Rio Salado CC questions.....


Has anyone taken any of the following courses and Rio Salado and how was the class???

Bio 156 - 8 week course

Bio 201

Bio 202

Bio 205

I'm registered to take Bio 156 in January (8 week course) and this will be a refresher for me but i'm nervous about taking Bio 201 or 202 or 205 online. I have had anatomy and physiology way back when so this will be a second round for me. (did really well when I took it then also, A in 201, A in 202, and B in 205 but have to retake because it's been more than 5 years ago)

If you have any advice or guidance regarding these classes I would appreciate ANY input.

Oh and i'm also taking 2 classes a CGCC in Spring



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I've taken a lot of classes at Rio Salado. I really think of it as self-teaching. It has increased my discipline. To do really well in those classes, you should study a little every day or at least three days a week. Don't cram. Do the chapter questions in the back of the book. Do the online activities from the school and the text.

Rio Salado's lesson materials are pretty crappy as I see it. But it's convenient. I am taking CHM151 at Glendale Community College right now. I have a new teacher, and he is doing well (started a little bumpy). He also has great support from the other faculty. GCC's online materials are FANTASTIC and help me do well. I also study a lot. Attending Rio Salado really drilled that into me.

I like GCC better than Rio as GCC has better teachers (or at least they interact with me more) and way better course materials. BUT, I like the convenience of Rio Salado. I would pick and choose classes to attend there. I took all the classes you mentioned at Rio and did well. I think it would have been nice to attend an in-person class for the anatomy and microbiological stuff. The anatomy class would have been really nice in person. I went to an exhibit on human anatomy (Body World or something like that) at the AZ Science Center after finishing my A&P classes and it really drove home a lot of the concepts. The exhibit had tons of human cadavers that had been plasticized so that people could see various structures and body organs. Really neat.

Oh...another thing if you are going to attend the science classes online...Get additional textbooks and reference materials for when you don't understand something from your assigned texts. I pulled books from public library and bought used texts from Amazon. Also bought some new books. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Reference saved my butt a lot.


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Thank you soooooo much for replying!!! I'm looking forward to taking classes......haven't been back in school in a long time! But nervous all at once. I believe i will do good...hoping for we shall see what the months hold for me!

I want to be able to apply to the nursing program by spring of next year and weighing out all the classes. So we shall see what happens with the classes. Will keep you updated. Thank you again for the replying.


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I have taken BIO 156 (8 wks) this past summer. I was also taking pre algebra class (with GCC) and working full time and it was a lot of work. What I really hated with this science class at Rio is writing those essays. I think that I had to write about 5 or 6 essays a week. I would NOT take another science class online ever. I managed to get high B in this class, but, compared to math where I got A, I was studying 10 more. You also need to do all you labs at home and write essays for them too. You midterm and final exam will consist of 4 essay questions. I am taking BIO 201 at GCC with a great instructor.

Good luck at whatever you decide.

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I took BIO 205 through Rio. I do not recommend it unless you have no other way of getting the class done. It is all self-teaching out of your textbook, and the amount of material to learn is considerably more through Rio. This is ok, but I think you loose perspective and have to spend many more hours studying compared to the in-person version.


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I took BIO 156 at Rio last fall, and it was pretty awful. There was ALOT of work (essays, labs, quizes, etc). I took the regular 14 wk course, can't imagine doing it in 8. I didn't think it would be so bad, being an INTRODUCTORY biology class, but it was. Also, my instructor was note the most helpful. I am taking BIO 205 right now. I am actually enjoying the class very much. Yes, it is a lot of studying and work, but the assignments are spread out more evenly. I also have an AWESOME instructor. It isn't easy, by any means, but it is manageable. You just have to stay on top of the reading and remember the application paragraph on the essay assignments. Also, the labs aren't as involved as with BIO156. I am starting BIO 201 this week. I just printed out my 1st week's assignment (2 labs, and a quiz). This class looks like ALOT of work. It will be interesting. Good luck!

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I meant to mention something else about Rio. It's not the online aspect that makes me say nay to Rio. I've taken online classes through three colleges, now. I love online classes. It's just Rio that I don't like. I don't understand how they get away with just posting pages from your textbook (many without proper credit to the publisher) and calling that a "lesson." Then, if you're like me, your instructor is some grad student in another country...who must be "teaching" scads of online classes.

Also, my final exam was totally different than the mid-term. I *still* get mad thinking about that final. It was absurd - the questions on it.


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Multicollinearity and other posters, you all reminded me of how often I was disgusted with Rio Salado's biology classes. I had forgotten about the essays in the human biology class. My teacher would take off major points if you did not adhere to some pretty stupid (as I saw it) style requirements for the essays. I often found poorly written test questions. Some teachers were good about giving me points for the problem questions. The lessons they have posted are TERRIBLE. For the science classes, they all too often lift directly out of the text and point to OTHER university web sites (in some classes a majority of the links were broken).

I still take classes at Rio Salado. But I have adjusted my expectations. I know that I will be teaching myself and dealing with some crappy lesson materials. You have to comb through the crappy lesson materials as you will sometimes find instructions buried in there that you are supposed to follow. In one recent class, I found instructions that were directly contradicted by other instructions later in the same lesson. In another recent class, all of the lessons were obviously written over a decade ago. To get test questions right, one had to answer per old data. That killed me. I notified my instructor to no avail. The questions appeared on the midterm and final. How dumb is that?

You also have to deal with teachers that are not very responsive and don't give worthwhile feedback.

I have adjusted my expectations for Rio. I know that I will teach myself and deal with crap for lesson materials. But, I won't have to go into a classroom or take the time to drive there, and that is a positive for some classes.

I am thinking of taking pathophysiology at GCC. I will look for it online there, and consider attending in-person. If the schedule doesn't look good, I will sign on at Rio and deal with it.

I have attended online classes at two other universities. They were way better than Rio.

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I am thinking of taking pathophysiology at GCC. I will look for it online there, and consider attending in-person. If the schedule doesn't look good, I will sign on at Rio and deal with it.

from my experience, i suggest phoenix college for patho, they offer patho online during the summer; the instructor was really nice and timely in her replies. Its a hard class because some of the concepts can be difficult, but if you have a firm handle on A&P, its not too big of a difficulty.


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I just finished taking BIO 202 online in 8 weeks and I am a firm believer that it should not offered. It is insane! Like reading 50 pages, doing 2 essays, 3 quizzes and 3 short answer assignments in 3-4 days!! Its not enough time to learn and recall that amount of material. Its constant cramming!!! I tried taking it with another 3 credit class and working 20 hours a week and totally bombed the 1st half. For the 2nd half, I dropped the other class and did better on the assignments, but still bombed the final. I ended with an F. I am retaking the 8 week class again hoping that learning it a second time and knowing what I know now, will help. All I am asking for is a C. So, my point is, if you are brave enough to take the 8 week classes, get ready for a TON of work and don't try and do anything else while doing it.


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Rio online courses absolutely require that you be highly self-motivated, have the ability to write clear, cohesive essays, and have enough time to devote to mastery of the material. These courses are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to spend at least, if not more, time than you would for a typical in person course. Many of the instructors are professionals in the field they are teaching, not professional teachers. The course materials and instructions tend to be a bit scattered and not as organized as they would be coming from a professional teacher. Some key points: always read ALL the course materials thoroughly...print them out for easy access...syllabus, ALL announcements posted on the course page...the lesson due dates page usually contains very specific information on what exactly is expected from the assignments...ALWAYS check your assignment against the course grading rubric prior to submitting it-they really do go by the rubric when grading assignments...when submitting your first assignment, do what you consider "B" work, and wait for your grade on that assignment before submitting any others - this way you can "test the waters" and see how what level of effort you will need to put out for future assignments. Also, it is not always clearly stated, but after receiving a grade for an assignment, click back on the assignment link-not just the comment link-to see instructor comments. The accelerated courses are really fast, and they don't leave anything out. Make sure you have the time to devote to them or they will kick your butt. Good luck!


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Thank you everyone for replying back regarding these courses. I have decided not to take any science courses through Rio Salado. Reading around on the forums have allowed me to make a decision that I would do better going to class and seeing things visually as well.

Wish me luck, 2 science courses starting January!!

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