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  1. there is no easy road to become a registered nurse. it's hard work from the start to the finish, to include all those core and pre-req classes. if you find yourself tempted to take the neit nursing program because they promise no waiting list and a rn degree in 18 months, think about it hard. i fell into this trap, thinking i could take the easy path to a nursing degree. luckily, i only lost two semesters of time and money, whereas i know people who came in with me and are still there being pushed back and raped of additional money. they are now far too vested, with time and money to get out and run for their lives. i know a girl right now who, yet again, has been withdrawn from her current classes and must wait for the next class to continue. she would like to find another legitimate school and salvage her nursing dreams, however, she owes several-thousand dollars in tuition costs and cannot get her official transcript. they refuse to give it to her until she squares away her debt. even if she could get her transcript, i seriously doubt the credits she has paid so dearly for from neit will be of any use in another nursing program. so, she is stuck, having to continue through the neit gauntlet.

    there is new england tech, and then there is new england tech nursing program. think of the nursing program as a virus, living inside the host cell (new england tech) an entity within an entity. the virus has taken over and does its business autonomously, without regard to the long standing rules and protocol of the host cell. the nursing program is herding countless prospective nursing students to its doors, feeding money into the insatiable school coffers. the nursing program is the goose laying golden eggs, and because of this, the school administrators turn their heads and ignore what really goes on within the neit nursing program.

    there is a class right now which started off with 30 students, and now is down to 4 students! should these students graduate and pass the nclex, neit will boast a 100% pass rate. really? these numbers are fine with neit. as long as the front end keeps pulling in prospective students, it does not matter who makes it out at the back end. like a pyramid scheme, it's all in numbers and there is no end to the desperate unsuspecting applicants to the program.

    what makes this program so bad? they do in fact have state of the art technology with their sim labs and such. the new school facility is fantastic and fresh. like a gorgeous, decorated christmas tree, with all the lights, bells and whistles, however, deep within, at the core is a rotten tree with decaying branches. the chair person is as unprofessional as they come. she is without restraint and will do whatever she pleases. she has been known to hunt down the author of unfavorable course critiques. if you seek resolution outside of the nursing program, you are doomed. she will turn on you, and get her loyal staff (henchmen) to make your life as miserable as can be. not all the nursing staff are evil i must say. there are definitely those who are under the chair's spell. the outside resources, although empathetic to your grievances, do nothing to protect you. you are fed back to the nursing program to fend for yourself.

    the lady who chairs this program is truly out of control. if you can have a little patience and get into one of rhode island's well established nursing schools you will be so much better off. better off financially, and educationally. if you don't have the patience and must go into neit nursing program, good luck, you will soon learn patience and learn it painfully so.

    more to follow........
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  3. by   Jubilayhee
    Some nursing teachers at ccri are pretty evil as well. It just costs less.
  4. by   GadgetRN71
    I graduated from NEIT's Surgical Technology program in 1997. The program itself was fine but way overpriced. This was my concern about New England Tech's nursing program. You pay at least $40,000 for an Associates Degree. This is reprehensible. They are banking on the desperate, those who couldn't hack it in other programs, or those who simply don't realize that you can get a better program at CCRI for under $10,000.

    All the fancy robots and pretty classrooms don't mean anything when it comes to creating good nurses. It makes me ill to think of the debt these students are going to owe when/ if they finish.
  5. by   mgalano
    I cannot even comprehend how much money it costs... so not worth it. I am at CCRI right now and am so happy with the fact it costs me so little for a degree that has a good starting salary!
  6. by   Snozbery26
    I am currently an NEIT nursing student and I am astounded at the negativity on these boards!! I am VERY proud of this program and of everyone in it. Yes, it costs more and though I obviously wish it were less expensive I feel I have received an extremely thorough education. We have access to amazing resources, our professors mentor us with every chance they get, and everything about this program is done so that we can succeed. I have busted my butt in this program and will be graduating in March after 21 months of intense schooling and I refuse to be judged due to those who enrolled and are no longer in the program. Yes, we lose some students- but no more than the overall average from any nursing program. It seems more due to our smaller class size in the beginning of the program, but the percentage is average. Nursing school is hard because it is supposed to be hard and no one expects to "get through", if you do expect that go back to your job at Burger King and move on.
    All I'm saying is that I have loved my time at NEIT and I am forever proud to be instrumental in fine tuning this program. It is easy to go online and whine about how unfair or hard something may be, it is an even harder thing to look at the bigger picture and realize that everything is done so for a reason.
    The problem with any program isn't necessarily the program or instructors but the students that refuse to admit that it might be them..
    I wish nothing but the best to all future nurses out there because we all get into this field to do good for others and care for the sick, it flat out sucks how much negative bull we have to wade through to get there. Everyone needs to be less miserable and judgemental of everyone else and focus more on what we all want to be.. Compassionate caregivers.
  7. by   arbor-vitae

    i am sincerely sorry if i have offended you, or any other neit nursing student, past or present. i did not intend for my post to degrade the hard work or education neit nursing students have achieved. i've been there, and i know what you have gone through. as in any other nursing school, it is very tough and one must be extremely dedicated to the program. i know you were upset, however, i think your comment about "going back to burger king", was presumptuous and uncalled for. i do believe the neit nursing graduate is as good as any other and trained well. howerer...

    i must say, i have been in a bunch of college courses and occupational learning environments. i was not born yesterday. i know the difference between good, sound, conducive learning, to that of bad, unprofessional, unethical, hypocrisies. my experience, and frankly, that of many others, is that the program is out of control and being administered by a very unprofessional chair person. the numbers don't lie, and if you have a look at the number of nursing students walking in the front door, to those exiting the back with a degree in hand, it all makes sense. yes; you can't expect everyone to get through, but seriously, five out of twenty-five?? this is what i am told, and being in the program myself, experiencing the absolute corruption, it does not surprise me.

    i wish you luck and hope to see you out in the health care community, perhaps working side by side. i know you have studied hard and have learned a lot. my opinions of the neit nursing program may not be yours, and i can appreciate that. nonetheless, this is what i have seen and experienced, and if i can save someone the time, energy and money, and let them know there are other options here in rhode island, i feel it is my duty to do so.
  8. by   Snozbery26
    Well.. I too am sorry if anything said was offensive. I'm only posting to defend my program. I do not feel that anything about our educators are corrupt. I have gotten to know them all over my time at NEIT, they are all just people. Good people, whom work 24-7 to get this program to a reputable place in our community. No small feat since no one has tried to begin a new nursing program in RI for over 40 years! The program hasn't been around long enough to properly display its true colors but I'm sure once our grads, including myself, get out into the workforce our program will be far more favorably recognized. I'm sorry your experience at NEIT was a negative one as mine has not at all been. I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors
  9. by   arbor-vitae
    in response to "inside scoop..", the program director assembled not only all staff, all students, but also those few grads back, for a mandatory three plus hour meeting, to include power points showing "inside scoop". warning them they are doing the program and future employment aspects harm. typical that they point the finger at the student body, rather than asking themselves how they induce such criticism. this is deflection, a response over-used by the staff and director of this program. as if these students don't have enough over-the-top stress with life as a nurse student. the witch-hunt begins, and the scape-goat lays unknowing.
  10. by   sgo1989
    Snozbery26,Can you help me by answering some questions about NEIT? I just found out about this program, and I am very interested. I have finished all of my prerequisites, have a 3.3 GPA, and didn't get into the school I wanted. I'm not concerned about the price, at this point I feel like I'm just wasting time waiting! What are the steps to get into the program? I have a meeting at the school next week but am trying to find some information on my own. How much does it cost to apply, to test, and why tests do you have to take? Thanks!