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    Clinical Dress Code

    Because if they don't require specific, professional attire/grooming, there are always a few who just don't get it and show up dressed like hoochies or slobs. It's easier to just address the group as a whole, and avoid having to counsel multiple individuals every semester that ultra-long, pointy-sharp glitter nails, shorts that show your cheeks & your thong, and flip-flops are inappropriate.
  2. HJS27

    GCC/NAU Concurrent Program

    maricopanursing/northern arizona university - pilot program concurrent associate/baccalaureate degree nursing program the maricopanursing/northern arizona university (nau) concurrent associate/baccalaureate nursing program, currently in pilot stages, is designed for qualified associate degree nursing students who are interested in earning their bachelor's of science in nursing (bsn) degree while pursuing their associate's degree in nursing. this dual enrollment program allows students to pursue an applied associate of science (aas) degree in nursing while providing an affordable course of study that enables students to complete their bsn degree in one semester after graduating with their aas degree. students selected for the concurrent program will first complete a 3-credit nau course, nursing as a discipline and profession. after successful completion of the introductory course, students will then follow the traditional course of study for all maricopanursing students pursuing their aas degree in nursing, but at the same time they will also be enrolled in select nau nursing courses. upon completion of the maricopanursing program, graduates are eligible to take the nclex-rn test, and after licensure may practice as registered nurses. after completion of the maricopanursing aas degree and licensure as an rn, students are then eligible to take the remaining nau rn to bsn courses, which can be completed in one semester. bsn-prepared nurses are highly valued by potential employers, and maricopanursing/nau concurrent program graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin their nursing career with a degree that will promote professional advancement as a registered nurse. admission criteria: acceptance of all admission criteria for the maricopanursing pool acceptance to northern arizona university (nau) college of nursing cumulative gpa 3.0 completion of all pre-requisite and co-requisite courses for maricopanursing completion of all nau pre-requisite courses as noted below minimum hesi admission assessment (a2) score of 75% in english composite & math application/admission process: - register for and attend a mandatory cep information session. (see http://www.nursing.maricopa.edu for dates and times). - register for and attend a transcript advisement and evaluation session. - complete a concurrent program application, which includes submission of: o admissions checklist (provided at transcript advisement & evaluation session) o unofficial transcripts o two reference forms from professors, administrators, employers, or professional colleagues. recommendations from friends and family will not be accepted o copy of net or hesi a2 scores - apply to nau undergraduate admissions (please review key information below) after acceptance into cep. key information: - students must have a current application in the maricopanursing pool before they can be considered for the cep. - all students must complete both nau and maricopanursing program prerequisites as noted above. - attendance at a cep information session and transcript advisement and evaluation session is mandatory. - all nursing courses will be taught at one of the maricopanursing campuses either live or web-based. - to ensure that pre-requisites meet college requirements, students are encouraged to meet with advisors at a mccd college and nau. final determinations of transfer credits will be made by mccd and nau admissions personnel. maricopanursing pre-requisites and co-requisites: - first year composition (eng 101 & 102)* - chemistry (chm 130) - critical reading (cre 101) or test exempt - intermediate algebra (mat 120 or higher)* - introduction to psychology (psy 101 or psy 240)* - human anatomy & physiology i & ii (bio 201 & 202)* - microbiology bio 205* - humanities elective (2 credits) additional nau pre-requisites: - principles of human nutrition (fon 241)* - developmental psychology (psy 240)* - human pathophysiology (hcr 240)* - statistics (psy 230 or mat 206)* - college mathematics (mat 142 or higher)* - aesthetic and humanistic inquiry (6 credits)** - cultural understanding (6 credits)** *courses used for gpa calculation **or meet mcccd arizona general education curriculum (agec) certificate or a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited school. application process: complete all admission requirements for maricopanursing and northern arizona university. attend a mandatory concurrent program orientation session. complete a concurrent program application. completion of application to the nau school of nursing, which includes: completed nursing application. two reference forms from professors, administrators, employers, or professional colleagues. recommendations from friends and family will not be accepted. key information: students must be accepted into the maricopanursing pool before they can be considered for the concurrent program. attendance at a concurrent program information session is mandatory. all students must complete both nau and maricopanursing program prerequisites as noted above. all nursing courses will be taught at one of the maricopanursing campuses either live or web-based. to ensure that pre-requisites meet college requirements, students are encouraged to meet with advisors at a mccd college and nau. final determinations of transfer credits will be made by mccd and nau admissions personnel. concurrent associate / baccalaureate degree nursing program course of study: fall entry the plan of study for fall entry into the maricopanursing/nau concurrent program is outlined below and must be followed without deviation. in the event that modification of this course of study is absolutely necessary, approval by the concurrent program advisor is required. to maintain your status as a concurrent program student, you must be enrolled in a nau every semester as noted below without exception. intro course title total: 3 credits (nau) nur 330 nursing as a discipline and profession 3 credits semester i fall total: 13 credits (mn) nur 151 nursing theory and science i 10 credits (nau) nur 321 gerontology 3 credits semester ii spring total: 10 credits (mn) nur 171 nursing theory and science ii 8 credits (nau) nur 307 health assessment for registered nurses 2 credits semester iii summer total: 6 credits (nau) nur 390 research & evidence based practice in nursing 3 credits (nau) nur 320 basic principles in palliative care 3 credits semester iv fall total: 11 credits (mn) nur 251 nursing theory and science iii 8 credits (nau) nur 420 family nursing roles 3 credits semester v spring total: 12 credits (mn) nur 271 nursing theory and science iv 7 credits (mn) nur 291 nursing clinical capstone 2 credits (nau) nur 424 manager of care/health care systems 3 credits graduate from maricopanursing with aas degree; take and pass nclex-rn semester vi fall total: 10 credits (nau) nur 427 public health nursing* 5 credits (nau) nur 450c nursing leadership* 3 credits (nau) nur 408 fieldwork* 2 credits *rn licensure required for enrollment in these courses http://www.gccaz.edu/nursing/nau/index.htm
  3. Do not make the mistake of using block 1 as a measuring stick for successive blocks. Even if you breezed through block 1 without cracking a book, attack block 2 as if all the horror stories and warnings you have heard about nursing school are true. Not doing so is one of the reasons block 2 has a high failure rate. Block 2 tends to be a tremendous challenge for most nursing students. Take it seriously from the beginning, and do not let yourself get behind. You can always take your studying down a notch later if you are able. Also, get an NCLEX book and get into the habit of doing practice questions on a regular basis. This is particularly important if NCLEX style questions are difficult for you. It doesn't matter how well you understand the patho and nursing process if you can't interpret and answer NCLEX style questions well. Do not just jump in and start the questions immediately either. Read the beginning of the book where it explains how to read/interpret the questions, how to recognize distractors, etc. And, don't waste too much of your life stressing about care plans. (Unless they are worth a butt load of points.) Care plans are vastly over emphasized and ridiculously overrated by nursing school faculty. Use a care plan constructors unless prohibited. I will attach a tutorial for one I think is good. 1a EVOLVE-CARE PLAN CONSTRUCTOR TUTORIAL.doc 1b CARE PLAN INFO FORM.doc
  4. HJS27

    Stethoscope Question

  5. HJS27

    Stethoscope Question

    I prefer Littmann steths, and I think the Littmann Classic II S.E. is the best for students. :) Generally, the poorer your steth skills, the better quality steth you should be using...the technology helps to somewhat makes up for your inexperience, and at the same time does not let you hear every little sound (there can be too much of a good thing when you don't know what all the sounds mean...it can be overwhelming and confusing). The cost is not completely outrageous, and it will continue to be an excellent steth for work once you graduate. They also come in tons of delicious colors. Oh, and spring the extra $$$ for personalized engraving...steth tags can be removed, and unaccompanied steths frequently go on vacation, forever. http://www.steeles.com/catalog/chart.html http://www.steeles.com/catalog/3mclassII.html http://www.steeles.com/catalog/LittmannColors.html
  6. HJS27

    Future Nurse Seeking Expert College Advice

    Have you seen this yet? https://hceweb.maricopa.edu/CFIDE/docs/hcies/studentStatus/Open_Letter_to_Queue_04042011.pdf http://www.gccaz.edu/
  7. HJS27

    R U Serious!!!!

    Crystal74, this seems like a golden opportunity for you. With all your courses from your other degrees you may be qualified for this program. It is only ONE additional semester than the MaricopaNursing RN program. Did you check the pre-req list on the GCC posting? http://www.gccaz.edu/nursing/nau/index.htm
  8. HJS27

    GCC/NAU Concurrent Program

    Here is the link to download the letter (pdf): https://hceweb.maricopa.edu/CFIDE/docs/hcies/studentStatus/Open_Letter_to_Queue_04042011.pdf
  9. HJS27

    Any Arizona RN Estheticians out there?

  10. http://pr.mo.gov/boards/nursing/passrates.pdf
  11. HJS27

    SCC Block One Hazing

    Unfortunately, most program orientations do not adequately get across the idea that ALL your actions/interactions related to the nursing program reflect on, not only you, and your school/program, but the nursing profession in general. Students tend to go into the nursing program expecting to act, dress, and study like they did while taking their prerequisites. That mind-set must go out the window now. Nursing programs tend to catch many students off-guard. Nursing prerequisites are BASIC information courses. Once you are in the nursing program the entire picture changes. The program is designed to prepare you to be a learned critical thinker...not just a student regurgitating facts in order to pass a test. Nurses must know the facts, be able to think critically to analyze the situation, and formulate steps to take based on that information. Failure at any of these steps may cost someone their life. Really. Think of being in the nursing program as getting a JOB learning to be a nurse. DRESS PROFESSIONALLY. When you prepare for class you can dress casually, but professionally. Do your hair. Pay attention to how your instructors dress and mirror them. You will be surprised at how the instructors may treat those students who do differently. (Think about how you would/will dress for an off-shift staff meeting at the hospital. Short shorts? Holey jeans? Rubber flip-flops?) FOLLOW THE RULES AND DON'T ARGUE. The instructors are your boss. You don't have to agree with them, you just have to do what they say. And, yes, they might actually be wrong...that doesn't change the fact that they are in charge. Deal with it...wine works. BE ON TIME. Would you consistently breeze into work late? Same goes for school. (Yes, I know you are paying for their "services"...but, trust me, treat it like a job and it will go well for you.) BE PREPARED. Same principle applies...just as you would not show up for a presentation at work and wing it, do not show up for lecture without downloading/printing the powerpoints, reading the assigned material, etc. AND, STUDY YOUR BUTT OFF! Block one is a baby step. If block one is tough for you, block two will kick your butt...maybe all the way out of the program. DO NOT use block one as a measure of the rest of nursing school...if you do, you just might fail out. Really. Locate students who are ahead of you in your program and pick their brains about successful study strategies. Figure out how YOU learn best and adapt your learning style to your program...if you are a note card person, make note cards...you know what works for you by now, stick with it...this is not the time to completely revamp your study style. KEY POINT: You MUST learn to analyze and answer NCLEX STYLE QUESTIONS. (Yes, they really ARE that different.) BUY AN NCLEX BOOK OR TWO. NO, it is not too early to do this. And, before you jump into the questions (everyone does), read, REALLY READ, the chapter about how to read/analyze NCLEX style questions. Some people naturally get this...most do not. If you don't master this, you are going to be miserable and may fail out. Really. Best of luck to you. Now, go study something.
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    CNA Doing Sterile Dressing Change

  13. HJS27

    Administering Botox and Derma Fillers

  14. http://globalnation.inquirer.net/news/breakingnews/view/20100827-289080/37-679--out-of-91008-pass-Nursing-boardPRC 37,000 out of 91,008 ????? Doesn't seem like discrimination to me.
  15. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/ That was my suggestion too. Lots of live-in positions all the time. Good luck!