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  1. TinkRN8


    Thanks for the input. We change all tubing out q24 and lipids q12. For those who change out q72 or q96 did you get those guidelines from CDC? Have your clabsi rates improved?
  2. TinkRN8


    For those of you who work in the valley NICU's, I have a couple of questions. 1) Does anyone use statlocks on their PIV sites? If so, what do you think of them? 2) How often do you change your TPN/lipid tubing? Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. TinkRN8

    Working as a nursing assistant AND rn....

    It depends on which hospital system you work for. Some hospitals do not allow you to work as a tech, cna, huc once you get your RN license. However, some do. The hospital system I worked for allowed me to keep working as a CNA until I found an RN job.
  4. TinkRN8

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    There is a HESI PN study guide, by Elsevier that i used for my exit HESI. it has a disk with practice questions. I did the questions on the disk several times, plus hundreds of NCLEX questions. Did very well on HESI. In regards to block 3. When I graduated in May 2010, Gateway told our class there would be absolutely no spots available until January (2010), and then only maybe a few of us would get in based on HESI scores. I didn't want to wait, so i turned in my application and then started calling and emailing all the colleges: scottsdale, MCC, PVCC, PCC, CGCC, etc. I just kept emailing and calling, even when they told me no spots available. When time came for selections, I actually got a call from Gateway, Phx, and CGCC within a 24 hr period. I ended up selecting CGCC because of clinical sites and distance from where I lived. So, don't let them tell you 1 yr wait. If you are proactive and work at making contacts, you will get in right away. Just be persistent. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know in my case they did look at my HESI score. In fact, I had to submit that with my paperwork for block 3. I have since graduated with my RN (May 2011) and now working on a PCU. So all you students don't give up, it can be done! Good luck to all!
  5. TinkRN8

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    I graduated May 2009, and that last semester the practicums were done in clinicals, observed by clinical instructor. As opposed to first semester, where practicums were done on lab days at the school. As far as testing, ANYTHING was fair game, whether it be from lab, clinical, lecture, or reading. My biggest advice in studying for tests, and I will go to my grave stating this same advice, I feel so strongly about it...is to do NCLEX questions, NCLEX questions, NCLEX questions. In fact, after block I, I rarely read any of the texts, I just studied my notes, powerpoints, and did..you guessed it... NCLEX questions. Can't really stress enough the importance of doing those NCLEX questions. I have several NCLEX review books, flash cards, and did the questions online from the textbooks (can be downloaded to evolve). Evolve is also a wonderful resource. And, those case studies they have you do.... study the questions. You may or may not see them again.
  6. TinkRN8

    Banner Health

    Have you tried going into HR at the hospitals? The recruiter for that hospital will be there. Also, call the 1-800 # posted on their career website and ask for the recruiter specific for whichever Hospital you are applying. That way you get an actual person to talk to. This is what I did when applying at Banner.
  7. TinkRN8

    Abrazo new-grad residency program

    Interesting, hopefully that means they are starting to make calls? Who knows, on facebook it just states the 09/19/11 start date and encouraging more applications. Hopefully, they will have a larger cohort, as that means more spots. Good luck!
  8. TinkRN8

    Abrazo new-grad residency program

    Has anyone heard anything? Program start date is now less than 3 wks away and I saw on Abrazo's facebook page they have re-opened the opening for additional applications.
  9. TinkRN8

    Abrazo new-grad residency program

    Hi all! I am in the same boat. My status still says my application is being reviewed...etc. I have tried calling Abrazo, but either I get put on hold for a REALLY long time, or I am put through to a generic VM. Hopefully, we will hear something soon! Good luck to everyone!
  10. TinkRN8

    Gateway CNA Program

    I did not do the CNA program at Gateway, but the instructor in charge of the program was one of my instructors in Block I of the LPN program. She is tough, but fair, and you will learn a lot.
  11. TinkRN8

    Gateway CC experience?

    Ditto what AZMOM02 said. I also got in right away, but that was 2 yrs ago. I just had 2 friends graduate, and I believe they had to wait 1 semester after applying. 1-2 semester wait seems to be the average. But that is better than a 2 yr wait with the RN program. And yes, NCLEX questions are the best way to prepare. Buy an NCLEX-PN book now and start doing questions.
  12. TinkRN8

    Gateway CC experience?

    I graduated from the LPN program last May and just graduated the RN program. Can't say enough good things about the program. Will more than prepare you for the RN program. Good luck!
  13. TinkRN8

    Chandler-Gilbert Day Schedule - Block 3 Fall 2011

    I just graduated from CGCC in May. Yes class 1 day (ours was 8-12 and 8-11) a week with lab days here and there, mostly at the beginning of the semester. As for clinicals, it really depends on your clinical group. My clinical group had 2 12's back to back for OB and peds for 2 wks and then 1 12 hr day per week for med surg. Others had 3 12's back to back, even 4 12's back to back. Especially for peds and OB you have to take what you get. In block 4, psych was from 1230-930pm x 4 shifts. that was same for all groups. Critical care was 8 12 hr shifts, again depends on which group. My group was 2 12's back to back for 4 wks. Preceptorship, you work when your preceptor works, so you could have 3 12's in a row. I remember during my preceptorship between work and preceptorship I worked 7 12 hr shifts in a 9 day period. Also, just a study hint: NCLEX, NCLEX, NCLEX!!!! Good luck!
  14. TinkRN8

    CGCC Nursing Students....any advice?

    Coppercurlz12, I was in your same position. I graduated the LPN at Gateway May 2010. I had offers from Phx, Gateway and CGCC for block 3. I ended up choosing CGCC because it was a lot closer to where I live. I had a very good experience at CGCC. Block 3 is pretty much just a review of what you learned in the LPN program (Peds, med surg, OB). In fact, I used J & F's notes to study. Block 3 was really awesome. Block 4 is psych and critical care. Again, if you had K in block 1 use her notes to study for psych. I never read the text books, I just used my LPN notes and NCLEX books to study for exams. I did very well grade wise. I graduated in May, only 3 in our class didn't pass block 4. Are there issues? Absolutely. Nothing that you didn't encounter at Gateway though. Believe me, I know. Nursing school in and of itself sucks. No matter where you go, there will be teachers and things you don't like. I got along with all of my instructors, even though a couple were .... interesting. If I were you, I wouldn't hesitate to go there. Good luck to you!
  15. TinkRN8

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    Just FYI, before you spend money on a recorder, check with faculty to see if they are allowed. There was an incident during my last semester where a student recorded one of the test reviews and put it on the internet. We were then no longer even allowed to record lectures. Friends in the next cohort were also not able to use recorders at all. Also, the book box is expensive, but totally worth it because you get a code to download all the books onto your computer. I did not buy the book box and bought everything separately. I saved about $100, but it would have been worth it to buy the book box for the ability to download everything to my laptop. Easier carrying around a laptop than all those books! Good luck to all who are starting this Fall. I graduated May 2009 and just graduated with my RN.
  16. TinkRN8

    CGCC nursing students

    I would not hesitate to recommend this program. Were there issues, sure. I encountered similar issues at Gateway. Some instructors better than others. Same as at any of the Maricopa colleges. If you want to get in to the RN program, just get in. No matter which Maricopa school you go to there will be good and bad. You just have be be flexible and willing to do whatever work or project they throw at you. I went to gateway for blocks 1 and 2 and CGCC for 3 & 4. Funny thing was complaints I heard were the same at both schools. Similar complaints from friends attending blocks 1&2 at Gateway this past yr. CGCC was more convenient for me and clinical sites closer. Also, to anyone considering the RN program, I recommend getting your CNA certification. I think you are better prepared for clinicals if you do. Just my 2 cents. I wish they would require it to get in. It helped me immensly. It also has opened a lot of doors for RN jobs.