extends up to the shoulder, it's a branch with cherry blossoms on it. I love the symbolism - to the Chinese the cherry blossom represents feminine strength/power and to the Japanese it represents life as ever-changing, and must be enjoyed in the moment.

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Call me an old nurse, but personally- I would not get a tatoo with RN or anything else like that until you have been one and done the job for at least 10 years. I have no tatoos, but I feel as though I do, after crappy shifts,no thanks, and more work piled on me. I think a pretty "non work" one would be really nice though!!!!

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I love tatoos and have 4 of them. Of course I have them in places you can't see. :lol2: But choose wisely. Like the previous posters said it's there permanantly. I love all of mine and I'm not sorry I have them. Pick a professional so your tatoo doesn't look blurry mess or a doodle from a grade schooler.


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In another thread someone got some ink of Bettie Page in a nurse uniform. That was so cool. Let us know what you decide.

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I was going to get one after graduation (I have 3 others), but I never got around to it. Now I am glad I did not. You never know where your career path might lead you, and I would hate to have a very permanent reminder of the past.

Maybe choose something more symbolic of your journey through nursing school and your transformation. A butterfly, or some other symbol of change maybe. I did see a tat with the caduceus as the body of the butterfly, and that looked really cool without screaming NURSE!

If you are set on it, I will share my idea, which I still think is cool. I was going to get a lamp (like a nurse's lamp, lamp of learning, whatever it is called) with a "genie" coming out, but the genie would be a nurse. I thought it was a neat idea and something different.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and please share pics! I love tats and can't wait to get more.

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I've always been partial to old school type tattoo work and have thought about getting a Sailor Jerry-style "Rose of No Man's Land" tattoo.

I couldn't find a good pic of a tattoo, but this is the design on a tote:


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